Gaming | Community
🎑 This server was created with the intention of being a meeting place where you can find new friends and feel comfy. 🪔 It is designed to give everyone the opportunity to highly customize their profile and add roles. 🍹 We hope you will find yourself comfortable here.
Community | Anime
Hi there, Sakura Central s a server based around anime|manga or just for chillin n vibin w/ your friends(Games too).
Sports | Community
Biggest Buffalo Bills discord and home to the Buffalo Fanatics! -Great community for all. Everyone is welcome! -Talk about anything,hangout,chill,have a good time! -Custom levels with perks!
Community | Hobbies
A server to make friends, have fun and of course, go grocery shopping. - We have art channels so that i can see all the art other people make. I happen to draw digital cute things too! - We have music, NSFW and other bots for enjoyment. - Custom roles, colors and more! - Generally small so that it isn't overwhelming and keeps everyone together c:
Meme | Gaming
Gaming, Memes, Chill, Relax.
Gaming | Community
Hey! On est un petit nouveau serveur de détete pour parler et rigoler ^^ hésite pas à nous rejoindre et aggrandir la famille et bien sur mettre ta touche de rêves!
Community | Entertainment
Relax and enjoy the summer with other people whilst you talk and play games!
Anime | Gaming
mmhhh if ya want somethin to kill time or just to meet new people this place is for ya :)
Chill Server
Entertainment | Social
Have fun, no toxicity, and trying to gain activity.
Entertainment | Gaming
■》active staff ■》cool members ■》giveaways ■》chill and relax Join Now!
Social | Hobbies
Bienvenue sur le serveur Netchill ! 😉 Le serveur met à disposition : |😁| Une communauté respectueuse |🔌| Plusieurs bots pour le confort de tous |🛎| Une équipe de modération à l'écoute |✨| Des rôles atypiques et variés |🏹| Des salons modernes et simplifiés |💫| Du fun et du plaisir avant tout Nous te souhaitons une bonne arrivée sur Netchill, amuses toi bien et surtout, restes chill ! ✌️
Gaming | Music
A new Server with a bunch of relaxed people that want to Chill and have fun Gaming,Chatting or whatever they want to do. Listen to Music, lough about the silly Memes that the Community daily uploades.
Social | Entertainment
Final Spirits of Missing Tales has all that you'll want and more (if you ask for it). There's an established community already by those who have joined and made friends, you can join in with the friendly conversations and explore your fate. We have games, bots, music and an all-round friendly and nice environment for everybody to have fun. The rules are simple and they are important for everybody to have a fulfilling experience. No matter what, do NOT bully; we do not like immature trolling that involves using extreme language for a reaction. Come be a part of the Final Spirits of Missing Tales!
Hey you, you there! Want a server where you can just relax and chill? This small server, needs members. I'm sorry for a lack of description, I just wish I could have more.
Gaming | Hobbies
RuneScape Ironman Community Clanchat.
Social | Gaming
Welcome to the Expeditionary Server! Here we are all ourselves. We aren't as much strict as we sometimes become but i can promise social enjoyment as well as the other, for that is the reason for this server itself. This server is for those whom wish to join on a lounge, talk and either stay or go, and that decision falls under you. We have only few rules which will be then made throughout on the way as this is not fully done entirely as planned, so please feel welcomed and don't be afraid to ask any questions! For the admins and mods in the server are there to help and assist! Also send HUBBI33 my regards via a ping on him, he's the local nerdheadmin here. <3
Gaming | Social
Just a chill place where a bunch of old friends meet up to game. We welcome new people to game with.
Community | Entertainment
💎🌺WELCOME TO OUR KINGDOM🌺💎 🔊 As Much Voice Chat as you want〘 Community & Gaming 〙 🍉 Food everyday〘 Burgers, Ramen, Fried chicken... 〙 🎵 Music {BOT} -〘 Lo-fi Beats, Chill Rap,... u choose 〙 ☢️️ NSFW ✧➣ 〘 MUST BE 18+ 〙 🏅 Badges 〘... 〙 📌 Pings are annoying, we rarely do that ☕Heater in all shuttles & A/C are always ON in all rooms and is set at 21℃ or 69.8℉
Community | Entertainment
The Cherry Cafe is a place of relaxation, communication and entertainment. We have a lovely welcoming staff team and community that will make you feel at home. ❤️
Furry | Community
A primarily furry server that aims to be a simple, open community. Furries and non-furries alike will enjoy a small, welcoming group of friends! Come stop by!
Gaming | Role-Playing
Kingdom of Dawning Lights. A home where people can meet new people and get to know eachother. There is nothing to be afraid of because we're all weird in our own ways. In this Discord we have bots that you can use to entertain yourself. We've got music bots and RPG Bots. Come on and stay a while!~ <3
Community | Social
A quiet, chilled and laid back server where you can make new friends and meet new people. Please don't join expecting much, we're more of a big groupchat nowadays :)
Community | Entertainment
Relax hub, chill spot, social club!
Community | Language
You want to ... Discover something ? Meet someone ? or ... just Relax ?
Salutations voyageur ! Dis-moi, as-tu un petit côté patate ? Si oui alors tu es le bienvenue dans "La Pataterie", un serveur qui se veut aussi chaud et cosy qu'une patate sortant du four ! Ici point de troll ou autres, les patates sont matures à point et certifiées BIO. Nous souhaitons des patates de qualité, c'est pourquoi nous les sélectionnons rigoureusement et avec amour. Si toi aussi tu veux un joli label de Patate BIO, alors rejoins nous !
Social | Community
Hi DDOR also knows as discord department of retards is a small community of people that like to talk, hang out, play games and many other things! here you can vent your emotions, talk about games, meet new friends,play games with eachother, and many more! We are still a very small community but i want to make it sure it will be filled with more lovely people soon enough. Dont be afraid to join. We are waiting for you :D
Community | Gaming
Want to play some games? Chat? Share dank memes? This is the server for you. We only have 1 rule. Don't be a douche. We're all close friends here and enjoy just hanging out playing games and causing mayhem.
Role-Playing | Social
A server where you can chill,rp or listen to music,either way we will try to be as friendly as possible.
Community | Social
just a chill place to message other people. you can also game send memes and do other stuff. If I could have enough people in the server I would like to have small events
Role-Playing | Anime
This is a friendly server looking for new members to join so we can make it active again not many people have been talking here so let me tell you about the server before I go Fun events ✓ Friendly members ✓ Memes ✓ Social media ✓ Art and editing ✓ Roleplay ✓ We would really love if you join please and thank you.
Anime | Meme
We aim to represent a cozy non-cluttered environment, unlike those other servers that put too many emojis and too many people Looking for help with staff
Community | YouTuber
Community with many people! Everyone likes to chill out and relax and chat, come over and literally meet streamers, YouTuber's and like minded people. Hang out with the owner and network if you are wanting to start streaming or do Youtube :)
Community | Meme
Basically, this server is meant for people to hangout in....its really new and I'm open to suggestions on how to improve it
Art | Hobbies
Welcome to a small server where really (I mean really) weird people gather in. It is a SFW server, and we all welcome you. Please enjoy your stay in the Bean Kingdom! (By the way, sorry for the lack of backgrounds.)
Gaming | Community
A small friendly gaming community. We have self-roles, fun bots, and we would love to you!
Community | Entertainment
Its a new upcoming server looking for new people. Lgbtq+ friendly and sfw, Lets have fun
Community | Anime
False Reality, the community for you by the community Active 10k+ Messages DAILY!
Social | Community
『📕』Organized Server 『🆓』Self Roles 『🤝』Partnership Opportunities 『🤖』Multiple Bots 『🎮』Gaming Channels 『🔰』Mee6 Levels 『💲』Economy Levels
Community | Social
Welcome to Lobster Cult! We're a casual community server that's made for users like you and me to chill out and make friends! We've got all sorts of fun activities and discussions ranging across tons of diverse channels for any and all of your interests, and we're always ready to expand and create new outlets for whatever new ideas you're willing to bring to the table. Some of our perks include: + Over 100 text and voice channels filled with tons of opportunities to make friends and bond over similar interests ranging from classical literature to anime and comics + Fun and unique emotes from different fandoms for members to use and share + Friendly and open staff that are ready to give you any and all of the help, support, and care that you desire + Custom role assignments that unlock both individuality and unique server categories + Casual server activities like riddles and bot games We're always looking to grow as a community, so come join in on the fun!
Anime | Community
If you are looking for a nice place to come too, to relax and have a chat with some people, maybe ply a game or two and make a new friend by the fire. this is the place for you, with welcoming and humble staff, we strive to do the best we can for our guests experience.
new server no many people.
Community | Music
This is the most relaxing and cute Kpop server. Please join us and you will never regret it!!
Social | Entertainment
Hello! welcome to The Coffee Break Server! This place is for people who want to sit & talk with others while enjoying their nice, warm beverage! The server is now open and ready for new Mods & Admins! Hope you enjoy your stay in The Coffee Break Server!
Social | Anime
we have p much everything u need, so come hang out here, not much else to say
Gaming | Community
Looking for somewhere to chill? Maybe watch some movies or play some games. Then this is the right place to be.
Community | Support
Welcome to Tropical Meow! Tropical Meow is a safe space for people from all walks of life. It is a place for people to talk about mental health, current events, games we're playing, and of course posting pictures of cats and other pets. We encourage positivity, creativity, and comradery. Tropical Meow is meant to be a judgement free server. We will moderate to the best of our abilities to keep the server vibe friendly and create a comfortable atmosphere for all of our members. Right now, the server is small (very small!) but we hope that you will find peace and friendship here as we all grow and learn together to build this server into something very special. Thank you!
Gaming | Entertainment
Hello👋 I created squids out of fun and want to make it as cozy as possible. We game in there and sometimes watch shows, movies, and animes together📺 come in and check it out❣️
Community | Entertainment
Hi. Chill Beach is a server to chill, socialize, game, discuss and all sorts! Please read the rules before joining. Made by CommanderSaltyy#1280
A friendly chat server.
Meme | Community
Welcome to the ikea! Just... sideways! 🌝 We are a community full of sideways people, waiting for you to join so we could talk, share memes and have fun together! You can also work your way up to higher ranks with more possibilities simply by being active. 🐳
Gaming | Social
- Brand new gaming community! - We talk about all things gaming related Apex, Call of Duty, R6S, Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, etc. - We try not to be to strict since this is supposed to be a gaming and hangout server so feel free to express yourself in any way you want
Community | LGBT
Welcome to MBD's Chill Zone, a relaxing place where you can hang out, chat with friends, and have fun. This is a newer server and we are open to the suggestions of the community please send suggestions to us and we will discuss and fix whatever it is you believe we need to work on. In the over all spectrum, enjoy yourself, get to know others, and make new friends. Have fun talking to people who share the same interests as you, all are welcome.
Gaming | Music
A fun, chilled out place to meet new friends and hang out.
Social | Community
Bored in quarantaine? Well, we too. So why don’t you join our server? Come and relax, play games and make new friends. What do we offer: -Friendly staff! -Fun bots! -Games! -Nice chats! -Giveaway at 50 members! -Roles And much more! Join today. ❤️
Emoji | Community
This is a server to join and relax in, were not toxic and we have many fun features come join to check them out i guess.
Social | Education
A Student Community Server. A place where students from around the world can chill or ask for some help. The server is based in Europe but anybody can join - as long as they are a student.
Community | Social
Chill, a little NSFW ;), Friendly
Gaming | Entertainment
This GTA V Online server has the best money making guide that has ever been made along with family friendly people. People who violate the rules will be punished and if they swear it will get removed.
Community | Gaming
Many of friends and friend's friends are here. Really active server. Looking for staff. All people are nice. It is a nice place to relax and hangout.
Gaming | Technology
===================================================================== 𝓖𝓐𝓜𝓘𝓝𝓖 𝓐𝓝𝓓 𝓙𝓤𝓢𝓣 𝓒𝓗𝓘𝓛𝓛𝓘𝓝𝓖 𝓢𝓔𝓡𝓥𝓔𝓡 ===================================================================== .🅵🅾🆁 🆃🅷🅴 🆁🅴🅰🅻 🅶🅰🅼🅴🆁🆂 ===================================================================== 𝓒𝓞𝓜𝓔 𝓘𝓝, 𝓝𝓞𝓦 ! =====================================================================
Entertainment | Hobbies
Bot games, Many different chats for specific interests, a point system to get yourself some shiny ranks and comunity events to win some roles!
Support | Social
Gamer's Anti Phishing Team is an anti-phishing community. You can report phishing sites for takedown to us.
Social | Furry
Este servidor es para aquellas personas que buscan relajarse y disfrutar hablando con demás personas alrededor del mundo. Aquí puedes hacer una variedad de cosas y hablar de lo que sea, buscamos a gente activa para que así el servidor sea más entretenido. Quieres platicar, relajarte y entretenerte, pues este servidor es para ti, ven y unete a nosotros. Te esperamos con los brazos abiertos nwn También tenemos ➢ Autoroles variados para poder personalizar tu perfil a tu gusto ➢ Una variedad de bots para que te diviertas usandolos en el servidor ➢ Una comunidad respetuosa hacía tus gustos, color de piel y religion ➢ Servidor totalmente en Español ➢ Emojis Cute ➢ LGBTQ+ Friendly ➢ Canal de Roleplay para que te diviertas simulando un mundo ➢ Canal de Economia para que te entretengas con el bot de economia ➢ Canal de Memes ➢ Administracion activa y amable para servirte, y atenderte
Community | Social
Take A Moment's Reprieve from everyday life and relax within our Discord server! Our server was made to welcome those from all backgrounds including LGBTQ+, anime-lovers, and more.
Anime | Art | Music
Dank people, chill staff, giveaways, and content promotion! Whats not to love?
Social | Community
a chill talk server where you can hang out, we are trying to grow however we are currently very small
Gaming | Meme
Hello! Vibez is a discord server mainly based on chilling and having a good time! Here you can enter many different text/voice channels based on a certain game allowing you to find teamates quickly!
Gaming | Social
A new League of Legends community for low-elo and high-elo players alike to group up and play games together! If you're looking for some chill peeps to play League, TFT, or whatever then this server is for ya! If we get enough people we can do regular customs / tournaments with possible giveaways!
Entertainment | Meme
An amazing server and if you are looking for an open-minded chill server to express your feelings then this is the right one!
Community | Meme
Hello there! I'm Jake. Welcome to my server, Commetunity. It is for meeting others and having fun! We offer you the best experience we can as a server! We are very active and we do events often such as game nights and movie nights! We have an amazing staff team that you can contact at any time if you need anything. We will respond immediately if you have an issue. Hope to see you in Commetunity soon!
Social | Community
- Bots, Nitro Giveaways, Events, Perks, Leveling, etc. JOIN NOW AND DON'T MISS OUT ON THE FUN!