Education | Community
Education server to assist students in study of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering subjects at school and university level. the server uses advanced method of computer graphics and animations to create much elaborate and easy to understand topics. In addition if you join any course you will be provided with a precise study material and bot-enabled advanced tests which works on the automated mechanism that helps you to assess your learned skills or knowledge and improve exponentially.
Education | Art
Servidor dedicado a estudantes e curiosos sobre a Arte Digital. Todos com a vontade de aprender e compartilhar seus estudos são bem vindos.
Streaming | YouTuber
Servidor oficial do canal de livestream e youtube do BrunoChrosS •Twitch: •YouTube: •Twitter: •Mixer: •StreamCraft: •Facebook:*
Design | Technology
Eine deutschsprachige community die sich rund ums Thema UX/UI Design austauscht. Geschrieben und gesprochen wird in "denglischer" Sprache :) Jeder der interessiert ist, ist herzlich eingeladen an unseren Wissenstransfer teilzunehmen. Ob Anfänger oder alter Hase, man lernt nie aus.
Art | Education
A place to develop your singularity.
YouTuber | Gaming
Hi,I am Mark,a YouTube video creator and also a Roblox developer. This server is a good place to talk with your friends,play mini-games,win prizes and more! Have fun!
Gaming | YouTuber
A gaming community hub built around the great and mighty Hipster Jesus.
Gaming | Education
The PUBGM Coach, Analyst and IGL in Middle East. My academy make pro tutorials and tricks and put amazing challenges in PUBGM weekly. If you need coach I am here let's join;)
Gaming | eSports
League of legends ranked enhancement and improvement server
Gaming | YouTuber
hey feel freee to join this fortnite box fights zone wars discord server and help us grow
Community | Education
PonySFM is a community and platform that hosts Source Filmmaker downloads with a focus on MLP-related resources.
Community | Streaming
Celebrating You is an International Modeling & Talent Agency for Models, MUAs (Makeup 💄Tutorials), Hair, Nails and Beauty School & Store.
YouTuber | Gaming
A Discord server by BlackBeltPanda, a YouTuber with over 80,000 subscribers making mostly Minecraft tutorials!