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I'm translating Japanese to English.
Language | Education
tonbo cafe is a Second Life based family friendly virtual cafe for English/Japanese language and cultural exchange. You can play games like Skippo, Uno, 31, Mousetrap, all while talking in Japanese/English or hit the books in various learning resources located throughout the cafe.
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La Communauté EzCom propose des traductions d’extensions & des styles pour phpBB 3.1.x, 3.2.x, 3.3.x & 4.0.x.
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The place for all language lovers! We offer language-related streams, podcasts, a weekly writing challenge with the chance to win a month of Discord Nitro every 90 days, and a great community to learn languages with! We even have a few (semi-)professional linguists and translators available to answer your language-related questions! Whether you want to learn Japanese, German, Turkish, or anything in between, let's have fun learning languages together! We're open for partnerships, please contact the server admins for more info :)
Community | Language
Hello! I created today a server for all the people interested in translation and/or interpreting so we might become a nice community to discuss and share ideas!