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Dedicated to connecting tabletop gamers with digital resources, tools, discussion, and players to facilitate tabletop gaming in the digital age! Come join us for all things RPG.
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O projeto, Ponte Planar, criado com o intuito de unir mestres e jogadores, de todos os lugares! Hoje o servidor conta com diversos mestres, jogadores e varias mesas ativas, além disto, o projeto Ponte Planar é mais do que apenas um servidor, ele também é um cenário fantástico, que esta sendo criado pelos membros do servidor. Contamos com diversos bots, eventos, salas para divulgação de projetos, canais para conversar e fazer novas amizades, tudo isso em um ambiente amigável e respeitoso. Venha fazer parte dessa família, e ajudar a manter nosso maravilhoso hobby vivo!
Tabletop | Role-Playing
A Dungeons & Dragons home where you can talk about D&D and search for games and just have fun and share your hobby. New to D&D? Why not learn here, a friendly community to learn, share and laugh.
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A tabletop/video game discord with active community
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An unofficial Rifts™ tabeltop role-playing game server and community. A place to discuss all things Rifts related, and/or find Rifts players!
We are a sort of D&D roleplay server with our own twist and lore. We have attentive and friendly staff as well as a friendly community that aims to create beautiful stories with our original characters.
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Welcome Watermark Conservatorians
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Justice Destruction Derby MTA
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Cult of Borderlands is a DND server based in the borderlands universe there is an economic, lev eling, and political system. There are DND matches home brew every Friday at 5 cst. Everything is explained in more depth in the server rules. So if you like DND and borderlands join the CoB today.
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[SHUTDOWN AT 400 MEMBERS] Why pay 50-60% off when we do 70% off ALL ORDERS? NO catch just join! Please read the pins once you join this server! Very important! Enjoy!
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A place where all D&D nerds are welcomed and are able to participate in oneshots or just chill and talk about everything D&D.
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Just please don't have the behavioral problems of a middle school student or freshman... -_-
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TabletopHaven is a fun and engaging community for all things tabletop. Whether your're a veteran Dunegons & Dragons player, or a new person trying to get into card games, we are the community for you. Our community offers: ✨ Multiple supported games ✨ System to add community-wanted games ✨ Amazing staff team ✨ Active community ✨ Lots of channels ✨ Multiple online game events ✨ Fun member ranks ✨ Much, much more! Join our server today!
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We are a d&d discord server trying to create a community, we are currently looking for staff, dungeon masters and players. Come make a great community
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Welcome to the Digital Dungeon! Here you can interact with a large group of RP enthusiasts and join, create, or just listen in to a roleplaying game of your choice!
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Gaming and rpg server we have D&D games pretty often and are looking for dm's and players
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Our servers a great community for all your shopping needs. We give methods and ways to pay sites cheap like Amazon, Spotify, Grubhub, and more!
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This is a RPG server where you can find games hosted for you by other people on this server. We want to create a friendly community for everyone where you can play or host your favorite tabletop role playing games. Main subjects are D&D (home brew and Adventurers League) and Cyberpunk (2020 and RED), but we welcome all players. Hope you'll have fun on our server : )
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Just a small server to hop on and talk with a bunch of nerd, and enjoy talking about things like Pokemon, d&d, anime, or whatever else you can think of. Everyone's chill and we only require you to be respectful as we'll treat you the same
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Casual Bulgarian server / fun and friendly atmosphere / small but active / LGBT+ welcome / we play D&D
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Meet new, like minded people and have discussions on your favorite RPG games (including D&D) Look for or start Roll20 Dungeons & Dragons online campaigns