After several months of worldbuilding and beta-testing various systems, rulings, and content, Asteria is finally being opened to the public! If you're looking for a place to play DnD whenever you'd like, a community to learn alongside, or a setting to flex your story telling/character creation muscles, then Asteria might just be the place for you!

And to kick us off, we already have three large, world impacting story lines running in the world, open for new characters to hop on and join... and not necessarily on the side of "good"...

Current Arcs include:

Return of the Forerunner King "A powerful archfae has been gathering servants and warlocks and amassing her forces in preparation of her dark Masters return. Will you be lured to aid her cause, or stand against the impending darkness and destruction?"

Ludlum's Revenge "A near-forgotten legend of Genfamin returns with a vendetta against the hero that betrayed him and an army of undead and monsters at his back. Solve the mystery and purge the land of the unholy wretches that wander the wilds!"

The Black Wolf's Pack "Undiscovered as of yet..."