Community | Gaming
🌹 e-world 🌹 Welcome to a new, fast-growing server with talented and chill individuals. This server is not heavily moderated but please follow our rules. If you're someone who stays up a lot but doesn't have anyone to talk to, then join this server, you'll find someone to talk to.
Community | Meme
Hello we are a new server and we would like people to join! What can we offer to make you want to join? 📈-A Special Leveling System! 🤖-Fun Bots! Such as Dank Memer, Karuta, 3 Music Bots, And Many More! 🎉-Giveaways! We give away Special Roles, Such as Server XP Boost Roles! 👑-Active Owner! 🧒-A Family Friendly Community! 😃-Toxicity Free! 🤖-Fully Bot Moderated! Stay Safe and Simple on this Server! 📝-Staff Applications are Open! What are our goals that we want accomplished? ✨-A Big and Friendly Community! ✨-A Safe Place To Chat! ✨-A Welcoming Server Persona!
Community | Social
Fun, Active Community, Always Looking to Talk to New People!
Gaming | Entertainment
🎲DiceGang🎲 is a new, growing community server. We're one of the best places on Discord to come and meet new friendly people! We focus on keeping you happy with the dankest memes, best gaming content and best live streams. So stop by to say hello and meet some new friendly people.
Basically we're a small community that likes chatting with people!
Gaming | Hobbies
Minecraft Server
Bot | Entertainment
This server is based on a Bot Called Myuu! Here you can play peacefully wothout no one Bothering you there are over 20 Journey channels in which you can play. Hope to see you soon
Gaming | Social
This Is A Fun Relaxing And Chill Server For Talking, Texting, Gaming, And Making Friends! There Is No Toxicity Ever And There Is A Rank System That Gives You Special Channels The Higher Rank You Are!
Community | Gaming
We mostly chat and to activity’s pls join!
Entertainment | Gaming
Welcome to Gymblonski Corporation. Channel for gamers,here you can hang out play games with other people,chill or just listen music. There will be a lot of good giveaways so stay tuned
Gaming | Community
A discord dedicated to the discussion of Animal Crossing: 2019 for the Nintendo Switch and other Animal Crossing related content.
Gaming | Role-Playing
A fun Unturned Semi RP experience
Social | Gaming
Welcome to INSANE, where you can chat to like minded people about your goals, dreams or problems. Everyone is welcome.
Furry | Community
A server dedicated to rodents/ Furry rodents to meet people who you might enjoy talking to and become friends, all while maintaining a good environment.
Role-Playing | Anime
This is a friendly server looking for new members to join so we can make it active again not many people have been talking here so let me tell you about the server before I go Fun events ✓ Friendly members ✓ Memes ✓ Social media ✓ Art and editing ✓ Roleplay ✓ We would really love if you join please and thank you.
Community | Gaming
Newly made public and still in it's first stages but come and join Chow World! It's a server that mostly revolves around chatting and playing games! If you're someone who wants to talk to friends but doesn't want to create a server, come use this one!
Community | Anime
Nouveau serveur communautaire, venez, on ne mords pas!! ;)
Social | Community
We are a friendly server for people to join and hang out! We discuss a wide range of topics and have a lot of different channels for all of your hearts desires! If we don't have something you like, ask and we'll see what we can do! Come join, relax and enjoy your vacation!
Social | Community
『📕』Organized Server 『🆓』Self Roles 『🤝』Partnership Opportunities 『🤖』Multiple Bots 『🎮』Gaming Channels 『🔰』Mee6 Levels 『💲』Economy Levels
Gaming | Community
-The Hooligan Boys are here to make some Hooligan Noise!- * We are an actively growing community of video game enthusiasts * We play tons of various different video games, we most likely have the game for you! * We are a chill, relaxed group of individuals who are always willing to play, game, and talk - Join an active community of Gamers and make new friends! -
Community | Anime
Cafe Serenity has just opened its doors! Be sure to drop by, grab a brew, kick back and relax- We are a community discord with the focus of creating a welcoming environment for users to hangout and discuss their hobbies with other like minded individuals. The server is mainly based on gaming, otaku, and design related content, but we encourage people to talk about anything they desire. ┌────── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚.─────────┐ ◈Relaxing atmosphere with a friendly, involving community. ◈Variety of channels with interesting topics. ◈Helpful and courteous staff. ◈Themed server and levelling roles. ◈Events such as Movie Nights, CAH, Game Sessions, and so on! ◈Opportunity to share your designs, edits, photography, etc in our creative corner. ◈Server partnerships (DM Owner) └────── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ────────┘
Community | Anime
Relaxed conversations, no overly the top crazy people. A pleasant nature come join to find out more
Music | Gaming
we are friendly come and chill with us
Entertainment | Gaming
Salut! Acest server este unu ROMAN si daca n-ai ce face, poti intra sa te relaxezi si sa comunici cu alti oameni, ba chiar sa te si joci! Acest server este PERFECT sa-ti faci prieteni si sa gasesti oamnei cu, care sa te joci.
Social | Support
Calm, relaxing and aesthetic server for those who wish to meet new friends or discuss anything from anime to gaming and more.
Anime | Community
It's a discord server and you can join it. it's an ok server i guess.
Gaming | Entertainment
Welcome to TheVibeHouse! After a nice long day of work/school, Nobody likes to come home and just go to bed?! Why not instead of that boring old life, join TheVibeHouse! A server full of entertainment, Game giveaways, Plenty of servers, and much more! Come and vibe with us and grow as a channel together!
A friendly chat server.
Streaming | YouTuber
Come and relax on my community server maybe even watch a stream or the stream recording. Even if you don't want to watch a stream come and relax with the nice people in my community and just let it all wash away!
Community | Social | Meme
❗ Looking for staff! ❗ 13-17. Chill and Hangout server. ✔️ Self Roles ✔️ Color Roles ✔️ Memes ✔️ Music ✔️ Cool Bots
Community | Social
The Chill Hotel is a place where you can have a different mindset to the real world. Chill out and relax as long as you want here. We aim to keep this server clean, calm, relaxing and without disturbance. Chill out with the other guests in the lounge or play a game such as Uno at the arcade.
Entertainment | Hobbies
Director Division, the ultimate discord server which contains everything! From gaming, to radios, to levelling rewards, and hobbies, this server contains everything you would ever think of! Come join now!
Community | Entertainment
A place of solitude and tranquility. A sanctuary built upon the idealism of a quiet retreat and close community. Were are here to have a nice and chill please to hang out and have fun. Join Us.
Entertainment | Meme
Click join you know you want to.
Gaming | Programming
Chill server
Writing | Community
__**A server for writers and readers alike**__ Do you like reading? Writing? Or just want a chill place to hangout? Then Tea Time is the place for you. ❤️ Tea Time is a relaxing server where you can share nearly anything. You can share your poetry, writing, favourite books and if you’re having a bad day you can vent in the vent channel, there really is a channel for everyone here. ➣ We have bots like Dank Memer, Karuta, Yui and much more. ➣ We are working on making a custom bot and more emoticons for the server. ➣ Self-assignable roles. We also have much, much more which you’ll see if you join the server. I hope you have a very nice day ^.^ [Invite: ]