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Gaming | Entertainment
🎲DiceGang🎲 is a new, growing community server. We're one of the best places on Discord to come and meet new friendly people! We focus on keeping you happy with the dankest memes, best gaming content and best live streams. So stop by to say hello and meet some new friendly people.
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Gaming | Hobbies
Minecraft Server
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Gaming | Entertainment
Hey there and welcome to The Drama Den. We are a server that loves to have fun and get some good laughs. We are currently a little small but not for long. We are active and are always ready to have a conversation. So Ill see you there!
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Entertainment | Gaming
Chill place to hang out with friends and to play games! Invite your friends and have a good time :)
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Community | Hobbies
Within this particular server we aim to keep all the chill and that no stress heads join this server 😉 although there probably be at least 1 of them people joins at some point, we have all game chats to chat with people and friends to play with! Also we will be doing polls and that when we have way more people within this server, we encourage you to join because we will be the best of the best chill discord server in the UK 🇬🇧 through out time 😀. Let's say if you were down like if u were feeling bad or having a bad day etc. We will support you all the way and every day and so on and so fourth. Hope you liked reading this statement. Luke Stebbings
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Entertainment | Gaming
Welcome to Gymblonski Corporation. Channel for gamers,here you can hang out play games with other people,chill or just listen music. There will be a lot of good giveaways so stay tuned
Social | Gaming
Welcome to INSANE, where you can chat to like minded people about your goals, dreams or problems. Everyone is welcome.
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Furry | Community
A server dedicated to rodents/ Furry rodents to meet people who you might enjoy talking to and become friends, all while maintaining a good environment.
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Role-Playing | Anime
This is a friendly server looking for new members to join so we can make it active again not many people have been talking here so let me tell you about the server before I go Fun events ✓ Friendly members ✓ Memes ✓ Social media ✓ Art and editing ✓ Roleplay ✓ We would really love if you join please and thank you.
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Community | Anime
Nouveau serveur communautaire, venez, on ne mords pas!! ;)
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Social | Community
『📕』Organized Server 『🆓』Self Roles 『🤝』Partnership Opportunities 『🤖』Multiple Bots 『🎮』Gaming Channels 『🔰』Mee6 Levels 『💲』Economy Levels
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Social | Support
Calm, relaxing and aesthetic server for those who wish to meet new friends or discuss anything from anime to gaming and more.
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Gaming | Entertainment
Welcome to TheVibeHouse! After a nice long day of work/school, Nobody likes to come home and just go to bed?! Why not instead of that boring old life, join TheVibeHouse! A server full of entertainment, Game giveaways, Plenty of servers, and much more! Come and vibe with us and grow as a channel together!
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A friendly chat server.
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Streaming | YouTuber
Come and relax on my community server maybe even watch a stream or the stream recording. Even if you don't want to watch a stream come and relax with the nice people in my community and just let it all wash away!
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Entertainment | Hobbies
Director Division, the ultimate discord server which contains everything! From gaming, to radios, to levelling rewards, and hobbies, this server contains everything you would ever think of! Come join now!
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Entertainment | Meme
Click join you know you want to.
LGBTQ+ Rainy Day Cafe Icon
LGBT | Hobbies
A fun little LGBTQ+ friendly server, make new friends, meet someone new, chill and active. Relax and come chill with us in this small and cozy discord community.
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Community | Entertainment
🐈🌿 𝒸𝑜𝓉𝓉𝒶𝑔𝑒 𝒸𝑜𝓃𝓋𝑜𝓈 🐸🍄 Icon
Community | Social
a cottagecore themed server where you can make friends and talk about subjects of all kinds! somewhere to go if you're feeling lonely!
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Social | Hobbies
【 Welcome to The Café!】 A place to rest and chill after a tired and hard day of living. Cool off and have a sip as you enjoy the company of those around you! Our staff will do our best to maximize your enjoyment here, so sit back, relax, and have a drink :))
R~~E~~D Icon
Gaming | Social
Hello! My discord server are made for gaming. There you can stay and talk with you friends and play awesome games with them. I tried to give you the best experience for voice-gaming.
Arwynn’s Café and Spa Icon
Community | Anime
A small cafe that offers therapy and dating services. Multiple text and voice channels for everyone. We have many different roles to earn and choose from, please give us a visit!
Matty's Humble Shed Icon
Gaming | Community
The server is just a fun relaxing spot where you can chill and make new friends!
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Emoji | Community
Milk & Mocha - This Server Features Emotes of Milk and Mocha The Beloved Bears.
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Gaming | Entertainment
The Iris Hotel is a Discord server that was designed to meet new people that have alike interests, find a team to play some games with, or a place to chill out with your friends! Level up as you talk more and gain access to more unique things!
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Gaming | Music
A Community Server designed to let people de-stress and relax themselves from the hustle-bustle of their daily routine. Join Now!
Relaxing Group Icon
Bot | Community
This Server is for Relax.You can do whatever u wan just don't break the rules. :> We will have giveaway and more thing just join our server to get fo it
ᨳ  ˊ˗ ⩩    ﹆ֹ   📺 STIGMA バイブ Icon
Anime | Music
- ͙۪۪˚┊❛stigma バイブ❜┊˚ ͙۪۪◌ ₍˄·͈༝·͈˄₎◞ ̑̑ೃ࿔ join the server <3 ╭╯kpop & anime related server!◞♡ ╭╯theme: y2k pink! ╭╯daily activities & games♡₊ ╮(╯_╰)╭ join us or not bestie <3
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Anime | LGBT
Keiji's~library ꒰𓂃 sfw + non-toxic! 𓂃꒰ aesthetic anime layout! : ꒰𓂃 friendly + sweet community! . * + . ៹ ˚  ✦ .  ⁺ . * + . ៹ ˚  ✦ .  ⁺ ꒰𓂃 always hiring staff + apms! 𓂃꒰ cute selfroles + colors! ꒰𓂃 growing server + swag boosting perks!
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Gaming | Social
Howdy, have you ever wanted a place where you can sit back relax and play games like Apex, Halo, Fornite, etc? Perhaps a place where your weeb mind can run rampant and start discussions with others? Well then this is the place for you! Stop on by and tell us what you think!