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The first and largest Couriers Server! Communicate with other couriers and gig workers for Doordash, Grubhub, Postmates, Uber Eats, + more.
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Hey Everyone, We have an awesome Discord Group on offer for anyone who wants to get exclusive tips on Rideshare and Delivery driving. We are trying to build a great community of people who work for companies like doordash, uber, grubhub, instacart, lyft and more. There are tons of information and tips to share, we can support each other and we will also run regular giveaways.
Tu veux payer des sushis à ta go mais ça coute trop cher ? Tu veux graille burger tous les soirs pour t'engraisser ? T'as une soirée et vous avez faim ? Viens commander ici, tout Uber Eats à-60% :) De vrais avantages pour les clients fidèles.