With a close-knit family of people and cute bird emotes, The Bird Nest is a nice little haven of wholesomeness. Take a break from the craziness of other servers.
General pet discord for all types of pet owners.
Avian Chillzone is dedicated to finding a new home for bird and videogame enthusiasts. We want you to not think of us as any other ordinary discord community. Everyday we strive and look for a new reason for you all to be apart of Avian Chillzone. We may not be a large community, but we are definitely a friendly and nice community for how many members we have. Avian Chillzone would love to see some new faces ready to give bird talks, bird support, game talks, game support, and many other things! Come on in!
Pony Town Specie Made Of Birds
Active VC every night America time Growing group of friends welcoming new people
Welcome! This is a server for all bird lovers whether you own a bird or not! Here we have a bunch of knowledgable people who can help you with your feathered friend's needs.
The Exotics Expo™ is a Discord Server for exotic pet owners, or people who are interested in exotics! We have seperate categories for all types of pets, from birds to arachnids. We also have special channels for tips, and showing off your beloved animals!