Dank people, chill staff, giveaways, and content promotion! Whats not to love?
Resonance is a new and upcoming music library server on Discord. We offer a wide variety of unique genres for your mystical listening experience, as well as a few chosen artists. Join today!
Laid back art sharing server with games and music sprinkled in.
With adorable artwork lining every available surface, to the feverish grins of the maids who danced to and fro in their pastel pink outfits, hopping from table to table in order the scrawl down the orders of those who could be considered “regulars” – the air within the Blackwell Café could be considered a rival to that of the sprawling metropolis that harboured it. Lively, exciting, warm and immeasurably comfy, Blackwell Café has been a staple in bringing happiness and joy to all those who desire it. Few things are quite as smile-inducing as a great café - coffee, people, cake and in the case of Blackwell, an abundance of kindness. Wherever you’re from, wherever you plan to go, Blackwell is a pitstop that’ll leave lasting warmth in your heart for years to come. So why not take that step through the door?
Welcome to The Loft MC! We are opening this Discord for our upcoming Minecraft network that will consist of a Survival, Factions, and Freeplay server.
Wanting to get stoned and chill with some laid back drop outs? Well, just the server for you. ☆∴。 * We have cookies  ・゚*。★・   ・ *゚。   * Questionable emotes that make no sense and channels based on clouds, feel free to kick back, turn on some lofi, and watch the colors mesh together...
-▪︎-▪︎-▪︎ Texterzzz -▪︎-▪︎-▪︎ Friendly community! Helpful and supportive staff! Giveaways on Milestones! Join today and have fun chatting with others about varieties of topics, anything is welcome here! Founded August 25th, 2019 -▪︎-▪︎-▪︎-▪︎-▪︎-▪︎-▪︎-▪︎-▪︎-▪︎-▪︎-▪︎-▪︎-▪︎-▪︎-
Biggest Buffalo Bills discord and home to the Buffalo Fanatics! -Great community for all. Everyone is welcome! -Talk about anything,hangout,chill,have a good time! -Custom levels with perks!
Everybody is welcome! The Hangout is centered around meeting new people and chatting about whatever. It's a completely social space. We also support free speech!
A server to make friends, have fun and of course, go grocery shopping. - We have art channels so that i can see all the art other people make. I happen to draw digital cute things too! - We have music, NSFW and other bots for enjoyment. - Custom roles, colors and more! - Generally small so that it isn't overwhelming and keeps everyone together c:
Gaming, Memes, Chill, Relax.
Call of duty fans join in have fun cheers!!
LOOKING FOR STAFF. Come Join! Find new friends and love each other. Chill out, make peace and laugh in the Relaxing Factory!
We are a chill server that anyone can come and hangout in, we are very accepting others and most of us just want to meet new people and get comfy. 16+ and smoker friendly <3
Play games talk chill giveaway
Final Spirits of Missing Tales has all that you'll want and more (if you ask for it). There's an established community already by those who have joined and made friends, you can join in with the friendly conversations and explore your fate. We have games, bots, music and an all-round friendly and nice environment for everybody to have fun. The rules are simple and they are important for everybody to have a fulfilling experience. No matter what, do NOT bully; we do not like immature trolling that involves using extreme language for a reaction. Come be a part of the Final Spirits of Missing Tales!
Hey you, you there! Want a server where you can just relax and chill? This small server, needs members. I'm sorry for a lack of description, I just wish I could have more.
RuneScape Ironman Community Clanchat.
Welcome to the Expeditionary Server! Here we are all ourselves. We aren't as much strict as we sometimes become but i can promise social enjoyment as well as the other, for that is the reason for this server itself. This server is for those whom wish to join on a lounge, talk and either stay or go, and that decision falls under you. We have only few rules which will be then made throughout on the way as this is not fully done entirely as planned, so please feel welcomed and don't be afraid to ask any questions! For the admins and mods in the server are there to help and assist! Also send HUBBI33 my regards via a ping on him, he's the local nerdheadmin here. <3
The 7ᵗʰ Club server is a chill and laid back community. ₀₁.₁.₁₈
This is a server to just hang out in and be chill with new friends from all over the world! We have bots like pokecord, avrae and many more that you can request! Help us start our little community and lets just chill.
Just a chill place where a bunch of old friends meet up to game. We welcome new people to game with.
We are a community where you can relax and chat, make new friends, advertise and game! :)
💎🌺WELCOME TO OUR KINGDOM🌺💎 🔊 As Much Voice Chat as you want〘 Community & Gaming 〙 🍉 Food everyday〘 Burgers, Ramen, Fried chicken... 〙 🎵 Music {BOT} -〘 Lo-fi Beats, Chill Rap,... u choose 〙 ☢️️ NSFW ✧➣ 〘 MUST BE 18+ 〙 🏅 Badges 〘... 〙 📌 Pings are annoying, we rarely do that ☕Heater in all shuttles & A/C are always ON in all rooms and is set at 21℃ or 69.8℉
A safe space with a good heart of music
The Cherry Cafe is a place of relaxation, communication and entertainment. We have a lovely welcoming staff team and community that will make you feel at home. ❤️
A place where you can chill and talk to new people and make friends. Our theme is demon and angel themed but don't let that intimidate you because we're all good people trying to make friends ^_^. We're also partnered with another server called hexagon kingdom so don't be afraid to join that either.
A primarily furry server that aims to be a simple, open community. Furries and non-furries alike will enjoy a small, welcoming group of friends! Come stop by!
Kingdom of Dawning Lights. A home where people can meet new people and get to know eachother. There is nothing to be afraid of because we're all weird in our own ways. In this Discord we have bots that you can use to entertain yourself. We've got music bots and RPG Bots. Come on and stay a while!~ <3
Hello!This is a server for relaxing and making friends,we are basically brand new but everything is pretty much set up.we are going to make sure we have a safe, calm and peaceful environment. We do hope to see you soon!:)
Vapor Wave, Future Funk, Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Anime, Memes
A chilled laid back server where you can make new friends and meet new people. Filled with fun and weirdness :D
Hello and Welcome to Relax&chill we are a small server looking to just make People Relax some and Chill with us .We also play game like Titanfall2 on PC and Xbox well on the PC side of thing we Play Depp rock Galactic,destiny 2 and rainbow 6 siege.All are welcome to join us
A server dedicated to reveling in the AfterMath of life. AfterMath, join our rebellious community of straight bullshit, participate in our nitro giveaways, and stay for the ambient chillaxing groove to unwind from your daily activities and come join in on the chaos like: movie nights, karaoke parties, meme trolling and more! We'll be waiting for you in the AfterMath!
A small but tight community of weebs, gamers and anyone else really. discuss your favourite things, make friends and enjoy spending time in our ever growing community.
Relax hub, chill spot, social club!