A nice place to hang out and find out information for various gaming systems in tabletop while catching up with friends and making new ones.
UK/Euro Dungeons and Dragons Discord Server - Run / Play all formats of DnD Games!
Wyverns & Whimsy is a minor-friendly D&D 5e server! We're mainly based around D&D discussion, but we also offer campaign hosting and advertisement!
A quirky server where members come to play, watch, and talk about the greatest table-top roleplaying game. You can join / make one shots, watch professional level campaigns, and even fight other players in the arena!
Casual PC gaming and DND community, looking to grow into a larger community. No NSFW content allowed and open to all. Join us and meet some new people!
Play in the public game or stop by with your group of friends and let us host your private game! We have an onslaught of tools and tips for your games to create memorable stories and immersive environments.
Welcome, Keepers, to a new, interconnected one-shot 5E DnD Server: The Titan-Rise Coalition. It is our organization that is devoted to preserving our world and all worlds from threats that normal mortalkind would not be able to face, the Titans, beings that have no morality, focusing only upon destruction. Not seen for millennia, we stand ever-vigilant in preparation for their return. Our server aims to run around 14 games a week during various times and days. We take pride in our DMs, as such they earn bonus rewards to reflect the extra time and effort that goes into their sessions. And using our Checkpoint/Treasure Point system means every mission, helps your character on their path to greatness; and players can spend Points earned on the magic items they want, rather than rolling for drops. We all hope to see you there, and with our short-but-sweet homebrew list, even the most experienced players will find something they've not tried before!
The One Shot Club is a table top; Discord/Roll20 community used to run one shots in the 5’th edition Dungeons & Dragons module. • Help for new players and dungeon masters. • Active and friendly text and voice channels. • Simple role setup for players and dungeon masters. • RP channels for downtime activities between adventures. • A steady stream of One-Shots. • Regular events and tournaments. • Awesome Mod and Admin staff. Everyone is welcome regardless of their level of experience with the game. We are always looking for more amazing people to join our community and nerd out about this awesome game. Curious about the server? Go check out our website: https://misterbluey.wixsite.com/oneshotclub
A growing Dungeons & Dragons community, we're currently looking for any Dungeon Masters to actively run campaigns and players to join in on the action! New to Dungeons & Dragons and want to learn how to play? We'll teach you! Do you just want to join, make friends and chat, and spectate other campaigns? Feel free to do so!
Plane Shift is a Dungeons & Dragons / Magic: the Gathering crossover community. Plane Shift promises to be a place at which you can find: • D&D games set in the Magic multiverse • Resources & homebrew content for your games • a safe space for minorities, that embraces diversity • a place to hang out & make friends • a wholesome & drama free environment
Play by post RPG server. Play 5e, Pathfinder, Powered by the Apocalypse and other great role-playing games in this friendly, inclusive server run by Roll 4 It Dice. Over 50 games, 500 members. Also chat channels for various topics from Neurodiversity to video games Also get access to flash sales, special promotions and more from the Roll 4 It Dice company. roll4itdice.com
Large server with multiple campaigns and RP sessions.We play DnD (5e mostly), Warhammer 40k, Hyperlanes,Pathfinder Looking out for more tabletop systems to run those too. Join For stable experience and consistent games, events, oneshots, tournaments and other fun stuff.*NEW*Giveaway of Nitro every month!
A D&D 5e living world, set in the post apocalyptic word of Imirus - the City of glass, with Quests, open RP and more!