Community | Gaming | Social
We are a silly little garden-themed community looking for more members so we can become more active and start holding events, etc.
Support | LGBT
Hi there! Pillow Paradise is a 16+ support focused server. Our Objective is to provide to support to people 16 years and older. I noticed there is almost no servers that offer support for people in this age bracket and adults are often shamed for joining 13+ servers so I welcome all young and older adults here for support! we promise to do our best to provide you with the support you deserve. We offer a lot of great perks like Channels to express yourself in Music bot and channel Public and Private support Lots of cute emojis A warm welcome We want you to feel safe and welcomed here okay? so give us a try! there is a lot more to the server than just this little intro!
Furry | Art
Furlounge is a 16+ focused furry sever. The server offers a more laid back climate than other servers listed. We are a very welcoming community and would be glad to see you in our server.
Social | Community
Welcome to chill lounge 16+, we are a growing community that has lots to offer Want to talk about anything? We are happy to listen Need to vent? We will listen and give advice if you want! We have many memes! We also have: -voice channels -bots to explore and play around with -level rewards -private channels -NSFW for 18+ members -A heartwarming community -an active community -helpful and friendly staff -suggestions AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!
Social | Community
ωεℓcσмε тσ cнιℓℓ ℓσυηgε 16+! ωε αяε α gяσωιηg, ғяιεη∂ℓү cσммυηιтү ωнσ ωεℓcσмε αℓℓ! нεяε, ωε σғғεя α vαяιεтү σғ ғεαтυяεs, נυsт αт тнε тιρ σғ үσυя ғιηgεяs! ωαηт тσ тαℓк? ωε'яε нεяε! ηεε∂ тσ vεηт? ωε gσт үσυ! мεмεs? үσυ gυεssε∂ ιт! ησт cσηvιηcε∂? ωε αℓsσ нαvε: ➸ vσιcε cнαηηεℓs ➸ вσтs тσ εxρℓσяε ➸ ℓεvεℓ яεωαя∂s ➸ ρяιvαтε cнαηηεℓs ➸ ηsғω ғσя 18+ ➸ ωεℓcσмιηg cσммυηιтү ➸ αcтιvε cσммυηιтү ➸ ғяιεη∂ℓү αη∂ ιηтεяαcтιvε sтαғғ ➸ sυggεsтισηs αη∂ sσ мυcн мσяε! ωнү ησт cσмε ση ∂σωη?
Community | Social
Welcome to the cum bucket, it's like the chum bucket only less chummy. We are a brand new server looking for new people to join. What we lack in members we do make up for in cute e-girls. Join now!
Community | Social
GOD DAMN, is a brand new 16+ server that aims to be a non-toxic, toxic community. We have clear rules set in place and not to mention cute egirls waiting to talk to you! We don't have a lot of members atm so we hope you're coming to stay.
Role-Playing | Gaming
text-based ace attorney rp server set ~2026! (16+)
Community | Gaming
Welcome to Kazoku! We are a new community focusing around gaming, anime and more! Interested in finding new friends? Share lewd things with other people? Join a great community? Then this place is for you! We have occasional anime nights and VN reading every friday! We are looking to expand to game nights and giveaways in the future as our community grows. We also have channels where you can show off your art, food or even join in some debates! We look forward to seeing you in Kazoku!
Gaming | Community
Opening hailing frequencies. Satellite uplink enabled. Transmitting-#GALAXYCHAT-📡 Friendly mobile gaming community dedicated to a cozy space/strategy game called Hades' Star. We are a diverse community with members from 22 different countries across the world. ° #GALAXYCHAT-📡(Classic chatroom. Send attachments, add reactions, global emotes, and talk to 200 people from 22 countries from around the globe with intuitive automoderation and awesome chat moderators.)
YouTuber | Meme
a podcast run by 4 retards. all members Are 16+ and all around NSFW channels and TW for suicide, vulgar humor, etc
Role-Playing | Social
Nuclear summer, open ocean OC chat. Paragraph RP only, 16+.
Anime | Community
A Fate Roleplay server based out the true ending of Fate Extella Link.
Community | Anime
A very welcoming server, anyone is able to join no matter what your race/ethnicity is. You Must Be 16 or older to join this server. We are looking for nice and kind people to fit right into our community. We hope to see you guys there!
Gaming | Meme
16+ . This server is a chill, fun place to hang out and chat. We are a small, chill but ACTIVE server looking to expand. Bots, gaming channels, art channels. NSFW Channel. Meme channel, and voice chat. Come chat with us, and have fun ! (This is not a dating server)
Community | Gaming
Hello and welcome! This is my personal server and I welcome all who wish to join and mingle with us. We aren't very strict but this is an SFW server. Cursing is allowed as long as it isn't tasteless. Have fun, and thank you!
Social | Meme
Looking for a laid back social server? A place to meet new people and share memes? Someone to play games with? Mai's Social Garden is the right place for you! ♥We're a new server!♥
Community | Social
We chillin
Community | Social
--━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━-- Straight up a little community server for you to hang out in. --━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━-- Our-server-offers: -❏ Chill rules -❏ Ranking system. -❏ All sorts of bots. -❏ Economy --━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━--
Community | Social
16+ non-toxic community server, just vibing 😎 come chill with us!!
Community | Anime
Welcome to Eunnie's Seasonal Sanctuary! The Anime of the Season is Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun! Here we have: - Hanako stans! :D - 16+ community! - Active, and chill community! - Over 30+ optional roles! - Rewarding system and roles! - 4 game bots! - Off topic channels! - Zero hate community! - Cake! Have a great day today! <3
Anime | Community
Welcome to G r a v i t y, we are a community based around gaming, anime, memes and any other topics of interest. We do not discriminate, all are welcome in our community, as well try to also provide a fun yet safe environment for all our members here. We have a lot of things to enjoy on the server, for example: • Daily Questions. • Wide Range of Bots. • Friendly Staff and Members. • Meme, Anime and Gaming Topic Channels. We hope to see you there. 👋
Role-Playing | Writing
[][][][][][][][] Welcome to Underground Doku-dori, a 16+ RP server with much to offer. A few things we offer are: • Minimal Lore (so it’s easier to get started!) • Semi-Lit RPers • Many RP locations to choose from! • RPBot, for better character organization! • and more!
Community | Education
O Primeiro servidor Brasileiro com foco na comunidade Adult Baby Diaper Lover (ABDL).
Social | Community
Join the server mate, you'll have fun.
Gaming | Community
(16+) We promote Positive Vibes through games like OW, Movie Nights, AND our very own Server-wide Overwatch League!
Gaming | Entertainment
We are a small low moderated server! This is a brand new server so we are actively looking for new active members! We hope that we can all have a fun and chill time here! What do we have to offer? Hm.. glad you asked! - We have active staff who are always willing to help you. - We have channels for art, self promotion and even pets! - We have channels and vc's dedicated for chilling and talking! - We have a NSFW channel for people looking for a fun time! - We have almost no rules as long as you don't break discord ToS! - We are also always looking for people who are active in chat and in vc! We have a lot more to offer, come in and try us out yeah? We are a new server and looking for acitve people so we are looking forward to seeing you join! And don't be scared to invite your friends!
Gaming | Community
Villager Hangout is for those that are looking to find other friends who play Animal Crossing! We are a server that welcomes everyone, and have a marketplace so that you can trade with other users. Feel free to come here to socialize, have fun, and voice chat with other users that obsess over the sa
This is a 16+ ONLY server with 18+ elements and areas, meant for mature and semi-literate to advanced roleplayers. Horror plays a BIG role here.
LGBT | Anime
cglre, lgbt+, mental health awareness, anime and manga, aesthetics, 16-25, sfw community, social community, fun activities, fresh start
Community | Entertainment
small, fun, laid back server where you can kick the shit with varying levels of toxicity. 22 boosts, nitro giveaways 16+