Hobbies | Community | Education
Horticulture & Husbandry is a comfy nature server for adults. Feel free to join and chat about your favorite pet, plant or just nature in general
Community | Growth
We intend to grow a respectable community where you and other people can share ideas, memes, and lots of other things!
Science | Social
This server is a chill, general-purpose hangout for anyone who loves nature, wildlife, or sciences in general! Whether you're an expert zoologist, casually interested, or just wanna see pictures of cute animals! ...or even if you just wanna talk about some random stuff!
Role-Playing | Furry
Semi-Realistic Role-Play Server based on the world in the children's book series, Warriors by Erin Hunter. Cats msut be realistic in appearance. Rated Mature We are a Highly Educational LGBT+ friendly server
Community | Hobbies
Picture Purrfect is a community forum about cats. Do you own a cat and have some questions about the well-being of your kitty? Do you need some advice about the best nutrition for your darling? Are you interested in different cat breeds? Or do you maybe just want to see some amazing cats? Well, if any of these questions is you, then feel free to join us!
Entertainment | Gaming
Eng server just for fun , do whatever you want but respect others ( server under reconstruction cause at first it was a french server)
Social | Meme
we just really love chatting and having fun! sure, the concept is a bit abstract but unique! we have loads of channels, custom commands, and really just want to have fun!
Community | Furry
Guinea Pig Land is for Guinea Pig Lovers.
Gaming | Science
Basically a server for shitposting, talking about animals, and playing minecraft
Meme | Community
This is a server I made for people that really like birbs or just wanna chat and look at birb memes.
Gaming | Art
This is a fun/creative server based around TheMarleyChannel. A great place to talk about stuff you like and make friends.
Hobbies | Community
Friendly welcoming community, this server is all about keeping DartFrogs. View our twitch channel to view these jungle jewels in the comfort of your own home.
Community | Furry
Howdy! I'd like to introduce you to a little server that's just floating around digital space among many others. Now what's special about this server? You may be wondering. Well! This server is dedicated to the wonderful marsupials of North America. The Opossums! Talk about your love for them! Learn about them! This server is run by the admins of the Instagram @ijustreallylikepossums. We are a tightknit community of friendly people. We have fun events coming up such as movie nights, talent shows, and game nights. We will be developing our own little Minecraft server as well. Come and stop by and make some new friends! Share your art! Have some fun! Everybody is welcome!
Community | Gaming
Animal Discord is a small community that connects casual chatting, gaming and of course, animals. We have a variety of channels and roles dedicated to animals and a levelling system. We have staff that actively watch and help the community when it's needed and always have tools to help in situations such as raids, harassment and the list goes on.
Community | Social
Welcome to our friendly, Cat loving Server 🐱, We host fun events such as polls and have loads of bots and staff 📃. We even have self roles, No N.S.F.W and human Verification for bots 🤖. Hope you join!
Crypto | Gaming
Ethereum based crypto powered animal card trading game.
Role-Playing | Art
A Nice Place to RP as an Animal! (Savannah)
Meme | Social
A chill, active community for all ages 13+.
A fun wholesome server with a great community for sharing pictures of animals, mainly focused around dogs.
Role-Playing | Furry
A low-key and easy accessible roleplay channel set in the primitive era. Think viking/native indians. The aim of Lowki is to be able to combine the fun of roleplaying within your busy IRL schedule. Respect eachother's time, but make sure to be active in OOC chat. We're still building this channel and definitely open to suggestions! https://shenkiee.wixsite.com/lowki
Education | Community
Plants Animals Permaculture Health Ecology Wildcrafting
Community | Anime
Looking for a place to relax and chat in an inviting community? We have tons of cat emotes, cute members and an aesthetic environment ✧・゚: *✧・゚
Entertainment | Social
Do you like birds? Do you like any other type of animals? Well in this server we share all our adorable friends! Feathery, fluffy,tall, tiny, everyone is welcome! Share your animals and see the cute peeps our bots shows! This is also a place to socialise and talk about anything! LGBTQ+ friendly!
Role-Playing | Furry
ItVoS features playable wolves, sled dogs, and deer! Events are possible to dramatically change roleplay, and each pack has its own ranking/naming system! We have community channels for memes, venting, talking about your characters, and more!
Community | Music
Do you love dogs (especially corgis), cute animals, lofi hip hop music, and memes? Then The Best Server Ever is the right place for you! We are a new server and welcome anyone who loves to chill, talk, and make new friends!
Community | Meme
A server for Cat Lovers, And Any Community! We are open to anything, and everyone! We have Dank Memer, OwO, Dyno, Yagpdb, Mantaro, Phone Booth bot, And more! This is a small server, But that doesn't mean we can't make your day a little better!
Furry | Art
Here at the Furry Academy, we welcome all furs (and none furs)! We are community made for people to come together to make new friends and have a safe place for everyone to be themselves!
Science | Education
Wildlife Biology Group and Discussion
Gaming | Sports
A server for fans/players of the Hunter: call of the wild. For PC, xbox and ps4 players. Come and exchange tips and tactics, share pictures of your best trophy animals. Have fun hunting with your friends and show your lodges.
Community | Social
Welcome The Official P5YK0P4T Community Server! We are a Discord community server! Super Friendly Community looking to make friends, Game, Chat and relate about similar interests!
Social | Entertainment
Welcome to Hideout! This server exists to make people forget the day-to-day stress of every day life. There is no news, no politics, no sad stories. Animal Crossing friendly!!! People can help you if you're struggling with something :)!!! so stop by!! We are a relatively new community, we would love to have you! This server is mainly focused on v i b i n g, which means, we want you to have the best possible time you can have! We are LGBTQIA+ friendly :) Discussions range from: - Gaming - Anime - Social Life - Food - Music - A N I M A L S And many, many more!
Community | Anime
➤Focused for community, games, animes and many other topics ! ➤By gaining more people we'll improve the DC more and more ➤3 Years of DC experiance ➽ 60+ Roles to choose from to personalise your profile ➽ Currency to buy higher Roles/Ranks ➽ 30+ Channels to talk with other people ➽ Easily understandable Bots ➽ NSFW, Anime, Games all the main stuff in one Server ➽ 10 Interests channels for your own hobbies ➤ We'll apreciate the accession on our Server. For more informations DM me (BenKa#0202). Lets try to build up our Server for a next milestone.
Anime | Community
A nice respectful discord filled with very intelligent people ♡ Events ♡ Music ♡ Karaoke ♡ Anime ♡ Custom Channel ♡ Art ♡ Pets ♡ Tech ♡ MORE
Community | Social
.•° ✿ °•. • shiba • °•. ✿ .•° If you're looking for a new and non-toxic community to stay in, you've found the right one! We are open to any topics and interests such as art, anime, movies, shows, gaming, etc. 🌸 ╤╤╤╤ ✿ ╤╤╤╤ 🌸 What do we have to offer? 🌸 ╧╧╧╧ ✿ ╧╧╧╧ 🌸 🌻 self-roles 🌻 color-roles 🌻 lots of bots 🌻 friendly and active admins 🌻 various channels including but not all: • music channel • about-you channel (introductions and selfies) • channels for your interests (music, gaming, art, etc.) • voice channel 🌻 cute emojis 🌻 anti-spam system 🌻 and a very accepting community! We don't tolerate any racism, colorism, hate upon the LGBTQIA++ community, sexism, and many more. We hope you join our server! ♡
LGBT | Furry
Grab your coffee, friends and pillows, and come joins us at the new, fresh LGBT/ Furry server where everyone is accepted. We are just starting out on our journey to grow it into a nice cozy environment. - Events - Chatting, creative and other fun corners - Fun bots: PokeMeow, Sheri Blossom, NotSoBot
Community | Entertainment
Completely chill server free for anyone to join(◕ᴗ◕✿) We encourage you to freely express yourself, show your talents, find friends or just be chill and hangout.
Art | Meme
A chill server and a safe place for chatting, meeting new friends, sharing your own artwork and more. Everyone is welcome.
Gaming | Art
Raccoon fun with welcoming people!
Meme | Entertainment
There are great memes, and a welcoming staff.
Community | Gaming
Bubbly Pets is a friendly community welcoming all animal lovers and pet owners to show off their beloved animals and share their experiences and recommendations ❥
Science | Community
Announcing Ornis! The server for all things ornithology. From ecology to ethology, we have channels for researchers and conservationists of all persuasions as well as zones for bird related hobbies and other professions, including birding, photography, aviculture and more! So whether you're an experienced researcher, fresh undergrad or simply enjoy learning about birds, there's a place for everyone at Ornis.
Gaming | Hobbies
This server is about providing people a space to play with others and talk. You can talk about everything from pets to games.
Social | Gaming
Social | Support
No Toxicity, No Drama, Just Pure Sweet Wholesome Joy Talk about wholesome memes with friends Vent a little Post some epic pet pics.
Beliefs | Community
Welcome to Purple Peacock! This server is created for people interested in nature and want to increase their knowledge on this topic. Also, in the section for endangered animals, you can talk about ways in order to help these animals. We will add a channel where you can share links to offers that will help these animals.
Role-Playing | Community
Adopt pets, chat with others, get early access to a future petsite, roleplay, have fun and much more!
Social | Hobbies
Cat Pictures is a small community-focused server for people who love cats! There are also channels for other animals, and general off-topic discussion. The server is a lovely place for anyone who wants to share pictures, talk about cats, look at cats, or just chat!
Community | Social
The Official Budgie Server on Discord. The place for all things budgie. Everything is all about Budgies, which is short for Budgerigar, type of Parakeet. We get entertained learn and thrive together in a world full of budgies. The budgie is a very intelligent bird. and can be tamed to do various tricks or even speak. Stay around to know more about Budgies, their history, anatomy, what they like, and what they don't like. Here you get to see random moments, happy and sad, we get to celebrate a new life together, and sometimes unfortunately we cry and get emotional. But together we stay strong and thrive as one big Budgie Family. 🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦
Meme | Entertainment
a server filled with memes mini games chat and food! have a good time vibing with people you didn't even know existed! :D
Hobbies | Science
The Big Dogs Hello, fellow animal lovers! This server is dedicated to dog training, diets, tips, advanced training, agility, showing, health, history, etc. however, people with livestock, cats, fish, etc. are always welcome as well! Even if you have no pets and you’d like to learn about certain animals or you want a pet in the future come join us! Reasons why you should join us •We accept responsible buyers, breeders AND rescuers. •You’re bound to learn something new with us about your pet! •With us you can learn how to train your horse, bird, dog, cat, or even fish! Yes, you can train your fish! •We just recently made the server so we’re seeking admins. If you think you would like to submit an application you absolutely can before it’s too late! •If needed you can set up a private appointment with the owner or someone else about behavioral issues and training, free of charge.
Role-Playing | Science
Science-focused semi-realistic animal rp server that focuses on animals that humans have killed off and animals that still exist.
Emoji | Community
Welcome to the best puppies emote server! In this server, we have a lot of variety of puppies nitro emojis with which you can enjoy sending in any server chat. Also, if you don't have nitro, you can use the non-animated emojis on the EC | Puppies edition server with other users! Remember that if you like the server, share it to help us, thank you! LINK: https://discord.gg/23XxDeDpuK
Gaming | Art
GAMER? ARTIST? Just looking for a chat? JOIN NOW! This server is a chilled out gaming and chatting server!
Community | Social
Here at The Pack, We are a group of chill people who are accepting of anyone regardless of anyone of any background who is looking for friends to hang out with. Chill staff, And chill people all around! Looking for people to join and stay❤️ Any and Everyone is welcome. See you there!!
Community | Furry
This server is all about the wonderful Japanese dog breed called Shiba (and all its variants), or as we like to call them, Shibes.
Community | Art
Advanced Aquascaping is a friendly active Aquatics server made for hobbyists of all levels.
Community | Gaming
Creato con la funzione di divertimento, The goat è un server fondato principalmente sulla community generale, con la funzione di far divertire e socializzare tutti gli utenti del server!
Community | Hobbies
Aquarium Community is an international server open to all. We welcome anyone who has a passion for fish keeping & aquariums. This is a server for all things related to fish and even semi-aquatic creature keeping. All water parameters are allowed freshwater, saltwater and brackish (Terrariums, paludariums, and vivariums welcome as well). Just no snakes or dry land reptiles please. We are the largest discord server in the hobby with over 3300 members and counting. This is a friendly and judgement free area which we have an admin/mod team which makes sure it stays this way, please feel welcome to join us!
Community | Social
Chill, meet friends and hang out post your cat dog or other animal pictures but most importantly have fun.
Community | Hobbies
A group of people who adore the wilderness and all the fun actives and animals that come with those forests and mountains we love to explore.
Role-Playing | Community
Welcome to East Portville, the city of Strays. Here, we roleplay as a variety of stray animals (some lost/runaway pets, others born on the streets) and the hijinks they get up to. Be a loner and make your own way or join a gang and find your place among the ranks. There is a plethora of opportunity in the city of Strays. Survival is hard and there is always someone out to get you, be it other Strays, full gangs, or animal control. Join us in the expanding journies of the many strays that call this town home! -13+ - No Smut -Must be literate and speak fluent English -3+ lines/sentences (no one liners please) -3rd POV only -LGBTQ friendly -Going for Realism -Dark themes and other related topics will be present. Not for the faint of heart. This is a BRAND NEW rp group! Roleplaying won't start until the 16th to build a bit of population. Please feel free to join up, look around, ask questions, and make characters!
Social | Entertainment
A nice place to talk about our favourite little doggo, Chino! Join and talk to others, share memes and most important, pray to Chino!
Shibe's World Is A Server Where You Can Talk About Shibes And Other Animals! We Are Currently Looking For Staff
Social | Community
If you like animals Grapefruit is the server for YOU. We are a chill social community dedicated to animals. We also have an aesthetically pleasing theme with over 40 emotes!
Community | Social | Meme
A bunch of celestial fathers injecting various substances into their body to achieve immortality and manipulation of quantum forces. In reality just a bunch of lads with a variety of interests who've known each other for a long time. We're usually up to whatever has our interest at the time. We don't care who you are or what you do, so long as you're not a total cock about it. We're all dads at the end of the day.