Galaxy themed server. Not a RP server All are welcome.
A fresh and new community thats looking for new members! we have a roman themed feel, and we are looking for some experienced bot users to moderate our bots! We strive to grow, and to provide our users with a family like atmosphere! Join us!
**Welcome to the Fur Rock Cafe - Where we welcome all furs.** Everyone is welcome in our Family Friendly Dining Area. We strive to provide excellent response times to requests from our patrons, as well as spreading friendship and love to all who enter. You're welcome to be yourself without judgement, and join in a community who celebrates uniqueness and creativity. If you need any help with your fursona, or if you have any questions about the fur community, feel free to ask @staff, or any of the friendly members within the server.
An Ancient Chinese themed scalie server
A server focused on making a drama-free community where people can make new friends and invite old ones.
The Steven Universe Fan Discord is a Friendly community based around the theme of Steven Universe. We have a friendly and helpful staff team and a positively charming small community of people in our server! We hope you can stop by and chat with us soon, Have a wonderful day!
Hangout Server/community <3
Extremely laid back space-themed server. Hangout, share space pics, and make friends.
Welcome, one and all, to Planet Galaxia! Planet Galaxia is a place in Discord where you can hang out with many kind people, meet many new friends, all of the sorts. Planet Galaxia is a Kirby based server. This server consists of many channels inside of it, such as. . . • Gaming channels • Venting channels • Meme channels • Regular channels • Spoiler channels And much more. Please keep in mind that you WILL have to read the rules before start talking on this server. Just a little note. We are here to welcome you with open arms. Everyone here is equal and no one will be treated differently. Welcome to the server, and have a fun stay.
A group of strangers that became friends and have been playing together now for years! We are a friendly and open community and are always looking for new members. We have an active and well set out discord that plays a large variety of games! Hope to see you Raiding with us soon!
Servidor temático das obras de Fate!! Mas se não conhece nenhuma obra não há problema, venha, divirta-se e encontre novas pessoas!!
Gaming Discord - variety of gamers and others! Friendly, active, inclusive, diverse! Australian based.
Cafe Serenity has just opened its doors! Be sure to drop by, grab a brew, kick back and relax- We are a community discord with the focus of creating a welcoming environment for users to hangout and discuss their hobbies with other like minded individuals. The server is mainly based on gaming, otaku, and design related content, but we encourage people to talk about anything they desire. ┌────── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚.─────────┐ ◈Relaxing atmosphere with a friendly, involving community. ◈Variety of channels with interesting topics. ◈Helpful and courteous staff. ◈Themed server and levelling roles. ◈Events such as Movie Nights, CAH, Game Sessions, and so on! ◈Opportunity to share your designs, edits, photography, etc in our creative corner. ◈Server partnerships (DM Owner) └────── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ────────┘