Community | Meme
Welcome, to The Vibe Den! We are a small community that needs active people on our server. We want to make sure that this server keeps going! If you want to partner with us DM the owners of the server.
Gaming | Social | Community
► Giveaways & events for everyone with no requirements. ► Multiple chats to suit everyone. ► Friendly and active community. ► Relaxed Rules ► Bots to suit everyone.
Community | Gaming
Welcome to the Vibe Market! We are a friendly community interested in gaming, music, art, and much more! Find people with similar interests and make new friends! »»————- ★ ————-«« What we offer! ✫ Friendly and welcoming staff ✬ Friendly community ✭ Variety of bots ✯ Self roles ✩ LGBTQ+ friendly »»————- ★ ————-««
Social | Gaming
Overall our server is the place to be if you like to chill and have fun
Gaming | YouTuber
Mrninjalink Roblox Youtube Gaming Social Anime Chill Hangout Vibe
Community | Music
A Server where you can chill, meet new people and make friends!
Community | Hobbies
Vibe zone is well-made server with sfw and nsfw options, join us please <3
Anime | Social
Hey this is a really chill server where you can just have fun and hang out UwU. You can even just stay in the music vc and vibe to whatever you want!!!!!! please consider joining (-_-)
Anime | Community
community anime gaming manga art netflix movies game night steam memes pog
Gaming | Meme
We play games , share anime's and talk to ladies sometimes , also meme.
Anime | Community
Anime chill is a server primarily made for anime and gaming we offer fun bots to use nice active staff member Lots of emojis and giveaways this is a safe server and we hope you join us ty <3
Gaming | Meme
Vibe Server | A work in progress server | find people to play with | but if your looking for a server with alot of members this isnt the one we just started today and wanna grow | any ages
Community | Social
Bonfire is designed to be a chill community to meet new people and hangout. Don't be a stranger :)
Gaming | Meme
Do you want to talk to people? are you lonely? are you bored? Or do you wanna have fun? come join my server and talk to people, play games with people, were a professional and have staff 24/7 and lots of games rolling dice! call other people from diffrent servers and lots more! We also have lots of music lobby so your never missing out! Also we have lots of bots that will make the server fun will your hanging with some friends!
Anime | Entertainment
Have fun We all look forward to seeing you all be happy and come chill and watch anime with us.
Social | Community
♛Vibe Lounge♛ The Place to vibe in! ═════════════════════════════ Vibe Lounge is a server that involves a chill community. Here you can meet new people from all around the world!
Community | Social
Vertigo is a chill hangout server to vibe and make friends
Community | eSports
Very fun server. Lounge. Vibe Station. Gamers
Gaming | Meme
Among us, Roblox.
LGBT | Social
Welcome to the cute cafe 🌸 cute cafe is a safe place for kids under1️⃣7️⃣ can make friends see new hobbies and play games🎮🖌️ please know to stay on this server there are some things we won't allow. here are some things we don't allow in this server. (homophobia🏳️‍🌈 [transphobia💜💙 {racism👊🏾 |sexism♀️♂️ +subjes such as [email protected] or any form of sex.+ ^don't use any slurs please^ but here are some things we will allow -dark humor as long as it's your own problems- !swearing if it's in the right chat! and much more👾 thank you for reading this we hope you have a fun time at our server❤️👋🏾🌸
Gaming | Anime
This is just a little hangout group for all people that like gaming, anime, ect. you can meet new people and the owners and admins are nice and will help you with anything or any problems you need.
Community | LGBT
Looking for a place to stay and to socialize with people? Contruxt Community is a upcoming and small community. With game night, fun, vibes and a LGBTQ+ friendly community. We also have a wide variety of topics to discuss from games, music, anime and more. You will know that we are a place to stay! What we have: - Brand new server! - Custom roles - Variety of channels - Events - AND MORE!
Entertainment | YouTuber
In this server you can find and meet people. This server is for hangouts,chill,vibe,catching pokemons etc...
Streaming | Gaming
Just a chill server to game vibe or just talk in.
Community | Social
we are here to vibe, chill, and hangout. you can meet new friends and stuff.
Role-Playing | Music
A fantasy town, with a single leader and events.
Gaming | YouTuber
Basically, we're a dead server that needs people to join us!
Anime | Gaming
Entertainment | Gaming
Very fun server to hang out, and play MC! Very cool people.
Gaming | Meme
Gaming in the garage
Gaming | Meme
Gaming in the garage
Community | Meme
tl;dr Cool server with memes
Community | Art
Chill game dev server! Events! Streams! Showcase!
Anime | Hobbies
A friendly and welcoming server to talk to other people and make new friends! Feel free to join us for a game of UNO too
Community | Gaming
We Vibe and Chill and just have fun we have a dank memer and a counting channel and counting channel and many other features and we are also taking suggestions😄
Gaming | Community
Benji's Cupboard -An amazing server that is looking to grow -A fucking cupboard -Nice community -Responsive and nice staff -Has EPIC emotes -Open for suggestions so you can make something of our server yours -Has partnerships We hope you consider joining our server as we are looking for members to join! We are just starting to grow so our server will always be getting better, and we hope that you will check us out.