🌟ASIAN 🌟 KPOP 🌟 GIVEAWAYS🌟 International Asian Community Discord Server. Come join! Everyone is welcomed!
Cute and comfy place, join if you like anime, gaming and random convos :3 (also im really bad at making these ads im sorry)
For every foreign country member, we opend English chatroom. This room facilities global conversation, so we recommend you to use it having good time in this server!
Welcome to AR10Nation! Feel free to invite anyone you wish into this server to play League of Legends, Apex, Pubg, The Sims 4 and Fortnite. Hoping to hold tournaments in the future as the server grows. Experience the best of the gaming communities.
Anime and memes and life and games
Mожете да се присъедините към, Българския канал за игра -Dota2 -CsGO -PuBG -Apex Legends и други заповядай те
PENTA Sports signed player "strafy" - Discord community.
Friendly, active and rapidly growing server, come make some new friends
A server based on my YouTube channel, KeenBeen.
Salut la populas', bienvenue sur le serveur de la communauté DXT. Vous pourrez y retrouver des joueurs de tout jeux et styles de jeux confondus venant de toutes plateformes (PC-PS4-XBOX-SWITCH-...) mais également des YouTubeurs / Streameurs (vous serez prévenues a chaque début de live et sorties de nouvelle vidéos dans un salon dédiée). N'hésitez surtout pas à rejoindre, personne ne mord !. Enjoy :v:
Official discord for Vace streaming @twitch.tv/vaceofficial!
Welcome to Wolves of War! This is a FPS based fun clan. If you would like to play with us, feel free to join our Discord server.
Serveur multigaming Francophone
Join the Bizzy Bunch! a fun community looking to make new friends? play games with others? or even just post memes and share stories? well the Bizzy Bunch is the server for you. Join today and lets grown this community together!
Come join REG! a fun multi gaming server that host fun event's and has many cool bots to play around with! we focus on making a fun easy going environment for our members come find others to play with and chat up a storm <3. Anime, Gaming, Streams, Music, Movies
Communauté Multi-Gaming Française, délire et bonne humeur, le smile vous l'aurez toujours ici !
Home to your favorite Panda and Siege Coach. Come on in ;-)
AlPlayz' Discord Server
All Gamers Welcome is a Discord server for Gamers that includes many different topics including anime, memes, call of duty,roblox,fortnite,terraria,minecraft,apex,pac man,krunker,baldis basics,zombsroyale,overwatch, and music.
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✅ We have a ton of active players & community events ✅ We're a friendly bunch (vets, new players, ex-competitive) and don't take anything too serious 🚩 Find rules & our peak hours @ #rules-and-info and #faq-and-info - it's quick, I promise 🚩 Joining a game/looking for a squad? #looking-for-a-game 🚩 Tech/game issues? We got you - #tech-and-troubleshooting We make ourselves available for our players so if you need anything, have concerns/comments/suggestions you can always @ Admin or message any of us individually and we'd be happy to help. We're all just trying to build a community where we can have fun and a good time. That said, glad you could join us! Hope to see you in the discord and in-game. Cheers!
This discord started out because of the Twitch stream going amazing and we wanted to have a place for all the casual's to have fun/relax and talk to each other EVEN off stream! My wishes for this community is to bring ppl together! Game with each other and have amazing times to remember when we are old and rusty! xD Also this discord gives me the opportunity to drop any information about special events like, The tournaments im hosting. There are alot of future plans that are on its way so stay tuned! Hopefully you all have a great and a amazing time! And cant wait to have a fun chat with everyone! With much love! The casual_gaming_dad Team!
Streamer's discord
Discord para gamers só gamers
Le plus gros événement esport du sud de la France est de retour pour une troisième édition en 2020
Servidor de chilling :D
This a gaming server with an awsome welcoming community if u need to find someone to play with online or just want free GTA5 money drops You will enjoy this place!
League of Legends | Anime | Gaming | MMORPG | Music | Friends | Chat | Programming
Typical gaming, youtube, twitch rooms. The server for now is done but we will always be updating and changing depending on how many people stay active and request from users. There are NSFW channels but those are private pending user investigations from host and admins. We don't have many rules besides be respectful and obviously no racist remarks or slang of any kind. In the NSFW channels you can post any lewd post that you want and any memes but the rules still apply of being respectful and no racism.
The Impact Gaming Community is multi-game community currently serving PC gamers across various titles. We are a group of semi-hardcore players who have gathered together under a single banner to game together and build lasting friendships! Each of us has a passion for gaming and we are always looking to expand our ranks.
Hewwo! Our server is brand new and looking for nice people who would enjoy a fun judgement free space to hangout and make new friends :3 We're new and could use some new people to help figure out what direction the server will go in and the future!
Meet new friends and enjoy spicy memes! There’s both hang out and gaming voice chats. Whether you just wanna chill out or play some Overwatch, Apex, or Fornite, we got you covered! The staff is friendly and so are the people. We also have roles and levels so you can customize your profile as you wish. Hope to see you there!
"ʇuɐʍ ǝʍ ʇɐɥʍ ʎɐld" is a discord server started by a small group of 4 friends to just have a laugh and a chat whilst playing some games. later we started to add a small number of other people we met online and now have a few members who are also interested in just meeting people through gaming. Whilst we're not a NSFW server we do have a NSFW section! we are new to the whole "public server" scene and would ask that you are patient with us whilst we work out the balance between what's best for the server and what's best for other people. Come and join!
Unreal Aussies is an Oceanic gaming community that plays a wide variety of games. Known for being incredibly friendly, running a variety of weekly events, occasional tournaments and also their annual charity streams. Want to find a friendly group to play with in your game? Join us today!
Apex Legends ( Deutsch ) ist eine große, deutsche Community welche dabei helfen möchte dass jeder Spieler sein perfektes Squad findet. Wir bieten : - Eine große, freundliche Community - Support bei einfachen oder technischen Problemen - Ein ausgearbeitet Discordsystem mit welchem Ihr Euch schnell und einfach Rollen wie z.B. PC Wraith Level50 geben könnt. - Events & Giveaways - Immer die aktuellsten News zu Apex Legends