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JOIN Roblox Dev Central, a discord server completely dedicated to Roblox development. Are you a developer looking for someone to work for or are you someone looking for someone to help you or join your team? If yes, then this is the best place to help you, we have multiple channels dedicated to hiring and listing your service to the Roblox community! Or are you just starting out or trying to learn a new skill, well for you guys we have channels where we have the best resources to learn each skill listed . Also have you ever wanted the official Roblox announcement to come directly to discord? If yes, then we have announcements channels where all the official Roblox development related announcements from the dev forum, twitter etc, is directly posted there! We have much more things for you to explore learn and make friends.
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Welcome to the Sacramento Developer Collective The purpose of this collective is simple: To create opportunity for developers & designers, both aspiring & veteran, to connect & empower one another within our up & coming Sacramento game industry! To have a place where they can come together and communicate with one another, share ideas, form friendships and to learn ways to get into the Indie Game, Film & Music Industries PLUS, more importantly, get that project finished! So, if you have both the drive & vision to create, this is definitely the place for you! We have experienced professionals currently in the industry who are making Web, PC, Mobile, Console, Board games, Film & Music! These professionals include Game Designers, Programmers, Web Developers, Animators, 3D Modelers, Voice Actors & more! All are welcome! We can help you get started! So what are you waiting for, join in on the fun! Game On, Sacramento! Cheers, The Sacramento Developer Collective
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Hallo iedereen, een Nederlandse server speciaal voor Art en Developing. In het kort: - Nederlandse Community - Beginner tot advanced - Altijd hulp! - Art en Developing - Showcase je werk! - Ga leuke samenwerkingen aan - Leuke acties en veel meer!
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A game for Nintendo Switch in development by BadToxic. It's about collecting and beating mini games, developing them by gaining experience while playing them and mastering them all. It allowes local and online coop and vs multiplayer.
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Tons of active members, with a lot of programming professionals and game developers to help you learn Java fast and efficiently. Games and Apps made by our members are showcased, and promotion comes along with it!
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A brand new studios working on developing the next level set of games. Stay young game on
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The official CodeWritePlay discord server! We're talking about gaming, game development, streaming, writing, art, design, and more! All are welcome--come tell us what you're up to!
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The Polygongames discord is all about having fun, talking to other people, and sharing your own beautiful creations. Polygongames is a game-development company that makes mobile phone games. All the updates of the game-development projects will be shared in this discord. This would be the perfect discord for: - People who like phone games - Game-developers - 3D artists - programmers - people who are trying to learn how to program. For joining this server you will be **REWARDED** with a high-listed role!