Welcome to District 9! ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭ We are a Stray Kids server but we also welcome people from other fandoms as well! ੈ♡‧₊˚ ━ ❝ Highlights ❞ ✧ Friendly ✧ lgbtq+ ✧ Fun roles ✧ Events ✧ Tons of channels ︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶ · - ̗̀༄໒⦆⋮ Owner: Hayley (Moon)
A fun place for STAY to interact and talk about Stray Kids. Can be a great learning experience💞. Join the family💖.
Ah- I knew you would come by soon enough! Are you looking for a Stray Kids Server?.. Oh! You are, well why don't you check out my fairly new server!
'STAY♥SKZ' is a discord server for Stay, which is the fandom for Stray Kids! Here we support OT9 even though Woojin left. In this server, we have: ✧ You can interact with other Stays! ✧ Some nice bias roles for their biases ✧ Partnerships! ✧ Fun with our different bots! ✧ Receive updates from Stray Kids! (feature that's a W.I.P) ✧ Active staff team! If you are new to Stray Kids, or new to K-POP in general, don't worry! Many of us are capable of introducing you to K-POP/Stray Kids and help you get a better idea of them. Have fun in the server, fellow STAY ♡
› 〉helpful staff › 〉fun community › 〉events › 〉fun bots › 〉profiles › 〉live updates on STRAY KIDS › 〉bias + line roles › 〉always finding partners!
Are you a Stay and/or an NCTzen? Join the best Stray Kids and NCT multifandom server today! Talk with other fans, share your creations, join fun daily and weekly challenges or play with our bots! You can select bias roles, unlock extra chats and level up to unlock even more fun ✧✧ ❁❁ We welcome fans from all around the world with open arms! ❁❁ ♡♡♡ Join this fun Kpop server today ♡♡♡
SKZ Cafe is a place for all Stays to come and hang out! Stray Kids is a 9-member Kpop boy group under JYPEntertainment. Whether you're joining as an Stay or just joining to learn more about the group, anyone and everyone are welcome here!
we welcome all kpop stans here!
A cafe server where JYP stans can thrive!
We are a friendly multifandom server where we aim to provide a safe space, mutual respect and encouragement to all kpop fans as well as their idols. * We offer many things ✦ ☆゚ ➺ Over 100+ self assignable roles for dedicated solo artists, girl groups and boy groups. * ➺ Our own dedicated kpop bot as well as other kpop bots ✧・゚ ➺ Social and music voice channels. ➺ Level system with cool ranking roles. ☆゚ ✧・゚➺ Currency system and a store to buy fandom and award roles to buy from. ➺ Idols social media pages updates 24/7 (including VLives) ✧・゚ ➺ Partnerships ➺ Over 50 emojis and counting. ✦ ➺ And more
This is a server for all fans of kpop!
hi there! welcome to our safe haven ☆ we are a little space dedicated to fans of k-pop, k-dramas and anything that is korean entertainment!
︶︶ :: welcome to ୨୧ blossom ♡ ’- ❞ → ⨟ a welcoming and accepting kpop based server °. ❜ ── :cherry_blossom: :: what we offer ♡ ︵ . . ┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄ ⨯ giveaways and events ⨯ lgbtq+ accepting, friendly community ⨯ custom bot ⨯ kind and helpful staff ⨯ daily activities
A kpop server to meet new friends and talk about your groups!