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We send some dank stuff it's all chill
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Join our discord now! we're trying to make a huge community where we help each other to grow channels. Chat , Enjoy & Grow your channel.
Community | Gaming
Hello, and welcome to the International PewDiePie Community Server! The server which hosts 'International PewDiePie Day' annually, alongside other fan projects and clubs!
Social | Entertainment
We are a chill server that anyone can come and hangout in, we are very accepting others and most of us just want to meet new people and get comfy. 16+ and smoker friendly <3
Community | Social
We're dedicated to providing a fun and friendly environment for our members.
Gaming | Entertainment
Join my server now, we do a lot of gaming while chatting in this server for an example, Fortnite, Minecraft, PupG, Roblox, Apex, and a whole bunch more! we often do a lot of games and challenges in this server, and if u win, you will get a amazing giveaway prize. Everybody in this server is very friendly, they always welcome newcomers and make friends with them. Also in this server all your favourite Youtubers videos are featured in this channel encluding Pewdiepie! This server was ment for all of you guys to join and have fun, because once u join you'll never want to leave! :)
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A great place to meet PewDiePie fans. Hate on T-Series in a specific channel, get better roles using brocoins, and more. PewDiePie videos are posted everyday in this server. T-Series fans who join will not be banned, but will get their own channel to talk to other T-Series fans.
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Bunch of guys and girls banding together to create a wonderful community of people who love watching memes and gaming.
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Fun meme community with lots of emojis! Kpop - Pewdiepie - Edgy - Biology - Coronavirus - Tiktok - Gen Z
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Join for among us voice chat games, memes, trolling lobbies, and everything else among us related.
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The only OFFICIAL pewdiepie discord server! or