dalgi is a kpop and gaming server that welcomes any and all fandoms! we are active daily with a close-knit community and events. there are many different roles, channels and topics for you to browse and contribute to.
we are a kpop server dedicated to the girl group loona!!
Our soothing, multifandom kpop server will love to have you around. Community has lovely enthusiasm and we will keep you comfortable.
a server for having kinds of k-pop stans (for girl groups, boy groups and soloists) get together and have fun, just like a rendezvous.
#LOONA #이달의 소녀 #KPOP
Public fan-made LOONA server where anyone is welcome to join! Made for Orbits (or anyone interested) to interact with each other, share media, discuss theories and more :3
hi! we're k-cherries, a k-pop server focused on making you feel safe and respected.
a server for 12 member group LOONA ꨄ
A server where you can support nct and loona side by side.
🍥 『K-PopTrashHouse』is a server mainly about k-pop and a bright colored themed. We have friendly members and active staffs and we will be happy if you joined.