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welcome we only wanna vibe and chill cuz corona quarantine is lonely time so also if you like kpop we like that too :> roleplay! we have sum roleplay channels for stuff like bts so it's easy to find a partner for rp uwu STAN BTS AND BP AND SKZ AND LOONA AND WHATEVER SVT, ETC.
New discord server for kpop stans of any fandom come on in
Join our small friendly Kpop chat!
a server for 12 member group LOONA ꨄ
Stray Street is a server for all Stays or Stray Kids fans.
Ah- I knew you would come by soon enough! Are you looking for a Stray Kids Server?.. Oh! You are, well why don't you check out my fairly new server!
A fun place for STAY to interact and talk about Stray Kids. Can be a great learning experience💞. Join the family💖.