Gaming | Streaming | Art
The Waiting Room, where all gamers, chads, streamers, artists, and e-girls get together to share content, play together, connect, and wait on The Doctor.
Streaming | YouTuber
this is my discord server. im always looking for more people to post their art (or art in general), recommend good music, and even self promote. BTW I STREAM AND MAKE VIDS IM SORRY IF THAT CHANGES YOUR MIND
Growth | Community
🤔Looking to promote your server? 🤨Or maybe looking for people to make you stuff such as graphic designs? 😏Orr you want to promote your services/products? 👑This is the RIGHT PLACE for you!
Gaming | Music
Roblox Giveaways
Gaming | eSports
Looking for a gaming clan? Join EFG (Eternal Flame Gaming)! EFG is a gaming clan and the leaders have one goal, to make it as big as other gaming clans! Join EFG to play with clan members and make friends!
Community | Gaming
We are a Community of Gators but don't worry we don't bite.
Entertainment | Gaming
This is the official Discord server of Music4lity! Memes, chat, games and more for those who join! For those who don't, well fuck you, too.
Streaming | YouTuber
Creation hub is a server designed to help content creators grow, we started in december before closing down due to exams and reopened this school year.
Gaming | Community
Come join in on the fun of our community! Our server is an open community for all players of Dead by Daylight®! We welcome everyone PC or Console. Our goal is to build a safe, fun, and enjoyable experience for all members and players who enjoy Dead by Daylight! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ○👑 Self-Assignable roles! ○🤖 No annoying Bot DM's! ○🏆 Climb the ranks and access private Text and Voice channels! ○🔕 No mass server pings! ○🤝 Easy server partnering process! ○📝 Game and developer updates as soon as they are released! ○🐦 Free Social Media advertising such as YouTube, Twitch, etc! ○🎧 Music bots and music channels! ○👓 Tips for Discord integration for PlayStation®! ○🌟 Matchmaking lobbies (Survive With Friends & Kill Your Friends) ○✅ Easy and simple reporting and ticket support system! ○🔨 Monthly training! ○🎉 Server-wide events & giveaways! (Such as Auric Cell Packs, and DLC Chapters) ○🎮 Console friendly! ○💜 Accepting and loving community!
Community | Entertainment
Welcome to kitty cafe! This is a normal community hangout area for ppl who want to watch a small twitch content creator (churro kitty)! We have bot channels, gaming channels, an amazing community, and more! Come stop by and say hello!
Gaming | Community
Community | Gaming
_***Cocaine Slave Trade***_ 👹 `is a ”cult“ that has connections to the Mexican Cartel and Italian Mafia. We are a friendly community of insane crackheads and are looking to grow.` 👹 gaming. 👹 chatting 👹 memes. 👹 nsfw. 👹 self promotions. ***WE DO SACRAFICES EVERY MONDAY AT 5PM EST.*** 👹 We'd love for you to join and overdose with us.
YouTuber | Anime
THE WORLDS MOST BOT-UNRAIDABLE DISCORD SERVER! A Server Originally for Creators(youtubers/streamers) to self-promo & get free bot shoutouts that eventually got over-run by omnipresent weebs[owo+mantaro] to a point where Im actually tagging this as anime now. We partner, are looking for staff,etc.
YouTuber | Gaming
Ummm. Well. It's a server where you can meet friends. Uhhh, you can play games in chat :D You can, well. Hmm, enter giveaways, and events. :P Join to find out more!
Gaming | Community
Come join us and hangout, and make relationships with other members.
Gaming | Streaming
A relaxed gaming server
Community | Growth
epic gamers, self promo, partnerships, no fortnite though
Gaming | YouTuber
Hey! We play many Minecraft minigames on servers such as Hypixel, Mineplex, MunchyMC, and more! If you want to play Minecraft with others, have fun, or just talk, this server is perfect for you! We are managed by-
___**Resort Promotion**___ :star2: __What We Offer?__ :star2: **- Free Promotion In Tons of Channels! - Paid Promotion!! - Lots Of Channels to talk in! - Open Moderation. - Network With Other Servers! - Free To Partner! - Lots Of Potential To Grow your community!!** :man_police_officer: __We Are also looking for a dedicated Staff Team!__ :man_police_officer: **- Partnership managers { :handshake: } - Moderaters { :oncoming_police_car: } - Helpers! { :newspaper: } - Staff Managers!! { :man_mechanic: } - Recruiters { :busts_in_silhouette: } ** _Fill out the inserver applications!_ [Server Invite] [Banner]
Programming | Gaming
Roblox Group
Gaming | Entertainment
Hello there! our server has a bunch of cool features, we allow self promotion, we have a chatting channel, and we even have minigames in our server! if you join with us you will feel a part of the family!
Community | Gaming
Welcome to The Cold Kingdom! PNC focuses on having a tight-knit community with a welcoming environment. ◻️ Active chats along with open VC ◻️ Gaming events◻️ Role picker system ◻️ Interactions and commands such as !hug ◻️ Music bot (listening, music quizzes, etc) ◻️self promo ( u can advertise your server or streaming platform) We would love to have you around!
YouTuber | Gaming
Discord Server For allot of game variety.
Community | LGBT
An Lgbt based discord community server!
Gaming | Meme
In Braindead Autists you can hangout with epic gamers, meme lords, retards and more.... We want to be a place where everyone can meme and have fun by chatting,talking and gaming together! Overall, it's a epic server for epic people. We have: *Text channel *Meme channel *Gaming channels *Self promo for Content creators (can be used by everyone) *Nsfw channel (cum zone) for the horny shithead xD *Many unique roles *Many emotes (mainly Pepe xD) *Support channel (If you need help with anything related to Braindead Autists) *Partners channel for partnerships with other servers
Gaming | YouTuber
The point of the server is to create a community full of people with all sorts of interests and hobbies.No matter what type of person you are, as long as you aren't breaking the rules, we want you here.
Gaming | Community
A place to chill, game, listen to music, or pretty much anything else you can think of with friends.
Technology | Gaming
We create discord server templates for you to use for free! We also make custom servers for you!
Growth | Gaming
A gaming community for all ages. It will also be a place for people to find friends to game with. This discord is a community from my stream and also anyone who wants to find others to game with or do collaborations with on streams/youtube etc.
eSports | Entertainment
There will be notifications when people go live and especially me. announcements and videos will be posted and self promo is allowed! have fun
Community | Social
just a place to hang out
Technology | Community
New and Upcoming Advertising Server
Meme | Social
Fun place to talk to people and be in :)
Community | Gaming
EpIc SeRvEr To Chill & Hangout In!
Business | Growth
This is a new server where you can advertise your videos, streams, art, music, find some new friends, participate in giveaways and so on... Join now it's completely free! And if you don't like this server, you can always leave!
Technology | Hobbies
A Cinematography Server, used to post images / videos that you have made and get professional feedback (Please Boost to get higher quality)