Furry | LGBT
Tweet tweet!🐦This is a furry Discord server for avians (birds)! All identities are welcome however—we're LGBT-friendly and don't be afraid to chat! We also have self-roles, a variety of channels, lots of fun bots, and little rules to follow. We're a small but growing community; we hope to grow from your contribution!
Meme | Entertainment
A server for people who like ducks
Social | Community
A friendly low profile server to come in and discuss about your birds. we are all friendly in birds paradise, but please note this server is being worked on, so there are still some things we are setting up. user suggestions are always appreciated.
Hobbies | Community
Bird server with 300+ members and a warm, welcoming and knowledgeable community! There is many channels for the discussion of bird care, housing and training as well as for bird memes and bird watching as well as offtopic chats. We have many experts that are willing to answer any of your questions! Additionally we also have self assignable roles for bird owners, bird watchers or just general bird fans. Feel free to join and see for yourself!
Meme | Entertainment
A nice snazzy server with a bird theme. Post memes, art, chat, 41 bird emojis, active owner and much more! No tolerance for NSFW, Swearing, spamming, and unkindness.
Social | Meme
A nice server where you can be a bird representing a country.
Education | Social
A fun and educational Discord server for bird lovers everywhere.
Furry | Social
Hello and welcome to the bird's discord Who is bird ? Bird is an actual fursuiter who basically wear fursuit with a 43k people following him Want to know more about him ? Just join his discord ! don't worry he don't bite ;)