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Investing | Crypto | Business
We are Wall St. Bible LLC, we have over 60k+ members, an LLC with the state of California so we are a registered business. WE PROVIDE OPTIONS AND STOCKS SIGNALS TO ALL OUR MEMBERS. Swing trades, day trades, and penny stock picks. Results speak for themselves, let's get this money! God is good!
Wall Street Bible LLC Discord Server Banner
Wall Street Bible LLC Discord Server Banner
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Investing | Crypto | Business
We are Wall St. Bible LLC, we have over 60k+ members, an LLC with the state of California so we are a registered business. WE PROVIDE OPTIONS AND STOCKS SIGNALS TO ALL OUR MEMBERS. Swing trades, day trades, and penny stock picks. Results speak for themselves, let's get this money! God is good!
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Art | Community
A place for artists, engineers, designers, musicians, writers, filmmakers, animators, photographers, and creators to cross-pollinate and support one another. It can be incredibly difficult to build a support network when pursuing a way to make a living outside of the normal 9-5 grind. Most of the time you can feel alone, especially when the odds are stacked against you. Hopefully we can be here to support and inspire. We believe that tons of ingenuity comes from the intersection of many different crafts. Having engineers collaborate with artists, or artists collaborate with musicians can inspire a realm of possibilities. Come join the fun.
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Art | Design
This is a server just based on sharing your crafts and your artwork you make! We also have a nice friendly community!
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Entertainment | Education
My universe This was dream project that I have found a way to work Find people with the same interests and dedication to make their dream come true . by helping those people who wanna change their life including me . I manly included people's hobbies and passion in this server and want people around the world to bring close to each other with same interest I don't know if I will fail or pass but I am happy that I started it . To get to the main goal you need to start with small and make your way up . I have started with the small and I am making my way up to the Top Thanks for supporting me
random server Icon
Art | Gaming
This is a server where u can chill and just have fun, we dont have any strict rules, and there is a channel where u can break rules all u want, u can also play video games on it mainly minecraft, ark rust, and the isle, but there is a channel for just any game in general, also u can suggest channels any time u want by just tagging owner. It is also a art server where you can share, talk and recieve feedback about art.
N A D C Icon
Art | Programming
Hallo iedereen, een Nederlandse server speciaal voor Art en Developing. In het kort: - Nederlandse Community - Beginner tot advanced - Altijd hulp! - Art en Developing - Showcase je werk! - Ga leuke samenwerkingen aan - Leuke acties en veel meer!
Meluty Art | Gaming Icon
Gaming | Art
A server for the Avid Artists and Gamers. We want to create a community of people where friendship is important and finding new friends. For now we are small and we will slowly expand with our users. Be a Gamer, Be an Artist. Grow with us and you improve your skills we improve ours.
Sugoi Shakai ! Icon
Anime | Gaming
Sugoi Shakai ! is a social Discord server focused on proposing you the best experience you can have with Discord, we usually host funny events and giveaways for everyone, we have an active chat and an active community, and we are also very friendly with new people, here, we talk about anime, gaming and so much more ! we would love having you here and we hope you enjoy your stay !
Art Haven Icon
Art | Community
Art Haven is an artistic marketplace that provides a platform for artists, crafters, and enthusiasts alike to buy and sell creative goods and services. This Discord server is an extension of our art community and is open for anyone to join!* Features: 1) Automatic roles based on your Art Haven account. 2) Fun server-wide events including movie streams, art challenges, and voicechat games. 3) Update channels with content from Art Haven. 4) Off-Topic channels ranging from games to hobbies. 5) Self-promotion channels for your art, crafts, social media, etc. 6) Bot games and activities with designated channels. And lots more! *You must have an account on our community, www.arthaven.co, to gain full access to our server.
art squad ? Icon
Art | Music
Hello! We are an art server that would love to see your artwork of any kind! We have channels such as art trades, art sharing, art collaborations, and art critiquing. We have self-assigning roles in the role channel. You are also allowed to make your own emojis and suggest it in the suggestion channel! We have a commission channel so feel free to advertise yourself accordingly. We hope to have you and hope you enjoy your stay :)
Design | Art
Road Side Designs ™ is a new Desigining Organization. 》We already made several logos, banner for streamer, esports organizations and all other customer. 》Our work is probably the cheapest you can get and the quality the highest available! 》We also offer unlimited Revisions to make your logo perfect. 》if you want any kind of art for you or your team, join us! 》We charge for banners, thumbnails, logos and more! You can also join our organization as professional Designer!
The Visual Arts Cult Icon
Art | Social
A self-improvement focused art discord for all visual mediums. Take part and help us motivate eachother as a collective! Safe For Work, 16+.
Artwork of Warhammer 40,000 Icon
Art | Gaming
In the grim darkness of the far future, where human lives are nothing more than a cogwheeel in an enormous imperium, run by the suffering of uncountable billions, there is only art... We're the final result of various other platforms (Facebook, Instagram) leading up to an increasing demand for a social platform. Now we're originally focused on art and artists, but people keep socializing for some strange reason, so the community is just as vital now. -friendly staff -even friendlier people (think vulkan) -selfassignable roles -level rewards -all the channels your needed and don't need ART FOR THE ART GOD PAIN(T) FOR THE PAIN(T) THRONE LET THE GALAXY DRAAAW (Server pic by the awesome Gwyne Lee)
Social Community Icon
Social | Community | Gaming
We welcome every backgrounds and genders to join our warm hearted community with barely any restrictions. Feel free to talk about anything. Gamers and artists to join us or even self promote.
Social Community Discord Server Banner
Social Community Icon
Social | Community | Gaming
We welcome every backgrounds and genders to join our warm hearted community with barely any restrictions. Feel free to talk about anything. Gamers and artists to join us or even self promote.
Vast's Community Server Icon
Gaming | Art
This server is for the development of a 2D pixel RTS where the community will be able to see how it develops and have some influence over it. Pixel art , Game development, Games , 2D , RTS, real time strategy
Insomnia Cafe Icon
Community | Hobbies
Insomnia Cafe is a cafe-themed discord server with the goal of promoting creativity. All discussions and debates are welcome and no topics are off limits.
Luffy's Visuals Chamber Icon
Art | Design
Luffy's Visuals Chamber is a personal server aiming to create a chill community around graphic design, doing commissions as well. What we have to offer: • Roles for designers and developers. (more to come) • Friendly and knowledgeable staff. • Critique channels and graphic help channels. • Chill talks about graphics and whatever really. • Giveaways • Memes https://discord.gg/ZpDHBfC
Mixit3D Icon
Design | Technology
Mixit3D is a 3D digital art discourse community for learning and growing together. Find, talk, and learn from other talented artists. Showcase your work and get discovered.
Rogue Society Bots Icon
This Weekend 15,777 Rare NFT Rogue Bots will escape enslavement with the help of the Rogue Society. Come Join The Discord for your chance to win. We are always talking NFTs, Crypto + Meme's!
NFT Whitelists Icon
Art | Social
A server where you can get help getting whitelists for NFTS. What do we offer? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ‣ People that are willing to join any whitelists invites that you need ? ‣ Help with reacting to fan art for whitelists ? ‣ Og roles have free ccess to multiple information from patreons and paid tools ? ‣ A friendly and educational place for beginners in NFTs ? ‣ List of NFT influencers to follow :allowlisted: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So what are you waiting for? Come and Join NFT Alpha
Deceta Club Icon
Community | Design
??Welcome to Deceta Club?? JOIN THE DECETA CLUB ? The first rule of Deceta Club is: you do not talk about Deceta Club. ? The second rule of Deceta Club is: you DO NOT talk about Deceta Club! ? Join Now to learn about the Third Rule and More! Actually we Manufacture NFT's Artwork
Nft Antelope Icon
Crypto | Design
On this server you can see my artworks and if you like you can buy one of my artworks. We can communicate and promote your NFT discord server.
Watamote universe Icon
Anime | Community
“My name is Tomoko Kuroki and I made a discord server. It will have lots of channels like for memes, just chatting, art, rp, voice and more. There will also be chats dedicated to me and my friends cause they wanted it, no other reasons >.>. Just don’t be overly lewd cause there are minors (Oh my god, I just talked to dozens of potential hot guys online. Wait is this still going?!)”
The Country Bear Club Icon
Community | Crypto
The Country Bear Club is a community filled with people excited by #nfts and #opensea. We also have other channels so you can game with others, talk crypto, or share how awful your cooking skills are on the foodie channel. The Country bear Club is also our NFT collectables journey, as we release new packs with many "wow" upgrades. But you're most likely to be distracted by #memes and #fanart from the community.
Furry Metropolis Icon
Furry | Art
Welcome to Furry Metropolis! We are a friendly furry server, with a wonderful and heart warming community! About us ★ - Our community is 100% SFW with a unique No-Toxicity atmosphere ★ - Valid, Safe and Secure Gatekeeping system to keep our members protected from Raiders and Trollers ★ - Fast growing, Active 24/7 Community ★ - Always looking for Partners ★ - Plenty of fun bot commands ★ - Self assignable roles ★ - Chill and a respectful Staff Team ★ - Weekly Nitro Giveaways! ★ - Many channels for artwork sharing, general talk and cuddles! ★ - Server mascot emotes ★ - Nitro level 3 Thank you for you attention, and we hope to see you there! <3 discord.gg/fluffy
Just Creative Icon
Art | Design
.•°¤(¯★´¯)¤° ???? ???????? °¤(¯´★¯)¤°•. Are you creative? Trick question "????????'?" creative... A community is here waiting for whether you think your creative or not. This a server for any artist of any skill, talent, or skill level is welcome. We're not limited to just art drawings. Any hobby or creative activity is welcomed here. Still don't seem like you'll fit in? Your still free to join, there might be something you might like about the server. If your looking for a community of creative artist or people to know then your more then welcome to join us...✌️
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Bot | Gaming
🐖🐷🐷The first bot that has skins! You can feed your own pig and trade with other users🐖🐷🐷🐖🐖
Hryak Discord Server Banner
Hryak Icon
Bot | Gaming
🐖🐷🐷The first bot that has skins! You can feed your own pig and trade with other users🐖🐷🐷🐖🐖
Toochi Tattoo Community Icon
Community | Business
A place to talk about love of Tattoos - from artwork, to show your tattoos, tattoo memes, and anything else tattoo related
Art Gang Icon
Art | Community
JOIN JOIN JOIN ART GANG artist new community for artistic support. we provide artistic support, meet more artist, share tools, ideas... This new platform helps young artist grow more and among themselves. we can also help you be that artist who have a unique and qualified have terms. Clear and objective perspective on your current jobs. and also have a high level of certainty and confidence. we review your their current situation on a regular basis, reevaluate their definition of success, and make changes as needed.
Champs concepts Icon
Gaming | Design
Here you can find and share some league of legends' champions originals concepts, fanart and originals character drawing.
Drop Murder Reload Community Icon
Community | Gaming
We are now level 2 All Members can stream at 1080p 60fbs & 256 Kbps Audio Quality for all channels. If anyone wants a private channel please private message me if you more then 4 people you can get your own channel with your own custom name.
Night Thug's HQ Icon
Community | Streaming
Welcome to the Night Thug's HQ we hope like to stay with us and learn from each other because we can do gaming, streaming, art, games together
The Art Hub Icon
Art | Education
This is a place to discuss art, art movements and the philosophy of art. You can also share and talk about your own art!
Ai Art Icon
Art | Technology
Welcome to Ai Art! A community focused on the sharing and discussion or digital art using AI assistants. Post your artwork, questions, and thoughts about AI art.
BUGStudio Workshop Icon
Community | Gaming
Game Development | Creative Story Writing | World Building | Artistic Collaboration Official Discord Server for Blued Umbrella Games. Blued Umbrella Games is mainly a workshop studio for collaboration groups that creates games and non-game Visual Novels. Projects worked on are under the principle of creating a DEMO, a demonstration of applied skills of the collaborators. (After creating the DEMO, collaborators may decide if they will develop it further as a purchasable game.)
Snowfall - Art & Critique Icon
Art | Manga
Snowfalls is a brand new, 16+ server dedicated towards love for art. We're focused on helping artists- beginner and experienced alike. Come to learn or share your expertise with a channel dedicated toward sharing helpful resources with the community and getting critique for your work. Make friends, socialize and share your love for art through our channels and voice chats. Founded by two women with a love and passion for art, we would love to have you.
The Faz-Friends Family Icon
Art | Gaming
Hello! I'm just a bun looking for friends. This is a FNAF based server, although there can be other fandoms sometimes! We love seeing new chatters and artist, but you can lurk if you wish^^ We'll be happy to see new people apart of the band.
Regnbue.NET Icon
Gaming | Community
Game Development | Creative trades, exchanges, commissions, for hire | Advertise and Partner | Mentorship, critique and feedback | Lore Creation | World Builder
JourneyTogether Icon
Art | Technology
Use Midjourney AI for free! Create, collaborate, and explore the world of generative artificial intelligence. JourneyTogether brings the power of Midjourney to everyone. Starting creating AI artwork today and collaborate with others.​ Why JourneyTogether?​ Pair Midjourney with our powerful collaborative Discord to create something truly amazing.​ Affordable Options​ Use Midjourney for free! JourneyTogether only costs up to $9.00 per month! We give away free licenses every day! ​ Community-First​ JourneyTogether provides the first platform built for collaborating with Midjourney, and we plan to expand. ​ Private Channels​ Want to generate artwork in private? We offer a custom, private channel solution to create by yourself or with others.​
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Growth | Business | Community
Advertise your Server to more than 22000 members in more than 20 channels! We also offer Social Media advertising and are always open for partnerships.
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Open Advertisements Icon
Growth | Business | Community
Advertise your Server to more than 22000 members in more than 20 channels! We also offer Social Media advertising and are always open for partnerships.
Imperfect Artists Society Icon
Art | Community
Hi and welcome to the Imperfect Artists society! We are a community of artists who support and nurture each other and help each other to grow our artistic practices. Sometimes art communities focus too much on perfection, and being the finished product. And that’s why I created the Imperfect Artists Club. For artists that don’t feel like they fit into any particular category. Who don't want to create perfection. Who don't want to play by the rules. The imperfect artists club is a safe haven. An artists commune. A community of non judgement and connection with other likeminded creatives who wanna make art with their hearts. This is a place of connection, of kindness and creativity.. and where we can make a mess judgement free! We have lots of community space, places to share ideas and lots of free workshops and coaching!
Anything Goes Roleplay Icon
Community | Role-Playing
General Gaming | PbP and Tabletop/Dice Roleplay | Lore Creation and World Builder | Game Development | As the name goes, anything goes...
Galaxyqueenzz Artist Support Icon
Art | Community
? ✩•̩̩͙˚⁺‧͙~????????????? ?????? ??????? ??????~⁺˚•̩̩͙✩ ? ◇─◇──◇────────────────────◇──◇─◇ ┏━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ☆ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━┓ This Is An Artist Support Server For Any And All Types Of Artists To Chat, Share Their Craft And Self Promote. There Are Many Things To Do In This Server! We Have Tons Of Fun Channels And Bots To Play With. You Should Really Check This Amazing Server Out :) ◇─◇──◇────────────────────◇──◇─◇ ┗━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ☆ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━┛
Dogecoin Labs Icon
Financial | Crypto
World's renowned NFT art collectible designer& producer &Metaveverse games and applications innovator,
Artzlar Icon
Art | Design
Ignite Your Artistry with Our New Creative Hub Art holds the power to illuminate the creative spark within us all. Each new day is a blank canvas, brimming with opportunities for expression, inspiration, and connection. Whether you're already in step with your muse or just beginning your journey, we believe in your potential. Our platform will soon light the way for artists around the globe, offering a haven for creativity, connection, and growth. Sign up now to receive updates and be among the first to join us at launch. Our artistic odyssey is about to begin - let's embark on this journey together.
Stained by Ink Icon
Writing | Art
We're an inclusive and community-based writing server, inviting both serious writers and aspiring artists to come together and unleash their creativity. At Stained by Ink, we understand the power of feedback in honing one's craft. That's why we offer a dedicated writing circle, where you'll find guaranteed and consistent weekly feedback on your work. Whether you're a seasoned wordsmith or just beginning your writing journey, our writing circle ensures you receive valuable insights to help you grow and improve. But that's not all! We foster a collaborative environment that embraces artists as well. Whether you're into digital art, traditional art, or any other artistic medium, you'll find like-minded individuals to connect with, share ideas, and inspire each other's creative endeavors. With a focus on inclusivity, we value and respect every voice within our community. We encourage open discussions, provide resources, and offer support for all aspects of the creative process. Join us
Duckie's Art Den Icon
Art | Furry
A server dedicated to myself, that will be used for artist advertisements. Streaming from other artists, including myself, may occur as well as events as the server grows. The focus on art here is not only humanoid and human, but furry art as well.
Andy Warhol Fans Icon
Art | Entertainment
This is to celebrate the works of Andy Warhol. Art fans welcome to the Andy Warhol fans server. Check out Andys art, tv,movies, buy some Andy from the Andy store. Celebrate and check out this Andy Warhol fans server. Play bot games. Share your fan art in the fan art channel. View Warhols artwork , tv, movies. Check out the official Andy store channel and link. All rights reserved to Warhol estate and foundation (this is a fan server.)
Arts of Discord Icon
Art | Photography
Commissions , Buying , Selling Arts is a YES! Join Arts of Discord, Discord's #1 Art Community. With a galaxy-themed atmosphere, you can take part in fun art activities (such as roast-my-art), learn, create, and find new artist friends! Explore a realm of magic & become the best artist you can be!
Artbrary Icon
Art | Entertainment
Hello, please take a moment to join this server if you have a passion for art. This server combines all types of art into one server to ensure that people that want to create or view art can see your art and enjoy it. We do giveaways and gamenights on Roblox.
creativeMind Icon
Design | Community
Welcome to the best creative server! 🤩 Here you can exchange, discuss and share your work with other creative minds 🤯 Are you looking for jobs or people to create something for you? Then you've come to the right place 😇 What are you waiting for? Just give it a try and become part of a huge creative community 😎
Art Trading Centre Icon
Art | Hobbies
A sever not unlike a year round artfight! A community for artists by artists, come get fanart made of your ocs, chat, draw, and make some friends with similar interests as you! Every artist is welcome from skilled to beginner level.
Elite Crypto Signals Discord Icon
Community | Crypto
An awesome community, where everyone can discuss cryptocurrency and master the art of crypto trading, no matter how much experience you have (or don’t have).
Elite Crypto Signals Discord Discord Server Banner
Elite Crypto Signals Discord Icon
Community | Crypto
An awesome community, where everyone can discuss cryptocurrency and master the art of crypto trading, no matter how much experience you have (or don’t have).
Thyconix Art Realm Icon
Art | Community
Thyconix is a welcoming art hub where various kinds of artists gather to share their skills, trade art, and connect with like-minded creators. Buy, sell art services and products.
Marielia Icon
Community | Art
We at Marielia, work hard to provide a safe space for you all to express, create, and admire yours and others' works of art whilst still curating a small but growing community for all. From artists, to photographers, to writers and even aspiring film makers!! Don't have one?? Well you're still allowed to join in on the fun or find what best fits you (even if you're not good at it) because the beauty of art comes from doing what you love :))
Daemon's Den Of Art Icon
Art | Furry
You search for a place to: view art? post your art? chill with people? Visit us and possibly stay for longer >:3
The Artist Bull Pen Icon
Art | Anime
The Artist Bull Pen, is a term used for comic book artists of both American, and Manga skills. It's where the artists would draw the panels after they'd get the stories. This is the same idea here, manga, American comic, realism, all are welcome.
Art Commissions Icon
Art | Community
With thousands of verified artists by staff, specific drawing/graphical styles, we offer clients huge database of artists to select regarding commissions. Clients from E sports, Streaming, Companies, Gamers, Server owners updating their website and many more.
ArtStation Generator Icon
Art | Design
The bot get randomly images from ArtStation, and give you 4 beautiful artwork The uses is easy juste /generate and the images appears ! ArtStation is the biggest website about 2d, 3d art, animation and more! The main place about professional posting work about videogames, movies, or just artwork. I hope you will like it
The Underground Bar Icon
Community | Growth
Welcome to The Underground Bar! Come sit down, relax and have a nice time! Things this server offer are multiple Fandom categories art sharing movie nights we will have giveaways Competitions and other special events