18+ Server. Do not be under 18. Welcome to this unofficial Pax East 2020 Server! Pax East 2020. Capcom, Smash Bros, Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, Pokemon, Yakuza, Metal Gear, Kojima, Mario, Resident Evil, Dark Souls, Soul Calibur, Fighting, Street Fighter, Tekken, Kirby, etc. New England, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Boston, NYC, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennslyvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Atlantic, Canada, EST, East Coast, etc.
Yo Leude, Leite einen nicen Server mit zwei richtig netten Leuten! Wir arbeiten so gut wie jeden Tag an unserem Server! Sei es Design, Aufbau, Bots oder so sind wir immer bereit sowas zu machen! #AllesFürDieCommunity Was wir dir bieten: • eine große Gaming Fan Base, welche gerne mal zusammen zockt! • eine stätig wachsende Community • gute Bots • ihr könnt bei uns Partner werden • ein kompetentes und lustiges Team welches dir gerne hilft • nice Chats mit spielen wie: count, one word story oder cleverbot • Season Funktion wie in Fortnite mit exklusiven Rängen die es nur in einem gewissen Zeitraum gibt! • Gewinnspiele wo ihr Ränge oder Discord Geld gewinnen könnt Wir freuen uns auf jeden einzelnen !! Liebe Grüße, Das Cosmoia Server-Team
A server for PS4 gamers - Join, chat with others, party/squad-up, let us know when you're going LIVE or have created new content to view! We will be looking at hosting events in the near future. We DO NOT Gameshare!
Chill gaming/community server with fun bots, gambling, and a hotel theme.
A community centered around programming emulation software mostly centered around video gaming systems. Subreddit: https://reddit.com/r/EmuDev
The Retrogaming Discord is a small group of people that love to talk old games, consoles or toys. We cover the A to Z of classic games, franchises, hardware and related pop culture. We have a game of the month event where the community votes for a game to play and review together. Share your recent pick-ups, favourite retro games or collections. Come show off your channels, homebrews or other works and check out what other people are making as well.
Black Desert Online - PS4 Game updates | EU Guild | NA Guild | Friendly community
Сервер для власників PS4/PS3 - пошук гравців, обмін дисками та спілкування
This is ReviewTechUSA. Tackling gaming news, tech reviews, and sometimes random discussion just for fun.
Video games, debates, chilling and doing everything. Also joker fans.