Furry | Social
We're an avian (bird) furry server with a diverse member pool (others species & non-furries welcome). Just keep in mind we tend to have an edgy sense of humour, so user discretion is advised!
Meme | Entertainment
A server for people who like ducks
Meme | Community
This is a server I made for people that really like birbs or just wanna chat and look at birb memes.
Hobbies | Community
Bird server with 300+ members and a warm, welcoming and knowledgeable community! There is many channels for the discussion of bird care, housing and training as well as for bird memes and bird watching as well as offtopic chats. We have many experts that are willing to answer any of your questions! Additionally we also have self assignable roles for bird owners, bird watchers or just general bird fans. Feel free to join and see for yourself!
Meme | Entertainment
A nice snazzy server with a bird theme. Post memes, art, chat, 41 bird emojis, active owner and much more! No tolerance for NSFW, Swearing, spamming, and unkindness.
Education | Social
A fun and educational Discord server for bird lovers everywhere.
Furry | Social
Hello and welcome to the bird's discord Who is bird ? Bird is an actual fursuiter who basically wear fursuit with a 43k people following him Want to know more about him ? Just join his discord ! don't worry he don't bite ;)
Community | Role-Playing
If you always loved to dream about being an animal, than you can join Animal Zones. In Animal Zones there's 3 Zones to choose from. 1. Furry Zone. Its roles are: Fox which is Admin role, Dog, Cat Bat, Kitsune, Hedgehog, Echidna, Wolf, Chipmunk, Rabbit, Raccoon, and Skunk. 2. Pony Zone. Its roles are: Alicorn which is Admin role, Pegasus, Unicorn, and Earth Pony. 3. Bird Zone. Its roles are: Griffin which is Admin role, Phoenix, Parrot, Owl, and Blue Jay.
Community | Social
The Official Budgie Server on Discord. The place for all things budgie. Everything is all about Budgies, which is short for Budgerigar, type of Parakeet. We get entertained learn and thrive together in a world full of budgies. The budgie is a very intelligent bird. and can be tamed to do various tricks or even speak. Stay around to know more about Budgies, their history, anatomy, what they like, and what they don't like. Here you get to see random moments, happy and sad, we get to celebrate a new life together, and sometimes unfortunately we cry and get emotional. But together we stay strong and thrive as one big Budgie Family. 🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦
Community | Entertainment
The Aviary is a friendly, welcoming server for people of all walks of life! We are a very laid back, small (but growing quickly!) community, eager for YOU to join! The owner is very active, and so are the staff! We have something for everyone- you'll never run out of things to do here!
Community | Meme
A wholesome server on the topic of birbs, where you can experience plenty of positivity and happiness.