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#1 Most Loved Community 💜 Socially Active 💬 🌺 Space & Anime ⭐ 500 Emotes ⭐ Economy ⭐ Clubs ⭐ Make New Friends ⭐ Giveaways ⭐ Heaps More...!
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DisGalaxy • 仙女座 Discord Server Banner
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Community | Anime | Social
#1 Most Loved Community 💜 Socially Active 💬 🌺 Space & Anime ⭐ 500 Emotes ⭐ Economy ⭐ Clubs ⭐ Make New Friends ⭐ Giveaways ⭐ Heaps More...!
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Art | Community
Hallo, auf dem Server Foto Lounge Bumblebee geht es hauptsächlich um die Fotografie. Natürlich wollen wir auch über das Thema Photshop und Lightromm sprechen, euch zeigen, wie man Bilder in Photshop oder Lightroom bearbeitet. Aber nicht nur das, generell soll der Server ein Ort für kerative Menschen sein, die Lust haben sich mit anderen kreativen Menschen auszutauschen. Gegenseitig ihre Arbeit presentieren, von der Community bewerten zu lassen, Hilfestellung bekommen, wenn man mal nicht weiter weiß oder sich einfach so treffen, um gemeinsam Zeit zu verbringen. Wir möchten jedem der will, die Möglichkeit bieten, zu bestimmte Themen live seine Arbeit zu presentieren, einen Vortrag zu einem bestimmten Theme presentieren, seine Techniken zu zeigen. Einem Publikum, das sich für Fotografie, Photshop, Lightroom interessiert und die Bock haben, ihren eigenen Horizont zu erweitern und immer auf der Suche nach interessanten Inhalten sind. Also nutzt die Chance, tretet unserem Server bei.
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Education | Art
Servidor dedicado a estudantes e curiosos sobre a Arte Digital. Todos com a vontade de aprender e compartilhar seus estudos são bem vindos.
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Streaming | YouTuber
Servidor oficial do canal de livestream e youtube do BrunoChrosS •Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/brunochross •YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/brunochross •Twitter: https://twitter.com/brunochross •Mixer: https://mixer.com/BrunoChrosS •StreamCraft: https://streamcraft.com/user/2016585550 •Facebook:* https://www.facebook.com/brunochrosstv
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Gaming | Anime
Grupo de Elite Dangerous, compartilhar informações do jogo, ajudamos iniciantes. Temos grupos(Esquadras) para todos os tipos de jogadores. Esquadra focada no Cooperativo. Limite de 500 players. Esquadra focada no PvP, Mercenários, Pirataria e trabalhos ilegais. Limite de 500 players. Esquadra focada no Comércio, Mineração e Exploração. Limite de 500 players. Embora as esquadras tenham seu foco em determinada área, não impede de você jogador, atuar em outras áreas do jogo.
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Gaming | Streaming
An awesome BRAND NEW small (but growing) community for gamers and content creators. We currently have a small but active non-toxic community that we are always carefully growing. We have the following available for gamers: ✧ Multiple (and expandable) highest level audio channels available on discord ✧ Community Minecraft server ✧ Community 7 days to die server ✧ Community GTA RP server (coming soon) ✧ Community Rust server (coming soon) ✧ More community gaming servers (coming soon) It's not all just game-related, we have channels offering serious content creator help and advice allowing you to take your streams to the next level and beyond. Learn cool tricks, build cool channel point redeems, how to use your bot to your advantage, make your stream fun and interactive for the viewers and gain more GENUINE followers etc.
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Gaming | YouTuber
A gaming community hub built around the great and mighty Hipster Jesus.
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Gaming | Education
The PUBGM Coach, Analyst and IGL in Middle East. My academy make pro tutorials and tricks and put amazing challenges in PUBGM weekly. If you need coach I am here let's join;)
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Gaming | eSports
League of legends ranked enhancement and improvement server
Gaming | YouTuber
hey feel freee to join this fortnite box fights zone wars discord server and help us grow
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Community | Education
PonySFM is a community and platform that hosts Source Filmmaker downloads with a focus on MLP-related resources.
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Community | Streaming
Celebrating You is an International Modeling & Talent Agency for Models, MUAs (Makeup ?Tutorials), Hair, Nails and Beauty School & Store.
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YouTuber | Gaming
A Discord server by BlackBeltPanda, a YouTuber with over 80,000 subscribers making mostly Minecraft tutorials!
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Community | Gaming | Tabletop
Harry Potter Fans! ⚡Join the most immersive and interactive game-like server! ✨ Play our original immersive games, live games, trivia, interact with our custom AI characters!
Hedwig's Haven Discord Server Banner
Hedwig's Haven Icon
Community | Gaming | Tabletop
Harry Potter Fans! ⚡Join the most immersive and interactive game-like server! ✨ Play our original immersive games, live games, trivia, interact with our custom AI characters!
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Financial | Crypto
WeeklyHub provides tested weekly guides, free of charge. Guides, tutorials and support from our active moderators.
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Gaming | Technology
Ai SimDate server is catered to the full free VN Dating sim created using AI ! Ai Simdate is a male pov dating simulation game, created with the visual novel engine Renpy! What's so special about it? It's used and created using Ai artwork and Ai story-writing during certain parts of the story! Have a blast from the past with a modern day sim-date ❤️ You have a 30 days to get your life together! Study, work-out, hang out with friends and advance through life! Has numerous mini-games, activities, events/quests and rich with artwork~! 3 date-able characters, each one having a spicy twist~ 8 DIFFERENT ENDINGS! Upcoming DLC ​​with an additional character, extra scenes, minigames and NSFW content 😉 The game is recommended for ages 16+, and not suitable for workplace.
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Gaming | Community
Gostaríamos de convidá-lo(a) para nosso servidor de Discord, onde você poderá encontrar tutoriais úteis para Discord, bem como para outros jogos populares, como GTA 5 e GTA SA. Nosso servidor é um lugar divertido e amigável para se conectar com outros jogadores e aprender com especialistas experientes em jogos. Se você está procurando dicas para melhorar sua experiência no Discord ou precisa de ajuda para jogar GTA, nossa comunidade é o lugar perfeito para você. Junte-se a nós agora e comece a aproveitar todo o conhecimento e diversão que temos a oferecer. Não perca mais tempo! Venha se juntar a nós e faça parte da nossa comunidade incrível. Link de convite: https://discord.gg/jXWpPCtWQF Nos vemos em breve!
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Gaming | Community
"Looking for Cyber Team Mods - Apply Now!" (Training Available) Delivering the community with emulation tutorials and other various gaming media here to help with all your needs. Come check out our resources, links, tutorials or just say hi and play with other members. I hope to see you soon as active members of our community, have fun gaming! Any fans of the No Man's Sky universe? We have an avid group mapping out new home regions, sharing ideas, and helping the community connect our newcomers with other like minded creators. Within our discord pages you will find other galactic communities, discords groups, tutorials and youtube channels giving access to all *256 Galaxies* and lots of *Glitchbuilding Techniques* among other helpful tools and links.
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Education | Gaming
Totul despre tutoriale idei despre video tutoriale si doar chestii utile din care cu totii avem cate ceva de invatat. Tot aici mai sunt si oameni care joaca diverse jocuri iar fiecare isi poate alege un rank de joc si isi poate gasi foarte usor o echipa cu care sa joace, sau sa discute!
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Crypto | Financial
The newest approach to make money with crypto, get rich quick and easy with our step by step tutorials. With proven methods and fixed profit payments to our server subscribers .. This server was created to bring together people that are passionate about smart investing in cloud mining industry. We aim educate you to create an effective way to put your idle funds to work in order to potentially build wealth, while your money stay safe at the same time and meeting other investors from all around the world. Exchanging ideas, tips and experiences in a respectful way is all we are about. That being said make sure you read the investment tutorials.We are gathered several trusted platforms and tested them before you put your money there. The number one rule here is to get rich in the shortest terms !
Social | Community
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Art | Fashion
This server is made specifically for designers/vfx. Here you post the most wanted free resources (some with money) from assets/mockups/graphics pack etc. Join the team if you are passionate about graphic design