Community | Writing
A community of book lovers, we read multiple books together monthly as well as just talk about our favorite authors and genres. Multiple authors present who enjoy talking to their fans. Everyone is welcome!
Writing | Entertainment
This server is made by VKBoy for his readers. Feel free to dive in.
Entertainment | Hobbies
We're a group of weirdos.. enough said. That's probably the best 'description' I can give. It's a work in progress is what I'm saying. The library is more of an excuse fool us to fool around and have a little fun to get away from Life. Come drop in and say Hi if you wanna try hanging out with us, who knows, you could love it here ^-^
Anime | Gaming
Purgatory is a small dark fantasy themed server and we'd love it if you can pop in and chat! You can talk about whatever dank thoughts you've had and find some fun things to do. We're also planning on having Dungeons & Dragons campaigns in the future!
Writing | Art
If you really wanna talk, discuss or exhibit your work related to art/writing join in!
Furry | Gaming
Visual novels for furries, by furries! Brought to you by the r/FurryVisualNovels Reddit community. -Discuss new and upcoming furry VNs -Resources to help you develop your own furry VN or game. -Talk about the furry fandom. -Chill and relaxed community. Come along as say hi! :)
Anime | Gaming
• » Weebverse • » The server focus is varied, and we welcome all kind of weebs as long as they follow the rules, and the discord ToS. We have channels for those who enjoy anime, mangas, and novels. If you're an author, we also have channels for you. • » If you're an artist, we will have channels where you can post your art, and even give evaluations to you! • » We also have a bot for those who enjoy rpg, it's the famous epicrpg bot. Our server also has channels for you, gamers. Overall, any kind of weebs are accepted in our server, and our staff will provide support within their limits if so needed. • » We do NOT have any nsfw channels, so I'm very sorry if you expected it. • » I warmly welcome anyone who wants to join it!
Community | Social
We are the first fnaf novel fan server on discord! We focus on the novels/books based on the hit video game series five nights at freddys by scott cawthon.
Anime | Technology
You Can Connect with People Who are Interested in Anime, Programming, Writing & Reading Novels, Memes, Illustration and Then There is Another Category For Those Who Are Into Myths, History, Hi-Tech Futuristic Science Stuff... So Why Wait ? Join Now...