Gaming | Programming
The world's first free and open-source cross-platform PlayStation 3 emulator, written in C++.
Gaming | Hobbies
Join our server now, we will give you ''epic gamer friends'' Join now so you can be cool like the rest of us...
Gaming | Community
Welcome to the LittleBigHub! This server is used for talking about LittleBigPlanet. Discuss the main series or any other LBP franchise games here!
Gaming | Social
A large server for people that still play Minecraft PS3 Edition and are looking for people to play with.
Gaming | Support
we started as a ps3 mod discord server and now we are the place to chill and talk about games! do you like to play with us? Then join quickly
Gaming | Community
A server all about the Playstation 3 and 4.
eSports | Gaming
We are the only #1 GENUINE working PSN and Gamertag Checker on the market. We check usernames in real time, and provide you with the answer of Available or Taken! Our server/discord bot/website is designed to used the OFFICIAL Sony & Microsoft endpoints to provide you with In Real Time Results of your check. Come join over 100+ Members that have used our site/bot :)
Gaming | Community
A community-driven Discord Server for finding players to complete heists or missions from all platforms.
Community | Gaming
A Discord Server made for PS3 players to come play, meet new peopl, and just hang out with each other.
Community | Gaming
A supportive and Helpful gaming community that plays Minecraft on the PlayStation 3 with tech support and other helpful channels and answers.