ItVoS features playable wolves, sled dogs, and deer! Events are possible to dramatically change roleplay, and each pack has its own ranking/naming system! We have community channels for memes, venting, talking about your characters, and more!
Artemis is a welcoming, wholesome place, with a positive and loving atmosphere, where everyone is treated like a friend. We excel at helping shy folx open up and hope to help you as well! We are family friendly and have members of nearly every age. 🐾 Cute nature aesthetic 🐾 Color and expressive roles 🐾 Animal themed ranks 🐾 Drawing and music events 🐾 Daily hugs and head pats 🐾 LGBT and furry friendly 🐾 13+ and SFW 🐾 Inactive users are kicked (but are welcome back!)
We are a right now small, friendly server, I want people to come here and enjoy it, I understand that we are small and a bit inactive right now but I am really trying my best to get this up to something big, we have very little rules and support everyone!
Seeking a place to advertise your otherkin or plurality Discord server? Well look no further! At the Kin & Plural Hub, you will not only be able to showcase your server but find new ones as well! We are endogenic and double friendly!
We are British cunts that enjoy talking about random shit, gaming, music and shitposting, please show us your pets. The discord is active daily and we like talking to new people.
Plants Animals Permaculture Health Ecology Wildcrafting
Some aspects of DnD involved. Roleplay is still under construction and ideas are very welcome!
This is a server made to help educate people about the care of reptiles, and to connect with other people who own and appreciate reptiles. With an assortment of veteran reptile keepers most of your questions you may have about the owning or keeping of reptiles can be answered here. We also have keepers for many other animals such as inverts like tarantulas and scorpions or the normal fluffy animals such as dogs,cats,guinea pigs,rats, you name it there is a good chance someone here has it.
Howdy! I'd like to introduce you to a little server that's just floating around digital space among many others. Now what's special about this server? You may be wondering. Well! This server is dedicated to the wonderful marsupials of North America. The Opossums! Talk about your love for them! Learn about them! This server is run by the admins of the Instagram @ijustreallylikepossums. We are a tightknit community of friendly people. We have fun events coming up such as movie nights, talent shows, and game nights. We will be developing our own little Minecraft server as well. Come and stop by and make some new friends! Share your art! Have some fun! Everybody is welcome!
Gemtopolis is a community we're tying to build up to have a safe and friendly environment! We have plenty of rooms for different content and lots of bots to mess around with! We also have lots of color roles that you can earn and even roles you can choose from! Come by today and be a part of this pleasant community! What we have to offer! ~Self-assignable roles ~Friends ~A friendly community full of fun ~NSFW Channel ~Memes ~Art ~Music ~Question of the day! ~Growing server ~Multiple fun bots like Pokècord and IdleRPG etc. ~Many more! We hope you join our server and enjoy your time there! We’ll see you in Gemtopolis!
Animal Discord is a small community that connects casual chatting, gaming and of course, animals. We have a variety of channels and roles dedicated to animals and a levelling system. We have staff that actively watch and help the community when it's needed and always have tools to help in situations such as raids, harassment and the list goes on.
Welcome to our friendly, Cat loving Server 🐱, We host fun events such as polls and have loads of bots and staff 📃. We even have self roles, No N.S.F.W and human Verification for bots 🤖. Hope you join!
Ethereum based crypto powered animal card trading game.
Just a nice place to come chill and socialise, low moderation, just abide tos and youre good :)
➳kind of dead but im trying to make it better some advice would be great
Bird's Bumpin' Bungalow is a bird-care focused discord, with extra emphasis on the bird! The goal of the discord is to actively educate bird owners, lovers, activists everywhere! Always encouraging healthy care and research. Feel free to contribute as even the owners are always learning new things!
A Nice Place to RP as an Animal! (Savannah)
A chill, active community for all ages 13+.
A fun wholesome server with a great community for sharing pictures of animals, mainly focused around dogs.
A low-key and easy accessible roleplay channel set in the primitive era. Think viking/native indians. The aim of Lowki is to be able to combine the fun of roleplaying within your busy IRL schedule. Respect eachother's time, but make sure to be active in OOC chat. We're still building this channel and definitely open to suggestions!
This server is to make fridnds, have fun and talk about anything! Anybody is allowed to join and have fun here. There are msuic channels, game channels, animal channels and more Please join and make friends :D
Welcome To The Trash Pit, Talk About Anything You Wish And Your Wish May Come True
Furtopia is an inclusive lgbt+ furry community that focuses on hanging out and having a good time, while sharing common interests and laughter. We welcome anyone willing to put in the effort of familiarizing themselves with the community, and getting involved, and if you're shy, no need to worry, we don't judge :3
Cat Pictures is a small community-based server for people who love cats! There are also channels for other animals, and general off-topic discussion. The server is a lovely place for anyone who wants to share pictures, talk about cats, look at cats, or just talk!
Looking for a place to relax and chat in an inviting community? We have tons of cat emotes, cute members and an aesthetic environment ✧・゚: *✧・゚
The Pug's Playhouse server offers a safe place for everyone. In this server the Pugs can talk about games,anime, irl, or just off topic conversations. You may vent about issues. The staff will be chill so you may have fun. Join the Pug's Playhouse
Hey you! Yeah, you! Want to join a discord server full of memes and shitposting? I've got the server for you! Join if you want a nice small knit group of people to talk to, hang out with, and play games with :) we also have a server-only Minecraft realm! ⚠️ May contain triggering topics and dark humor⚠️
This friendly community welcomes all! We're a community dedicated to gaming but we have channels for all kinds of things! Come and talk about food, movies, music, animals, anything! Hope to see you soon!
A chill server for chatting. Everyone is welcome! You can say pretty much anything. Memes, music, gaming, support, roleplay, crazy people, and BOTS. See you there!
Discord Pets is a server for all the petowners.
A friendly discord full of lizard owners
cherry bomb, a growing community server! we at cherry bomb work very hard to make the server as active as we can and to make the experience enjoyable to everyone! we have events, giveaways and a friendly accepting community just waiting to meet you!
I started this server to unite Christians without unrighteous bias, to have fellowship with each other and discuss good and important things we should want to know, its not a place to judge clothes, music, or taste in things so long as they are Christian or Christian friendly. I just want a place where young and seasoned Christians can come together and discuss good things, like farming , music, art , spiritual development and even when appropriate philosophy. I hope you chose to join us here , Godspeed St. Rafael
Seeking a place to share your Ideas & creations? Creative Thoughts is all about colors, ideas, conversation, and more! We are friendly community, however we’re always listening to suggestions from the community.
Dark Hallows is a unique and interactive role playing group involving your favorite animals! Roleplay as a tiger, lion, wolf, even a house cat! Whatever your mighty brains can come up with! We are still growing so we would appreciate having your support, creativity, and ideas join Dark Hallows. You won’t regret it!
Advanced Aquascaping is a server created and designed for the aquascaping enthusiast!
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