Frog God Games is a top-tier publisher of role playing games, adventures, and supplements for both modern and old school game systems. What makes Frog God Games different? Frog God Games is owned and operated by a partnership of creators and associates who all game just like you do — in many play styles and with many rules systems. Sure, a deep and abiding love for the basic tenants of Original Fantasy Gaming (sometimes referred to as Old School Gaming) inspires everything we do, but we never allow ourselves to be limited by that. Because a key part of gaming at the dawn of our hobby was a spirit of trying every new game that came down the pike. We still work according to that ethos today, and even embody it by creating new game systems of our very own. We think you will find our products superior.
A nice place to hang out, find out information for various gaming systems and play some D&D. Catch up with friends and making new ones in a game or our West Marches in the server.
Heartwood is a 5e compatible fantasy role-playing campaign setting designed for new and veteran players alike. Explore the exotic world of Heartwood with groups of all sizes to discover new unique races, monsters, and spectacular flora.

 Join our Discord server for all things 5e homebrew.
The D20 Playground is a Dungeons & Dragons focused server for both players and Dungeon Masters to all come together and nerd out about their favourite game, Dungeons & Dragons! This is a newly created server with lots of growth to happen but my goal is to turn this server into a central hub for D&D players
Casual PC gaming and DND community, looking to grow into a larger community. No NSFW content allowed and open to all. Join us and meet some new people!
Denver D&D Newbie Sessions is a Meetup Group that helps introduce D&D to new players and rekindle interest for those who haven't played in a long time.
Play in the public game or stop by with your group of friends and let us host your private game! We have an onslaught of tools and tips for your games to create memorable stories and immersive environments.
Welcome, Keepers, to a new, interconnected one-shot 5E DnD Server: The Titan-Rise Coalition. It is our organization that is devoted to preserving our world and all worlds from threats that normal mortalkind would not be able to face, the Titans, beings that have no morality, focusing only upon destruction. Not seen for millennia, we stand ever-vigilant in preparation for their return. Our server aims to run around 14 games a week during various times and days. We take pride in our DMs, as such they earn bonus rewards to reflect the extra time and effort that goes into their sessions. And using our Checkpoint/Treasure Point system means every mission, helps your character on their path to greatness; and players can spend Points earned on the magic items they want, rather than rolling for drops. We all hope to see you there, and with our short-but-sweet homebrew list, even the most experienced players will find something they've not tried before!
The One Shot Club is a table top; Discord/Roll20 community used to run one shots in the 5’th edition Dungeons & Dragons module. • Help for new players and dungeon masters. • Active and friendly text and voice channels. • Simple role setup for players and dungeon masters. • RP channels for downtime activities between adventures. • A steady stream of One-Shots. • Regular events and tournaments. • Awesome Mod and Admin staff. Everyone is welcome regardless of their level of experience with the game. We are always looking for more amazing people to join our community and nerd out about this awesome game. Curious about the server? Go check out our website:
Large server with multiple campaigns and RP sessions.We play DnD (5e mostly), Warhammer 40k, Hyperlanes,Pathfinder Looking out for more tabletop systems to run those too. Join For stable experience and consistent games, events, oneshots, tournaments and other fun stuff.*NEW*Giveaway of Nitro every month!
A D&D 5e living world, set in the post apocalyptic word of Imirus - the City of glass, with Quests, open RP and more!
Wyverns & Whimsy is a minor-friendly D&D 5e server! We're mainly based around D&D discussion, but we also offer campaign hosting and advertisement!
Plane Shift is an unofficial Dungeons & Dragons / Magic: the Gathering crossover community. We provide discussion channels, resources and a platform to connect with people for your D&D games set in the Magic multiverse.
Play by post RPG server. Play 5e, Pathfinder, Powered by the Apocalypse and other great role-playing games in this friendly, inclusive server run by Roll 4 It Dice. Over 50 games, 500 members. Also chat channels for various topics from Neurodiversity to video games Also get access to flash sales, special promotions and more from the Roll 4 It Dice company.
UK/Euro Dungeons and Dragons Discord Server - Run / Play all formats of DnD Games!
RP Focused 5E D&D server with working economy, auto-leveling, and select homebrew
We are looking for players and DMs.DMs will need FG experience but players can be completely new - and you can play for free with the demo edition of Fantasy Grounds- all our DMs have the Ultimate license.
We're an active Text-rp server with Arena, RP channels, RP events, Downtime, and Quests/Adventures. We are currently looking to add active players in this MMORPG type DnD5e!
The Gatekeeper Society is looking for new recruits to join our ranks. We operate on discord playing 5e dnd. The server is entirely play by post but do have the occasional voice chat game. Through a series of progressive one-shots and mini-campaigns hosted by several DMs your character(s) will progress through our growing and thriving community. Through the use of the Portal Gates we have access to multiple worlds and all walks of life. We even allow homebrew races upon approval. The Society has plenty to offer when your not out on a mission. From shops to parks and even taverns theres plenty of places to mingle with other players of the server in a easy going setting. We also host Arena matches to test your strength against the monster forces for exp, and if you're feeling lucky, placing bets on the fights.
Discord & Dragons is a community server that focuses on tabletop RPG discussion. There are channels for players, dungeon masters, and artists. We strive to keep the community positive, and minimize toxic content. Check it out!
Welcome to the land of Velos you arrive on its shores coming into the city of Twilight, A city of Adventurers for adventurers, but beware for unknown danger awaits and unknown monsters roam the land both new and old. the server is rated, T -D&D Character in-discord take a pick of sheets from, D&Dbeyond, Dicecloud, g-sheet -relax and chill talk and build your character -free form lore that will be made along the way - we have a special gunsmith/ specialist class that uses guns - be welcoming and think of your fellow players - after some time should you so wish we do keep an eye out for people we think would be good for staff rolls
Welcome to the Digital Dungeon! Here you can interact with a large group of RP enthusiasts and join, create, or just listen in to a roleplaying game of your choice!
"Welcome, fresh blood. You appear to be quite enticed by the sight of my castle. Why don't you come inside for a little while? I promise it will be worth your precious time..." Fidelio's Palace is a server dedicated to tabletop roleplaying. We are open to both players and Dungeon Masters who are looking to participate & host games. Anything can be played, from Dungeons and Dragons 5e to your very own system. No experience required! We have... 🍷 - A category for socializing (Gaming, anime, art [including commission info!], and more) 🍷 - Voice channels for gaming, music, and casual conversation 🍷 - Collaborative resource channel 🍷 - A place where you can discuss ideas for campaigns, characters, stories, etc 🍷 - A special channel just for Dungeon Masters 🍷 - Roll20 tutorials 🍷 - And much more! We would love to see you, so do stop by and say hello!