Furry | Meme | Community
Gamers, weebs, furries, and/or memers: we want you because we want the best, and YOU are it. So, who's ready to have a gay ol' time? Contains high levels of moths.
Furry | Meme | Community
Gamers, weebs, furries, and/or memers: we want you because we want the best, and YOU are it. So, who's ready to have a gay ol' time? Contains high levels of moths.
Furry | Meme | Community
Gamers, weebs, furries, and/or memers: we want you because we want the best, and YOU are it. So, who's ready to have a gay ol' time? Contains high levels of moths.
Community | Entertainment
Very cool server so that you can meet new people and share your hobbies with them everything you need is available in heroes, everyone is welcome in the community. Join us🎉
Community | Music
An enjoyable Art and Music server.
Growth | Community
Pandemic Ads Do you want your member count to go up for a change? If you do Pandemic Advertising is the perfect place for you! We offer: 📜 Lot’s of channels to advertising anything! ⚡ An advertising channel with a 5 minute cooldown! 📬 Open staff applications! 📈 Lot’s of new members! 💼 Open staff applications! 📚 Organised channels! What are you waiting for? It’s one tap!
Gaming | Streaming
Osu discord server made for the purpose of keeping up to date with kurikraken but amazing new features are coming shortly!
Community | Entertainment
Looking for a teen Discord lounge? Sunset Boulevard's open to users aged 13-19! Anti-toxicity rules are strongly enforced and there is no political discussion allowed in the main chats. We enforce these rules to create a fun environment for all.
YouTuber | Social
You can talk about things like tech, art, animation, videography, stop-motion, coding, game development, robotics, games, etc. basically everything you see on my YouTube channel.
Community | Gaming
This is a fun server..
Community | Mature
✧Welcome to The Dimension!! We are a relatively small and new server, but an active, accepting community. The thing’s we offer are exciting themed events and competitions, many broad topics (ex: gaming, art, advice) for chats as well as VC’s, an XP ranking system, self-assigned roles, and so much more. Our server is themed from the Netflix part series “The OA” but varies onto other modern themes throughout the server as well. This server is one to join, not only to meet new people but to share common likes! We hope you decide to enter the new exciting dimension. Our welcoming portal wardens are waiting for you✧
Art | Community
Aurora Media Group International is an upcoming media group that uses Discord as a primary way of communication. We have competitions every month with different prizes!
Anime | Gaming
• Anime schedule with date and time of new episode releases! • Join our game-specific chats! • Participate in our yearly Anime Watching Challenge to get custom roles! • Share your online findings with us! • Or just come and chat with us about whatever is on your mind!
Political | Community
Context is key. Many times it can be buried in narrative and rhetoric. My goal for this server is to discuss current events in context, analyze the media's take on them, and see where it takes us.
Technology | Design
FNAGEER.COM WEBSITE AND APP BUILDER Create awesome mobile-friendly websites and apps for free! Using Fnageer.com Websites, You Can Choose A Plan That Suits You.
Community | Political
Very tight and passionate community
YouTuber | Entertainment
Special server for Keiren Benjamin (KB for short) and friends/followers. Feel free! YouTube: http://youtube.com/keyrunbenji Vocal Covers: http://youtube.com/kaybeekook Livestreams: http://twitch.tv/keyrunbenji & http://mixer.com/keyrunbenji Facebook: http://facebook.com/keyrunbenji Twitter: http://twitter.com/keyrunbenji Instagram: http://instagram.com/keyrunbenji TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@keyrunbenji
Community | Social
This is a growing community, this server is filled with many vc's and space to be creative and to grow. As well as holding events, this server is also looking for staff. So if you are creative, good at managing, good at inviting people, or just a good staff person, please join and help.
Anime | Community
fun and safe place for weebs. uniting all weebs
Community | Social
📷 - Media Makers - 📷 Welcome to a server where people around the world come together to discuss an interest in topics such as filmmaking, photography or anything surrounding the topic of media! This is a server which encourages young people to get creative and inspired! :) Link: https://discord.gg/497tgR6 🎥 - If you have any questions please contact EmmaFromNorway#1967 - 🎥
YouTuber | Streaming
Advertise your social medias here! Discord Servers! Youtube Channels! Twitch Streams and Graphic Designs!!
Community | Hobbies
Want a new community for a bunch of stuff? Come join Illume and help us grow!
Art | Social
A small but growing community based around self-promoting original art/photography/music/socials and discussing fashion trends/aesthetics/outifts/vaporwave/streetwear/drug experiences/internet culture.  ADVERTISING YOUR ORIGINAL WORK WILL ALWAYS BE FREE :) IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BECOME A MODERATOR DM ME! RULES: 01. You may only post 1 time every 24 hours per channel. 02. Make sure to delete your existing ad before you re-post! Any violations will be deleted without prior notice. 03. Make sure to post in correct categories. 04. Do not post out side the social promotion channels. 06. No bitch bois 07. 18+Only
Community | YouTuber
Yotube Discord Page
eSports | Community
A League of Legends Based server that offers more than just League Of Legends media. We have plenty of bots for all your needs *winkwink* and a funny community that is growing day by day.. As well as a shitty meme group, it's hell, please join.
Gaming | Art
**----------------------------------** Sleep Walkers **----------------------------------** A community built around the PS4 game "Dreams", the purpose of the server is to build a community that can reach out to other players and find collaborators for any and all things they are creating! Here's a list of what we have: **Streamer/Content Creator Support** **Looking For Collaborators Channels** **Self Assignable Roles for Specialties** **Music Channels** **Creation Parties** **Events** **And More!** Come by and share your creations with us!
Business | Entertainment
Wanted Gaming Şirketinin Resmi Discord Adresidir.
Business | Social
🛑 ADVERTISING | NETWORKING | MEDIA | PRODUCTION 🛑. 🔑 Establish Connections & Build Relationships To Boost Your Income & Presence 🔑. 🌐 333 INDUSTRIES 🌐 “Welcome To Our Growing Community” 👋
Community | Social
Exclusive Zone is a community based hangout where you can meet many new people and explore! We have many things to offer from bots, emojis, leaderboards and more!
Community | Anime
This is a server where different users and their friends can chat and hangout with. We have over 15 Channels, each with different purposes for users to interact and utilize, and of course, socialize! We hope to bring in wide variety of people including Gamers, Memers, Anime Fans, Artists etc. Please follow the rules and have fun!
Community | Social
Keep up to date on the latest F1 news. Get free access to premium content! Have fun chatting with other people who love the sport just as much as you! Fans from every team and sport are welcome! 😙
Community | Entertainment
The Marvel Universe is the most active marvel server on discord! We are a community that shares marvel interests with each other, we are proud to have many enthusiastic members. Our staff has a very positive attitude towards supporting and being friendly with members. We host movie nights, movie marathons, game nights, questionnaires, giveaways, art competitions and roleplay! All marvel related. We wish to see you part of our growing community!
Gaming | Community
memes, gaming, anime, social, fun, friendly, role-play. Chill community.
Community | Meme
Fun milky server!
Community | Gaming
This community server is designed to find other gamers who can play with you! And of course to play with them.
Anime | Community
Is there a new episode you want to talk about? Is there a new chapter you're dying to discuss? Join us! This server is for talking about ongoing manga + anime!
Community | YouTuber
🌟Join Troll Hidden Cave🌟 *Official server for the utube and bitchute channel* 🐸👌BASED MOD TEAM 🐸👌 🔸Epic Bots🔸 🍗 🍉 MEMES!😂 ⏳DAILY REMINDER TO LIFT⏳ 😎DO U EVEN LIFT BRO?💪🐸 ⚠ INTELLIGENT⚠ ⚠DISCOURSE⚠ 🔥 MUSIC & MORE🔥 👺DONT BE A GOBLIN👺 *JOIN Troll Hidden Cave* ☆☆☆👺🔫🐸👌☆☆☆ 🌟🐸👌TODAY🐸👌🌟 https://discord.io/TrollHiddenCave
Education | Political
Free For All