DevHelp helps developers or new coders, program. We currently have channels for: NodeJS Javascript Java C# Python C++ php And more soon! I hope to see anyone join, even if you are not a developer, you are welcome.
Weather base discord with live coverage of weather of all kinds. From underground to the surface, and space, we cover it all to help keep everyone out of harms way.
Welcome to the Art Community server! We are friendly people who like to share art! You don’t have to draw, you can join to appreciate art too. We have general channels where you can just chill and hang out with friends and many art related channels and events! Users can host their own art contests and there are many prizes to be rewarded! We appreciate server feedback as we are trying to make all users comfortable!
#shitty-ideas Share what you're working on!
Community server for Dead by Daylight fans! Invite your friends! Play with someone, share your profile, have fun!
This is my new server, come join if you love sexy photos. Artwork role-playing, daddy little and more ;)
Chat and share music with your friends.
Animoo is an anime and manga focused server.
Cute little server with emphasis on supporting others. + reaction roles + typology roles + waifu commands + soundboard commands
We are a PORTUGUESE community with lots of CONTENT CREATORS, we also welcome and communicate in ENGLISH with our international members!
I LOVE JOHNNY TEST, **LETS PRAY TO JOHNNY TEST!** This server is for Johnny Test fans only. It includes: Johnny test roleplay Johnny test memes Johnny test discussions
Want to play some games? Chat? Share dank memes? This is the server for you. We only have 1 rule. Don't be a douche. We're all close friends here and enjoy just hanging out playing games and causing mayhem.
Rejoin us on our Discord Server Dobord is a Discord server that allows to send your projects that you wanna share.
A community of creative individuals looking for more creators and outspoken individuals. Based in England however our empire spans across the globe, all are welcome. Talk, chat, share, laugh and come out of your introverted shell.
just looking for active chill members that can always be online <3
Share your server/Find a server
Taz is just Taz. The same way this is just his Discord server.
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