Frozen Hell

This is the Discord server for the OpenTibia gameserver of Frozen-Hell. This is the genuine installation, ran by Lessaire, with pure heritage to the Menoxcide original. Accept no substitutes.

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This is the Discord server for the OpenTibia gameserver of Frozen-Hell. This is the genuine installation, ran by Lessaire, with pure heritage to the Menoxcide original. Accept no substitutes.

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Building server. Waiting on more parts.

Most of the hardware for my new hypervisor has arrived. And I've been putting it together and working on setup. But as usual with these things there is minor this-and-that I'm missing. And there is a lot of miscellaneous things that have to be resolved.

Also, we've decided for maximum insanity to use NVMe SSDs for the databases. We got one already, but have another on the way, so we can run them in RAID0.

You can check out some pics of the glorious hardware here:

Server hardware purchased

I just went through the soul crushing experience that is dealing with HPE. I do not recommend. I guess it's lifes way of punishing me for not being able to afford a Tyan.

Anyway, I'll have a shiny new HPE Proliant DL325 G10 here in a couple weeks. Immediately upgrading the CPU to a 7302p, throwing in 4x 32GB of DDR4-3200 RDIMMs, a RAID10 of 4x Samsung 1.92TB SAS SSDs, and a shiny HPE 535FLR-T NIC for maximum overkill.

The Check Engine lights are off

The Check Engine lights are off

Well I've gotten to the point were our engine compiles and boots a clean copies of the 3777 and 3884 datasets without any errors, aside from ones that can only be resolved by dataset changes. Those now give comprehensive feedback, so this engine is also releasable if I so decide.

One giant hurdle: Leaped.

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