Music | Entertainment
We are Hybrid Records i know your wondering what are we, Well we are a new starting Record Label that you can join and promote your Music!
Music | Business
Lucid Productions is a Record label that Releases any Kind of Genre! We release our Artist Music to Major Platforms Like Spotify, Apple Music, and more! Become an Artist But Releasing a Song with us!
Music | Social
Here you can promote all your music to other members of the community and even a record label! Our community is a safe haven for all genres.
Music | Art
AZMC Society is a space of over 1,200 people for forward thinking musicians and music enthusiasts that give up and coming music a chance. Find others who are just like you!
Music | YouTuber
**We are a community of music producers made for music producers by music producers, by joining this server you will expect to find the following** • A friendly and welcoming community with no toxic staff. • Music Production Channels • Voice Channels • Collab Channels • Tutorials, Sample Packs, Loops and Presets • Get signed with Record Labels including Trap City, Monstafluff Music, Polar Records, and our own Unify Music label. • and much more! **Join Today!**
Music | Art
ChargedAudio is a community of likeminded Music Artists, producers, videographers and Graphic Designers. Designed to help you connect with other artists. We are working on a Clubhouse Invite Chain.
Music | Community
SeaneecusMusic Discord, is a Music/Community server for Record Labels, Music Producers and even Artists, and those who want their music out there, even to express music culture!