We are a small server based on jacksepticeye, with its goal the fanbase to get to know each other better and make friends! We offer events, daily questions, game nights, helpful staff and friendly members. Come join if you want to talk (even if you don't watch Jack) and make your day a little better. ♡
Please be aware this is a 15+ server unless I know you personally (which I doubt any of my friends are reading this)
♫♬This is a Brand New Ego Roleplay server ↾⇃ Ego ☉Manor ↾⇃ ➳This is a SFW Ego Roleplay server ➳The thought is that all the Egos are within the void, and there is a city within y where they live! The city is a mix of egos and people(made by the void) ➳We are open to Any YouTubers Alter Egos! I am totally open to adding them into the server as long as you talk to me about it ➳You must be 14+ for this server ➳The server has several catergories so it's easier to find certain channels ➳Admins are open to questions regarding the server or just the egos in general! ↾⇃ Ego ☉ Manor ↾⇃