Technology | Community
I'm Jack, and this is my Discord server for my subscribes on YouTube and everyone who wants to join in. Our main topics of interest are modding consoles such as the 3DS, Wii U, Switch, and the rest. We also love modding games and that kind of thing.
Role-Playing | Gaming
A D&D 5e living world, set in the post apocalyptic word of Imirus - the City of glass, with Quests, open RP and more!
Tabletop | Entertainment
Wyverns & Whimsy is a minor-friendly D&D 5e server! We're mainly based around D&D discussion, but we also offer campaign hosting and advertisement!
Tabletop | Gaming
TL;DR Pokemon in an easy-to-grasp tabletop format!
Gaming | Community
Make friends, hang out, play games. 'Nuff said.
Role-Playing | Community
RP Server, Costume made with unique lore. Pretty dope ngl.
Gaming | Programming
Looking for a server all about NDS(i) hacking, we have homebrew showcases, help with unlocking your console, and developers in the server. We're a very friendly community that welcomes you with open arms!
Gaming | Community
This is a Discord server with the sole purpose of connecting fellow retro video game fanatics and the like together in order to have fun and/or meaningful discussions about anything retro-game-related.
Technology | Gaming
VaronBros Community is a Discord server where users of all interests, no matter what niche, can come together and talk about it. We are friendly people, so we will enjoy your stay :D
Role-Playing | Gaming
We're an active Text-rp server with Arena, RP channels, RP events, Downtime, and Quests/Adventures. We are currently looking to add active players in this MMORPG type DnD5e!