Looking for a chill, active social community with limited rules for all people to enjoy? This is the place for you!
Looking for a chill, active social community with limited rules for all people to enjoy? This is the place for you!
Looking for a chill, active social community with limited rules for all people to enjoy? This is the place for you!
We are a very friendly community with a focus on the online free-to-play game War Thunder with a small focus on Azur Lane and other disorganized games. Toxicity is contained and being toxic in main channels is forbidden.
We are a cyber community, we have multiple channels/chats such as Anime,Memes,Trashtalk etc.
Welcome to Load Screen! Are you a Nintendo fan or have an interest in games in general? Then this is the right place for you! Here you will find plenty of discussions relating to Nintendo, along with some other channels dedicated to discussing topics such as Pokèmon, Splatoon, Anime or TV shows, Webcomics, Games and also Pokècord. We're also discussing the Gen 8 Games quite a bit now! Everything is topped off by a welcoming atmosphere. Join us and start making new friends!
A server dedicated to players that play Final Fantasy XIV in the Primal data centre. Lead by a group of friends from the Ultros server. We allow FFXIV and Granblue Fantasy players in the server. We're a casual and friendly group of people so if you wanna join us, I hope you have fun!
🔥 Welcome to Undermining 🔥 •━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━• Welcome to Undermining! We're basically a chill server, weekly events/giveaways beat-boxing, memes and more! if interested please join the server in go to #info for more information!
fun place to meet people that like playing, just chatting, anime, anything i wanna make a place where we can play together
memes weebs and shit
⭐Welcome To Weebs&Otakus⭐ Choose your either Otaku or Weeb part, or be both instead! We have various of channels including pokecord. Do not hesitate to join us and have a nice day/night.
Basically, we're a server for all you degenerates online to join and group wank together. If you feel like this might be the place for you, because your a basement dwelling neet with a m'goodboi body and tendies, then your in the right place.
▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ ----------- Bienvenue dans ----------- ----------- WEEBS' UNITY ----------- ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ Que cherchez-vous ? Un serveur communautaire français ACTIF ? Un regroupement de WEEBS pour vous sentir moins seuls ? Nous sommes là pour vous ! Nous avons tout d'abord : ▸ ANIMÉS, MANGAS, POKÉMON, JEUX VIDÉOS ! ▷ Notre Staff à l'écoute et présent ! ▸ Des ÉVENTS réguliers sur divers sujets !! ▷ Solidarité entre Weebs ! ▸ Des salons DÉTENTE pour jouer tranquillement !! ▷ Fabrication de votre profil avec des rôles perso' ! ▸ 200 EMOTES pour vous !! ▷ Weeb's Unity vous ACCUEILLE
we're a nice and cozy server with an active community! join us and make some new friends uwu <3
Furtopia is an inclusive lgbt+ furry community that focuses on hanging out and having a good time, while sharing common interests and laughter. We welcome anyone willing to put in the effort of familiarizing themselves with the community, and getting involved, and if you're shy, no need to worry, we don't judge :3
[ 16+ ] -- Ey-yo. Fan of Coffee and Clubs? Then we're the place for you. Fresh community server, revolving around all things anime, games and good quality memes. Dramafree Zones! uwu
Weeb Out We let our weeb and gamer out you know? This gets the crazy out when you feel to repressed in reality to express yourself!
So basically we want this to be a server where ALL TEENS can hang out, oh and see how I emphasized teens and all, yeah that means only teens.
Fun gaming community welcoming all! Many of us also love anime so theres that too!. The main game being played right now is destiny 2 and we run raids fairly often.
If you like to Eat ass and Live fast then I'd like to welcome you to our server! It's fairly small as of now but we'd like to grow into an amazing oasis of people. We have fun games and bots to keep you busy. Our staff and owner are extremely welcoming. We have channels for text, voice, music, etc. Any suggestions for channels will be taken into account as we want to make this the BEST server for YOU! Join Eating ass like a Chipotle burrito today!
simply put we it's just a server to strike up a conversation
Deutscher Server für diverse programmier- und nerd Themen. Language-Bashing, shitposting und Autismus stehen an der Tagesordnung. Jeder ist willkommen da jede Programmiersprache gleichermaßen diskreditiert wird!
This is a new server it have lots of cool features and more that are coming soon currently we don't have many members hope that you will join us ---------------------------------- Atom-Dragon
Close knit weeb community. 20+ - Not a baby sitting zone.