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Discord promoting server for any socials also to chat and meet new friends. Make s.ure to invite your friends!
Gaming | Programming
Want to Advertise your things? Want to learn coding? Want to find a friend to chat and play games?*Join TSUNAMI ADVERTISEMENT and do all these What do we offer? > Over than 50 channels when you can advertise your things > Looking for Staff, Partners, Jobs or Boosters? We have 4 channels for these > Advertise your Social Media, Websites and other things > Cool Custom Bots made by NotOresti > Partner with us, No members Req > Regular Giveaways, Discord Bots, Discord Servers and some Perks Giveaways > Coding Help and free Codes > Paid Promotions > Growth tips and ask "How to grow up a server" > Gaming channels > We are looking for staff
Gaming | Social
Gamer's Place is a gaming community still trying to grow and is mainly focused to attract gamers from all across the world for making friends to play in any game you desire. Although it is still growing and active people are still joining it might be a little quiet in it's early ages if you understand. Anyone that would join helps us out a ton so make sure you stay a while and see our server growing in active users!
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Advertise your discord servers and social media!
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Advertise your discord server right now and completely freely. No required tasks, no rules. Probably one of the most open advertising discord servers. Join us now and start promoting to 3,000 people!
Gaming | Social
You want a chill server to game with friends, make new friends or even promote your streams? Look no further than The Vault!
Growth | Gaming
Looking for: - Staff - Recruiters - Twitch Streamers - Awesome People! (Toxic people need not join) Just looking for people that love gaming as much as we do! We accept people