Programming | Technology
DevHelp helps developers or new coders, program. We currently have channels for: NodeJS Javascript Java C# Python C++ php And more soon! I hope to see anyone join, even if you are not a developer, you are welcome.
Social | Community
Taz is just Taz. The same way this is just his Discord server.
Art | Anime
Welcome to the Art Community server! We are friendly people who like to share art! You don’t have to draw, you can join to appreciate art too. We have general channels where you can just chill and hang out with friends and many art related channels and events! Users can host their own art contests and there are many prizes to be rewarded! We appreciate server feedback as we are trying to make all users comfortable!
Community | Technology
#shitty-ideas Share what you're working on!
Gaming | Meme
want to get mods for samp? Well here you can find some
Anime | Social
Animoo is an anime and manga focused server.
Meme | Beliefs
I LOVE JOHNNY TEST, **LETS PRAY TO JOHNNY TEST!** This server is for Johnny Test fans only. It includes: Johnny test roleplay Johnny test memes Johnny test discussions
Community | Gaming
Want to play some games? Chat? Share dank memes? This is the server for you. We only have 1 rule. Don't be a douche. We're all close friends here and enjoy just hanging out playing games and causing mayhem.
Community | Social
Weather base discord with live coverage of weather of all kinds. From underground to the surface, and space, we cover it all to help keep everyone out of harms way.
Growth | Gaming
A place where All Minecraft Players are Welcome!! - Share your server by advertising it! - Share you AWESOME! Minecraft builds or Team Builds. - Share your super sweet Custom Plugins! - Find your next FAVORITE Minecraft Server!
Hobbies | Gaming
JOIN our Discord to get early access to Powder - record, edit and share you best gaming clips
Technology | Education
A server where web development enthusiasts share their experiences and help each other.
Social | Art
Welcome to the clouds. Relax, take it easy here and share what you like with people in our 'Cassettes' channels: a personnal channel that you control! Join us and meet some new friends!
LGBT | Community
A place where you can share both your SFW and NSFW snapcodes and usernames to meet some new people within the LGBTQIA+ community!
Community | Social
Coffee Mornings- This new server is to share all your crazy mornings whether it'd be with pets, weather, or allergies! Perhaps your need a weekend of cleansing? We offer a variety of conversation as long as it's discussed over a cup of coffee! I love to hear what suggestions you have as well!
Programming | Technology
This is a new server starting from the ground up. It's meant to be a place where you can ask for help and share cool projects with others, without the toxicity!
Art | Community
TGC Project is a place to help artists to grow digitally and get their creativity flow! In our discord server, you will be able to have all our services and a great place where our community can chat and exchange freely! Check us out! You will not regret!
Gaming | Streaming
This is my first discord server and i want to try to finally have a great discord server with great people. It is all a bit new to me and I am really still a beginner with things in discord. Of course it is all still very small and not many people but I hope we will grow quickly and see you all soon!