A SFW community built around anime, manga, cosplay and games
Welcoming server growing rapidly and open to all with lots to do.
A fun, community based server where you can discuss all the anime/manga/light novels to your hearts content, or even just talk about your day. We don't mind!
We put user experience above all else, while trying to make a place where anyone is welcome and do everything in our power to prevent issues such as raiding, trolls, and spam very quickly.
Pokud jsi otaku přidej se k nám! Jsme CZ/SK server (nejen) pro milovníky anime, mangy, her či všeobecně pro milovníky Japonska. Zábavní weeb boti a cz/sk komunita otaku, co víc si přát! Své si najdou i gameři, máme zde i komunitu programátorů... vlastně ať jsi kdokoli, najdeš si zde svou komunitu.
A Discord server for artists, writers and creative enthusiasts. Everyone is welcome. :) - Daily Weekday Art Prompts and Weekly Writing Prompts - Art/Writing Exchange and Collaborations - Art/Writing Requests and Commissioned - Art/Writing Galleries, tutorials, reference and art/writing help - Feedback channel for writing and artwork
Cosplay, gaming, and streaming.
A new and growing community for nerds, anime fans, cosplays and content creators. under the banner of frankie its a laid back server that supports all people and their fanbases.... except furries.... WHY IS THAT A THING?!?!
The official Canadian Cosplay Community. We're just like you! A bunch of friends who decided to create a place where local people who love cosplaying can come together, make friends, collaborate, get help with projects or just chill and talk about their day.
we are a gaming channel looking to make people laugh and enjoy our server. we have nice staff and bots. LGBT channel. 13+ we have music games rewards and so much more.
Meme | Art
A friendly chill server to make friends in. We feature weekly to bi-weekly games, memes, art, and gaming chats. (Homestuck is here too)
We are an open community hoping to be full of creators of many mediums, including writing, drawing and cosplaying! We have fun bots to play with and our server is a fun way to share your creations and find other creators in the My Hero Academia fandom! (We do have a NSFW section for you pervy little eggs out there, and we also have a roleplay area for anyone who wants to join in on the fun.)
This is a group I made in hopes of meeting new people who love to cosplay as much as me and my friends do. This is a safe chat and welcomes everyone who would like to join our cosplay group or chat! (Please read the rules upon arrival)
Was ist Planetnerd? Planetnerd ist ein Soziales Netzwerk und richtet sich an Nerds, Gamer, E-Sprotler als auch Youtuber und mehr. Der wichtigste Gedanke bei Planetnerd ist, die Zusammenbringung der Gamer als auch deren gleichgesinnten Nerds. Das Soziale Netzwerk soll den Usern einen grenzenlosen Austausch an Informationen bieten und das unabhängig von Zugehörigkeit und allen Games hinweg.
Ramen is a friendly and chill server that is dedicated to anime and games. It's a server where you can make new friends and aside from that, we host a lot of events. Friendly and welcoming community (as well as staff) to let you feel right at home in our cozy server.
A gaming server for content creators and gaming ( streaming, digital art , music , or youtube) everyone is welcome to join!
The one-stop shop for all Hibike! Euphonium content creators! (including but not limited to writers, artists, cosplayers, and YouTubers.)
The Crafters Guild is a community of makers and crafters come together to have fun and help one another with projects! Join and enjoy exclusive live streams, and a group of highly creative people! The goal of The Crafting Guild is to bring people of all different sorts of crafting hobbies together to share ideas. The hope is that with people of different mediums involved we'll find new and unique ways to solve some crafting problems.
Hi! We're a local AZ panelist group! We're those ones that run the weird hentai panel. Tags: anime, manga, weaboo, nsfw, gamer, cosplay, anime conventions, hell yeah, otaku, waifu, we like to think cory in the house was the best anime to date
an LGBT+ safe discord server for teens (about 13-19ish) who like to make art, and look at/appreciate arts. When you join you'll need to make an intro before gaining access to the server. Some of the stuff that this incorporates is: -Visual Art -Cooking -Fashion and Cosplay -Film and Theatre -Music -Photography
Server dedicated to the art of animegao-kigurumi-style cosplay. Sister service to KigurumiOnline.org.
A simple server for meeting, talking with, and hanging out with people attending Anime Boston this year!!
Gamermy is a small server focused on gamers, anime, otakus, cosplayers and mental health. Be sure to invite your friends since we are new and you could use this place as your own
💜Welcome to my Hideout!💜 We're a friendly, chill furry server looking for more furs to chat it up with! What do we offer? 📝 -Self assignable roles including colors,gender,and species! 🖌-Creativity channels featuring art, music, writing, and more! 🎭 - A RPing category for all your role-playing needs, including DND styled RP for experienced RPers! 🏫-A study hall for any fur who is having trouble with maths and things. 🤖-Fun bots you can interact with in our bot channel! If you like trivia and want to play a trivia game with friends, we have a trivia bot! 🌐-A tech category to discuss techy stuff! ❤-Friendly community of furs! 👌-Chill community that won't flood you with messages! 😝-Our own mascot emojis! 🤝 -Very helpful staff! 🦊-We have our own bot that's currently in development! 🔒-High security to keep raiders out and the good furs/people in! ⬆ -A level up bot for those who love a competition! ☑-We provide partnerships, except you have to level up in the s
Anime Tower is a community of anime and manga enthusiasts. While primarily involved with these, we strive to cover all of the aspects of the Otaku. Reviews, Prospects, Newsfeed, and Air Dates and times are posted. We post on other things as well.
What do we have? : - Frendly Users - Anime - Custom Bots - Self Assign Roles - Active Chats Everyone is welcome so why wait?
Trying to build a community of furry tiktokers everyone is welcome we are still building would love mods ect.
A cute welcoming server that's all about traps and crossdressing you don't have to be a trap to join tho. Everyone is welcome! just follow the rules <3
Anyone is welcome in this furry orientated server.
Like Wrestling, Fighting Games, Anime and are a Creative? Then this server is for you! JOIN US!
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