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Once you K-POP, you CAN'T STOP! discord community where you can talk about your favorite K-pop groups, discuss your favorite k-dramas and anime.
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K-pop Romania este un server nou, dedicat tuturor celor care apreciaza cultura sud coreeana. Fie esti fan K-pop sau K-dramas esti binevenit sa ni te alaturi.
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A place to talk about your favorite k-dramas,c-dramas or thai lakorns
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Just a place for kpop stans to come together, make friends, and enjoy talking about the groups they love!
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*:・゚✧*:・゚✧Hello chatters and k-pop fans ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* in this server, you could talk about k-pop, K-dramas, watch movies with your friends, and if you want to advertise your discord servers then were here to help! but not only that, we are hiring Staff and Mods and A great partner!~ So what do you think? ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*We Gladly Want To See You There UwU!!~✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
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A server for those who want to discuss/share stuff with each other. This server's main focus is kdrama and kmovie, but we also have room for other topics like kpop, manhwa, anime, learn Korean, Asian drama/movie, international movie, international music, fashion etc.
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Keep up and discuss all the BTS and Anime updates or just come and hang out with other army and weebs in this enjoyable server! KDrama and webtoon fans also welcome! It's only starting out right now so please understand it may be a bit quiet the first few weeks
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We are a friendly server dedicated to a kpop band, BTS. We have fun bots, games, and more. Anyone is welcomed. Come hang out and chat with us!
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[K-Island] You Can Be: - Kpop Fan - KDrama Fan - Fan Of Korea All 3 counts too~
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Bangladesh, Anime, Kpop, Kdrama, Movie, Natok, Indian Drama, Bangla
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Welcome to K-pop Scandinavia! ⇢ ˗ˏˋ - a social server dedicated to the Scandinavian k-pop fans from the three northern countries! - who are interested to talk and discuss about in Korean entertainment, pop and culture.
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Welcome to CHIP's Fun Room. We are a small and growing community and we hope that you join us. We talk about K-Kpop, Kr&b, k-hip hop, K-dramas, Anime, manga and more. Even if you are not a fan of these things we're still happy to have you join. ---------------------------------- Some of the things we offer: ♢Welcoming community ♢Helpful staff ♢Chats based on anime, manga, k-dramas, and Korean music ♢Multiple voice channels ♢Partnerships ♢Fun bots and games ♢Server events ♢Self assignable roles ♢Music recommendation chats ♢And more coming soon
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hi there! welcome to our safe haven ☆ we are a little space dedicated to fans of k-pop, k-dramas and anything that is korean entertainment!
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Chill/Anime/Kdrama/Gaming and if someone is exhausted, feel free to talk to us. Take care
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a welcoming place for all korean drama/kpop stans, welcoming all people!
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• A cozy new server for drama lovers to socialize! • We have many different genre channels and a recommendation corner • We aren't just limited to dramas! We have channels for kpop, anime, movies, art, and more! • Whether you're active daily or once a month you're always welcome!
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Serveur français pour les amateurs de dramas asiatiques (séries coréennes, chinoises, japonaises,...) Venez avec votre plaid et votre thé pour en discuter ou tout simplement pour découvrir cet univers !