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A community-driven Discord Server for finding players to complete heists or missions from all platforms.
The world's first free and open-source cross-platform PlayStation 3 emulator, written in C++. https://github.com/RPCS3/rpcs3 https://patreon.com/Nekotekina
Do you like Free Gamecube, PS2, PS3, 3DS & DS, Xbox, Xbox 360, and PC Games? If so join our Discord 😀!. at https://discord.gg/wPx3vr6
Bienvenue dans le Serveur SOMBZORTH -_- • Community And • Gaming
just looking for active chill members that can always be online <3
Welcome to the community built for modders/coders! We mostly specialize in PS3 and PS4 modding/coding but we've mostly got a mix of everything! There is also a massive support team waiting to answer all of your questions about modding on the PS3 or PS4! :))
Welcome to the LittleBigHub! This server is used for talking about LittleBigPlanet. Discuss the main series or any other LBP franchise games here!
A somewhat large server for people that still play Minecraft PS3 Edition and are looking for people to play with.
[1]Hi My Name Is XMTDubzz , Just Call Me XMT For Short. I Am The Current Developer For The New GTA5 Sprx(Decipher) The SPRX Hasn't Been Released Yet But Go Check Out The Snapshots And Sneak Peaks For The New Menu We Have So Much To Bring To The [PS3] Community And We Are So Happy To Share It With All Of You! Be Sure To Read The Rules To Further Your Stay Have A Great Time In The Server And Be Sure To Ask Any Questions You May Have About Anything. Have Fun😀
A fairly small but active and friendly Discord community for the Jak and Daxter series!
we started as a ps3 mod discord server and now we are the place to chill and talk about games! do you like to play with us? Then join quickly
On This Community We Will Make Friends With One Another And Play Some PS3 Together! The Reason I Created This Community Is Because I Wanted A Place Where All PS3 Players Could Come And Have Fun! We Support All Games And I'm Sure If You Feel Like No One Has Your Game! Trust Me, Someone Will Have It! Please Have Fun And Keep On Gaming!
FinIskov HUB Serveur discord basé sur le modding sur ps3 qui sert également de communauté regroupant des joueurs ps1-2-3-4. Des salons de discussions et échanges sur plusieurs sujets comme des jeux en particuliers ou en rapport avec des consoles particulières s'offrent à vous et des salons en rapport avec le modding sont disponibles comme des tutos pour utiliser Multiman, un salon où sont postés des liens de téléchargements,... Un salon pour faire sa pub est disponible sur ce serveur. Le serveur est en pleine création. https://discord.gg/VA2uPqj
Somos una comunidad de jugadores discord, dedicada, ha juegos, de las consola PlayStation 3, 4, y juegos retro de pc al igual que nuevos, aquí podrás divertirte y socializar, con todos. https://club-pixel.zyrosite.com/
A server for Xbox 360, Wii, and PlayStation 3 gamers. Come join us and support the future of your favourite consoles, and find friends to play with!