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Gaming | Community | Social
AXL features a unique LFG (Looking for Group) system that helps members link up with others for group play for any game, anytime.
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Gaming | eSports
An amazing server full of crazy people, playing Apex Legends, and have fun together! - Gaming chats and channels to find squadmates. - Places to show your best moments! - News, updates, fan art , NSFV ENJOY
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Gaming | Community
Mожете да се присъедините към, Българския канал за игра -Dota2 -CsGO -PuBG -Apex Legends и други заповядай те
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Gaming | Entertainment
Gaming Server - We hold many server events and party games. - We have custom roles. - React roles. - Item shop.
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Gaming | Community
Salut la populas', bienvenue sur le serveur de la communauté DXT. Vous pourrez y retrouver des joueurs de tout jeux et styles de jeux confondus venant de toutes plateformes (PC-PS4-XBOX-SWITCH-...) mais également des YouTubeurs / Streameurs (vous serez prévenues a chaque début de live et sorties de nouvelle vidéos dans un salon dédiée). N'hésitez surtout pas à rejoindre, personne ne mord !. Enjoy :v:
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Gaming | Community
Welcome to Wolves of War! This is a FPS based fun clan. If you would like to play with us, feel free to join our Discord server.
Gaming | Streaming
Serveur multigaming Francophone
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eSports | Technology
Servidor de la comunidad Colombiana de Juegos GoodGammersCo
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Gaming | YouTuber
AlPlayz' Discord Server
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Gaming | Meme
All Gamers Welcome is a Discord server for Gamers that includes many different topics including anime, memes, call of duty,roblox,fortnite,terraria,minecraft,apex,pac man,krunker,baldis basics,zombsroyale,overwatch, and music.
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Gaming | Streaming
29.05.2012 Yılında kurulmuş oyun grubudur.
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Gaming | eSports
▶ We have a really friendly, active community that's always willing to help new players and just chat about the game, about life, or anything you can think of. Just try not to be toxic, keep racism out of your chat, ect. ▶ We have ~1000+ active members that are willing to play any time of day! Just use @here in the #Looking-for-a-game channel if no one is in a Voice Channel (VC). ▶ We have people from every region in the discord, and often have 5-15 people on at the same time in VC playing together ▶ There are many people who play using VC, as a squad, etc - so it's usually easy to find a game/people to play with Please feel free to join us and invite your friends/other players as well! We are working to create the best community we can, so bring in whoever you want to help us! We have an extremely active VC with people playing throughout the day, so if you are looking for a good group to play with, then please feel free to join us!
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Gaming | Community
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Streaming | Gaming
ProxyStudio ProxyStudio30 Twitch Stream YouTube Discord ROBLOX Rainbow 6 Siege CS:GO GTA Apex Fortnite
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Gaming | Community
This is a early access battle royal game in the beautiful city of Cape Town South Africa. Please support us to build this game into the best Battle Royal Game on the market.
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Gaming | Education
MW3/TeknoMW3/Plutonium clan
Gaming | Streaming
We are a community for everyone who loves gaming, chilling or streaming!
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Gaming | Music
Best gaming server in the discord. One stop for all things gaming. Huge giveaways occasionally. Indians in majority. Plz join.
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Gaming | Streaming
Kahden streamerin perustama kanava. Ajatus lähti siitä kun aina lopulta käännytään pelaamaan Apexia. Tälle kanavalle lisäillään kohokohdat ja ei niin hohdokkaat. Halutessasi voit lisäillä omia hauskoja pelihetkiä kanavalle. Ota yhteyttä: [email protected] tai Discord https://discord.gg/9vHUsJw Terveisin Ergasmi ja Samppax83 www.twitch.tv/samppax83 www.twitch.tv/ergasmi
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Gaming | eSports
Amateur Warzone Tournaments with huge cash prizes! Check out our Discord and website for more details on upcoming tournaments.
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Gaming | Meme
We play CS:GO, VALORANT, Minecraft, and Apex! Some of us swear and the some of us don't swear! We play every day but some of us go to school so we don't get on for a little bit. Aplicit plays a little bit on the weekends! I usually play every day unless I go to my cousins sometimes on the Weekends!
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eSports | Meme
Aerok game server is game server where you can play Cs go,Fortnite,Apex,Overwatch,minecracft. and everything you want we updating server soon and we can add every game you want.
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Gaming | Technology
The OFFICIAL Discord server for Apexfinity . JOIN NOW! YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOKQOqiZi-_BfG1NEYcRWUA Twitch: https://twitch.tv/apexfinity Twitter: https://twitter.com/Apexfinity
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Gaming | eSports
Recently created discord server focused on but not limited to Apex Legends and Minecraft. Nice personal community with clean channels and roles
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Gaming | Social
when you first join your will be dmed the rules just read team out and then verify yourself and then your ready to go
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Social | Gaming
Hewwo! Our server is brand new and looking for nice people who would enjoy a fun judgement free space to hangout and make new friends :3 We're new and could use some new people to help figure out what direction the server will go in and the future!
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Community | Gaming
Unreal Aussies is an Oceanic gaming community that plays a wide variety of games. Known for being incredibly friendly, running a variety of weekly events, occasional tournaments and also their annual charity streams. Want to find a friendly group to play with in your game? Join us today!
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Gaming | Community
Apex Legends ( Deutsch ) ist eine große, deutsche Community welche dabei helfen möchte dass jeder Spieler sein perfektes Squad findet. Wir bieten : - Eine große, freundliche Community - Support bei einfachen oder technischen Problemen - Ein ausgearbeitet Discordsystem mit welchem Ihr Euch schnell und einfach Rollen wie z.B. PC Wraith Level50 geben könnt. - Events & Giveaways - Immer die aktuellsten News zu Apex Legends
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Community | Gaming
We are mostly speaking "danhis" but we also speak enlish (atleast the mods do) everyone is welcome. You can get a privat channel for you and your friends!
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Entertainment | eSports
chill and positive apex gamin
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Gaming | Streaming
Hello everyone i am a middle aged gamer i love to game and entertain so here is my discord to see when im live hope to see you there. Hello everyone i am a middle aged gamer i love to game and entertain i am a streamer on mixer.com/sirwiggy and also dlive.tv/sirwiggy my community is great and we love our streams hype and lit so if you like a hype stream then what are you waiting for join now for notifications of when im live cant wait to see you join and thank you.
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eSports | Gaming
Lasst uns gemeinsam zocken, labern und sonst was. Der Server ist für alle offen. Kommt und spielt.
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Streaming | Gaming
Discord oficialmente Griposo https://twitch.tv/Gr1p3d
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Community | Gaming
an Algerian server, if you want to find new friends or talk with algerian people, learn more about tradition of algeria, play games, have fun with, here is the big place for all the algerian people.
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Salutare tuturor. Serverul de discord 321 Let`s Play - Romania este un server romanesc de discord creat pentru jocul PUBG. Serverul a fost creat recent și ne-am dori sa strangem cati mai multe persoane. Nu conteaza varsta sau cum jucati, conteaza sa va intelegeti bine cu restul playerilor de pe server. Va așteptam în număr cât mai mare.
Gaming | Streaming
Welcome to the world of TECHoVERTS Techoverts is the platform which will help you to become a technophile. Here you will find Tech Reviews like reviews of new phones, laptops, and new tech devices. Updated news from the world of Technology. Gaming Videos and Live streams. That’s not all you will find some interesting videos and tutorials which will help you in your day to day life. So don’t be an introvert or an extrovert # BeaTechovert.
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Entertainment | eSports
Discord dedicado a interação na live!
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Gaming | Community
Just join
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Gaming | Entertainment
Join my server now, we do a lot of gaming while chatting in this server for an example, Fortnite, Minecraft, PupG, Roblox, Apex, and a whole bunch more! we often do a lot of games and challenges in this server, and if u win, you will get a amazing giveaway prize. Everybody in this server is very friendly, they always welcome newcomers and make friends with them. Also in this server all your favourite Youtubers videos are featured in this channel encluding Pewdiepie! This server was ment for all of you guys to join and have fun, because once u join you'll never want to leave! :)
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Social | Meme
just chilling
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Gaming | eSports
A Bulgarian discord community based around Apex Legends! Join the biggest Bulgarian apex legends community over discord !
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YouTuber | Gaming
Welcome to my discord channel guys!
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eSports | Gaming
We support tons of Games (Overwatch, Fortnite, MOBAs, Fighter Games), we host weekly community events, and have a Minecraft server.
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Anime | Gaming
Gaming server for people with problems.
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Gaming | eSports
Aktiivinen E-Sports peliyhteisö sekä pelitapahtumien järjestäjä
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Community | Gaming
We are a Team who have been playing battlefield BFV , APEX, COD, R6S and many other games, we are very friendly people from all over the world. please feel free to introduce your self to our members and server Admins. There is no need for applications to join our team, All we ask is you join in with us when you can and have fun
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Gaming | eSports
Canal para jogadores de LoL/Fortnite/Apex/CS:GO e outros gamers também! Temos eventos e premiações! Junte-se aos piratas e chame seus amigos!
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Gaming | Community
Comunità Discord italiana di Gaming
PC Gamers Place Icon
Gaming | Streaming
Server For Gamers to find your partner for playing Server has voice channels for every game and every game has its channels and streamrs has channels and roles and has bots to get your info from the game you play come join us and have fun
Midwest Renegades™ Icon
eSports | Gaming
- We are a Discord Community Server focused specially on Gaming, we're a growing chilling non-toxic community. We are looking for competitive players in Apex, COD, Fortnite, GTA 5, & More. There are several positions open for you to join here at Midwest Rengades! If you'd like to be a part of any of the following teams, join the server and apply! https://discord.gg/mGPMsaS @GFX Team --> Designers and Editors @Mods --> Admission and Administration @team Captain --> 18+ and previous experience @Co-Captain --> Same as Leader @Competitive Player --> Each game has different requirements - Apex Legends - Call of Duty - Counter Strike: Global Offensive - Fortnite: Battle Royale - League of Legends - Rainbow 6 Siege Server Features: [ | Social Gaming Community ] [ | Self-Roles | Gaming Rooms ] [ | Gaming ] [ | Memes ] [ | Music ] [ | NSFW ] [ | Live Streaming] =============================================
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Gaming | Music
yo ! we are Agility , a fun , outgoing commun- nah just kidding but join dis server.
boba Icon
Entertainment | Gaming
A chill place to make new friends and game ✨
Team Pyramid Community Icon
Gaming | Growth
Gaming community 100s of Fortnite, Apex, and Call Of Duty players Fortnite scrims, customs and creative lobbies Recruiting active content creators! Awesome economy with casino/games
🐝The Bizzy Bunch🐝 Icon
Community | Entertainment
Join the Bizzy Bunch! a fun community looking to make new friends? play games with others? or even just post memes and share stories? well the Bizzy Bunch is the server for you. Join today and lets grown this community together!
Beam's House Icon
Gaming | Community
Hey, this is a server comprised of a small group of people who play various games including Krunker and Overwatch. It is a fairly new server, but currently has about 15 people. The main game most of us play is Overwatch. We have some fairly high ranked players/streamers who are always available to give feedback on any VODs or Clips you'd like to send. Overall, join for a chill experience :D
The Trap Icon
Community | Gaming
This is the trap, what happens here stays here, we welcome new homies from all over the world, except those north korean niggas they whack.
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Gaming | YouTuber
✧ Welcome to Dream Team United, a gaming based server and community for everyone. ✧ So if you wanna hang out, meet new friends and queue with some people come join. ✧We're mainly a Rainbow Six Siege server but we do play a wide variety of games ✧Try to respect everyone in the server and have a sexy time
Apex Server Icon
Gaming | Social
Just a small community playing apex legends and looking for new members
Agoge Gaming Icon
Gaming | eSports
Currently Recruiting for eSports players and management in Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Smite, and Others. Join our discord for more details!
gaVin2212 twitch server Icon
Gaming | Streaming
Hi Im Gavin and this is a server for my twitch stream. For now I am just trying to build a small community. I stream almost every day and play a bunch of different games. It would mean a ton if you join my server.
Competitive Gaming Lounge Icon
Gaming | Community
gaming server
SuomiSiege Icon
Gaming | Social
We are a small community with +100 members looking for more members to chat and game with. We got gaming, meme, nsfw, promo and other channels for everything. We focus more on Valorant atm, so if you need people to play Valorant with this is the right server for you. We mostly speak Finnish, but English is another language we use. Everyone is welcome, so what are you waiting for?
Digital Blackface Icon
Gaming | Anime
Laid-back gaming and media community. Official server for the Digital Blackface Podcast.
Soul Searching Icon
Gaming | Community | Entertainment
Friendly, active and rapidly growing server, come make some new friends
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Rust Cheats / EFT Cheats / Apex Legends Cheats / Valorant Cheats / MW Cheats / Cheap GTA 5 Money / Cheap V-Bucks/ Cheap Robux / 50% Off Amazon Items / Siege Cheats +More
ilacra's treehouse Icon
Gaming | Streaming
Young streamer thant wants to make a living of doing what he loves. Plays games like R6, Apex and others
shrimp's xbox gang Icon
Gaming | Community
This is a server for all you xbox fans out there! Want a server to find a squad, new friends, maybe even a place to chill and vibe? Then this is the place for you! We got plenty of channels and categories as well as features for you to use to make your gaming experience even more fun! Check us out now!
\\_Quarantine & Chill_// Icon
Gaming | Streaming
✨ Gaming ✨ Chillin ✨ Streaming ✨ Music ✨ Meeting new Friends ✨ Dank Memes ✨ Nsfw ✨ Content sharing ✨ All that good stuff ✨ Stream / social promotion ✨ Always looking for rocketleague players! but we play many other games as valorant, destiny 2 and so on. stop by and help build a server of cool peeps!
The Apex Lounge Icon
Gaming | Community
Welcome Legends! The Apex Lounge is an up and coming new discord community that houses all Legends of various kinds. We created it about a month ago with more than 300 members now! This server is for the community to: - Make new friends - Gain teammates to play within ranked to pubs - Get together and have a good time - Talk anything and everything about Apex Legends - Participate in giveaways for Apex coins - Ranked Roles - Loads of channels including, end-game showoff, LFG and self-promo - Connect with PC, Xbox, and PS Legends If you’re as skilled as an Apex Predator or more like a baked potato you should have no fear as this community aims towards being friendly and helpful to all Legends. We hope to see you there!
Bitter Ass Gamers Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
Big chillin
Gaming | Community
Welcome to the Dead Friends Gaming Community. Note: We are a UK located, English speaking international gaming community.
gamer hangout Icon
Gaming | Meme
Gamers only. We got a whole bunch of games that you can talk about and meet new people! (Brand new server) or you can just come in and chill.