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where ppl come to hang while streamers do their thang
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Animus USA has wonderful staff and members to chat with. Not only do most of us stream but we also offer streaming support for those who either need it here and there or are brand starting off in Live Streaming no matter the platform Twitch, YouTube, Mixer.
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Discord Server dadnielabt
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◈=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=❪◈❫=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=◈ ◉ @Gui Kitsune ◉ steam: guilhermekitsune ◉ Servidor Bom e Bem organizado; ◉ Temos Eventos e Campeonatos; ◉ Youtubers e Streamers; ◉ Sistema de leveis e de Recompensas; ◉ Chats Livres e interativos; ◉ Parceria com outros servidores,youtubers e streamers; ◉ :robot: Uma variedade de bot's divertidos ◈=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=❪◈❫=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=◈
YouTube Squad is a server for content creators to hang out and help each other out through feedback and support, as well as discovering new content and friends. Here, youtubers can learn to grow their channels by working on improving their content with feedback from fellow youtubers. While we do have a dedicated advertising channel, we like to focus on content improvement to increase your audience instead of spamming links everywhere hoping to get a few pity views. We also hold events where we play games and watch things together! We are currently at over 2,500 members! Please note that we are not an official YouTube discord, we are just a group of people who are interested in helping each other!
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This community is not only for promoting my streaming channel or introducing Indie Game Developers to people who enjoy gaming but a place where we can all grow and learn about one another. Also, if interested spread the word about the active charities we have. Welcome to the Time Den where time itself is meaningless. I hope you enjoy your stay.