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Enjoy what you love with people like you!
dalgi is a kpop and gaming server that welcomes any and all fandoms! we are active daily with a close-knit community and events. there are many different roles, channels and topics for you to browse and contribute to.
Welcome to Gaysian! A community aimed to be a safe space primarily for Gay Asians, although we accept everyone. We are here to have a fun, unique, and enjoyable experience. Our community will not tolerate hate speech nor discrimination of any kind. We hope to be an open outlet for the community here where they can unwind, relax, and create a sense of familiarity with one another.
hi there! welcome to our safe haven ☆ we are a little space dedicated to fans of k-pop, k-dramas and anything that is korean entertainment!
General and Social K-pop server for Indonesians.
A sfw multi-fandom k-pop server that welcomes everyone. (13+)
New discord server for kpop stans of any fandom come on in
This is official channel of Korean Lab. a channel for studying Korean, language exchange between Korean/Non-Korean, making friends and learning other cultures.
♡ Andromeda Entertainment is a Korean entertainment company established on July 21, 2010. It was founded by Jung Eunwoo, a successful businesswoman who worked as nothing more than a receptionist. When the company first started, many people doubted her work and figured the company could never get far with a woman as its CEO. In the year 2011, Andromeda Entertainment opened its doors to trainees and was meet with potential idols. After signing the big hit of a group, internationally known as Mellow, Andromeda has continued to sign many other great KPOP groups. By the year 2019, Andromeda has become known as one of the most successful Korean entertainment companies. Since this achievement, many trainees have struggled to debut. Some may stay trainees for years and others may never debut. The competition has risen greatly, will your character make it in this industry? ༉ ゚
heyyy, in this server there's not really a theme, nor that many rules. Here you can make friends, hang out in the NSFW chat, talk, etc. It's small for now, but I'm trying my best to help it grow.
Welcome to our kpop friendly server where we chat and spill the tea uwu. Is a place you can share and chat about your favorite kpop songs and artists. Come join now and let's all enjoy the tea òwó
HI! This server is a social server. In here you will meet alot of good, friendly people! We have : - Helpful and humoristic staff! - Many interesting bots, so you wouldn't get bored! - Funny custom emoji's! - A lot of text/voice chats! - A server economy! - Music! - Channel for your advertisement, where you can put your (ex. k.pop videos) - Channel for your suggestions so our server's future is in your hand! - Memes and jokes! - Anime! and much more! We want to get more pepole to this server so it will not be boring because new pepole = more fun! We have really friendly staff that you can hang out with and you can also play with us games for ex. : Garry's mod. Oh and also have i told you that we have anime nad k.pop fans ! If you like anime COME TO US! Remember, We do not care about your race and your wealth, everybody is welcome here! Oh and if you join don't forget to read the rules!
a server for having kinds of k-pop stans (for girl groups, boy groups and soloists) get together and have fun, just like a rendezvous.
Annyeong everyone! LolliKpop is a safe, new and growing community for making friends, talking about common interests and chilling~ Kpop and korean culture theme. We offer various bots, self assignable roles, events and more. Help us to grow and become a fun community for all♡
Kpopsource is a kpop community created to address the need for a reliable social platform for individuals to share/discuss information on the latest trends in the world of kpop. Kpopsource is listed on Feedspot's top 75 kpop blogs, which depicts the level of impact on the kpop community. We offer self assign roles for groups which you stan and games channel where you can enjoy playing with other members of our community.
Servidor Brasileiro de K-pop!
A simple, chill and fun server for World Klass' Robin! (wip)
a multifandom kpop server for everyone, you dont have to be a kpop fan as we welcome everyone, this is a safe place for all
Momoland's official fandom (Merry-go-rounds) Server! #momoland #imsohot #baam #bboom
New Fandom Server for Kpop AleXa stans! #music #kpop #community #social
a chill night themed bts server dedicated to making friends.
This is a blackpink based discord server. For BlackPink Fans. We provide with roles for your bias and custom emojis so why not join.
Peace corner is a k-pop themed server. It's mostly a place you k-pop fans can make friends!
A fun server to make friends and talk about your love for kpop girl groups!:)💗