Shouts of young glee can be heard throughout the air as a massive snow fight has erupted in the town square, children of all ages engaging in the mock battle with vigor only tempered by the freezing temperatures. Parents and their associates stand around the square reminiscing about their own past holidays while enjoying various steaming drinks to ward off the cold. Past the square, a frozen lake has provided those of a more athletic bent with a beautifully laid rink perfect for ice skating, while elsewhere, sledding has begun in earnest, even as behind closed doors, industrious hands labor with no less joy at the preparation of the Midwinter feast.

Ambience (Loop):

Starting on 12/14 to 12/24, the ♕☆│halcyon-great-atrium shall open to @Guild Member wishing to mingle and exchange gifts, or place gifts underneath the Solstice Tree. Upon this holiday season, a famous and infamous pair has arrived: Moon Knight and Doctor Scias respectively. The former could be found decorating the halls, while the latter schemes a dangerous gift shop along the traffic of ✧x│wall-chaturanga