Happy 4th of July, everyone! In the spirit of Independence Day, we're excited to launch the Revolutionary new version of Nations & Cannons, the 18th century D&D 5e campaign setting!

DOWNLOAD HERE: https://tinyurl.com/play1776

For over a year now, we've been hard at work balancing, testing, rewriting (and styling!) N&C based directly on suggestions from our players. It's been a long road—with a few Covid-sized bumps along the way—but I'm proud to say we've arrived at a fully playable 1.0 version. Virtually all of our content has been significantly revised.

As always, our 60 page Starter Rules PDF is completely FREE! Nations & Cannons will always be available for educators to explore early civics in action through the eyes of Continental soldiers. Our pregenerated characters are a diverse cast of real historical heroes from the inventor of the submarine to Washington's Hercules.

Redcoats and spies and flintlock devices... guns and ships, and Hamilton references aplenty! Deep loadout choices, "mundane magic" options for casters, and everything you need to run historical D&D adventures. Check it out and let us know what you think!