Community | Hobbies
Picture Purrfect is a community forum about cats. Do you own a cat and have some questions about the well-being of your kitty? Do you need some advice about the best nutrition for your darling? Are you interested in different cat breeds? Or do you maybe just want to see some amazing cats? Well, if any of these questions is you, then feel free to join us!
Furry | Community
The server supports LGBTQ+ / Furry members, and is a safe haven for all. We have games, art, roleplay, photography, a meme haven with tons of memes, a Minecraft server, and much more!
Community | LGBT
[16+] A friendly little fantasy-themed LGBT server looking for new friends! Come hang out with us we won't bite 🥺
Gaming | Social | Community
18+ / social + gaming / nsfw / lgbt+ friendly
Community | Anime
☕Welcome to Coffee Lounge☕ At Coffee Lounge, you can relax and socialize with many different people and look for new friend or possible interests 👀 We have Categories for: Anime🐲 Art🎨 Movies🎬 Music🎧 Writing✏ And more to come!  Our staff are friendly and welcoming and we hope our server can be that way for you as well. Come and enjoy a coffee with us!☕☕
Bot | Hobbies
Gabe's Garden is a support server for a handful of bots made by Rex#0420, but is also just a hang out for fans of any and everything! The community within the server is fun loving and kind, everyone is welcome. We're focused on things we're passionate about. With channels where you can post your art, or share some pictures of your pets, as well as one where you can share your gaming experiences, you won't get bored too quickly!
Entertainment | Meme
Idek tbh
Financial | Investing
We sell hypixel coins our services are armor, pets, items and coins.
Meme | Gaming
Come join Mank Demes discord server :heart: This server was originally for the followers of @w.mank.demes on instagram to make friends and chat to the man himself But it’s turned into a chill place to come meet and make new friends :blush: We welcome anyone and everyone no matter what :handshake: we do not want anyone to judge anyone else for their beliefs, opinions, and sides they stand on I want everyone to feel safe and welcomed, but being said it is a meme based server so plenty of people will joke around so try not to take everything offensively :slight_smile: The more people to join and be active the more we add on to make the server better, we take suggestions anytime, and plan on doing some events (including movie nights, game nights, drawings, and more...) :confetti_ball:
Community | Social
VibeZone Welcome to VibeZone, here we make sure we listen to our community and make sure they are safe.. ☑️Activate community ☑️ Active staff ☑️ Security ☑️ Memes ☑️Pet pictures ☑️ Food pictures Join today!
Community | Hobbies
hiya! this server is just a fun place to chill out & make friends new server but hoping to grow! for both french & english speakers.
A place for reptile owners to hang out! Trying to make a small community into a big one!
Social | Community
A friendly low profile server to come in and discuss about your birds. we are all friendly in birds paradise, but please note this server is being worked on, so there are still some things we are setting up. user suggestions are always appreciated.
Social | Hobbies
Cat Pictures is a small community-based server for people who love cats! There are also channels for other animals, and general off-topic discussion. The server is a lovely place for anyone who wants to share pictures, talk about cats, look at cats, or just talk!
Social | Meme
Hello! We are a friendly chatting server where you can meet other people ! Everyone is welcome :D We have gaming, anime, pets and more chats ! (We also have nsfw ;) )
Gaming | Anime
Hey! Come join our little server and hang out with new people and us. we welcome everyone and mainly play games like league or overwatch (if wanted ill add in other spots to talk about other games or games in general). we also have an art channel and music channel where you can share your own art and music or your favorite art and music. We warmly welcome everyone who wants to join our little server and chat and we will proudly call you a Jellie!
LGBT | Social
This is an lgptq+ friendly server, it's quite gay here in honesty. We have many people with different interests, so if you join, you'll most likely fit right in. This is quite a friendly server, but we have a tendency to become asylum like, so beware.
Gaming | Streaming
Community | Anime
Panda Party: Meet & Chill~ is a new server that welcomes everyone! We are a bunch of friends that consider each other as part of one big family~ The main focus is, of course, to meet people and have a neverending friendship! What do we talk about? Basically everything! Music, art, gaming, anime, daily life, pets, and the list continue! So come say a hi and be part of the family ❤️
Community | Education
Care progressive exotic pets server. All are welcome even if you don't currently have exotic pets.
Community | Social
We are a community based server where we try our best to have fun and chat with eachother, potentially making new friends. Not so long ago we changed the server completely and are in the process of creating our own mythology kinda thing as a joke and create lore and storytelling. We have: Achievable roles from chatting. NSFW channels requiring verification. Servers mythology lore role giving access to the storytelling etc. Subject channels such as Music, Art, Games, Pets, Memes, Selfies and Anime. Semi active voice chats and text channels. Potentially D&D in the future. Vent and Advice channels.
Social | Art
· A casual talking server · We do say bad words · need new friends . We speek mostly English but I (Megatron) speaks Russian and the owner speaks Korean
Community | Gaming
We are Atlas! A big community of gamers, artists, comedians and more! We welcome newcomers with open arms and offer a wide range of channels! We hope you enjoy our little community!
Community | Entertainment
A level 3 server with over 400 emojis. Warm welcomes. Plus an owner you can ping and get a hug cuz idk why not. 👏🏻♥️
Gaming | Meme
A place to play games send dank memes talk about anime, and other stuff.
Community | Emoji
✨Welcome to Catto Gang!✨ A purrfect server for making friends, socializing, CATS, and others! We are a striving catto-fan community looking to be the best server there is! Here we offer a lotta things for you like... 😺 A butt ton of bots that you can play with like Cards Against Humanity and UNO! 😺 An awesome, cool group of people who loves cattos and would absolutely love talking with you! No problerino! 😺 A lot of dem cute, cat emojis for your special someone or to mess your friends with 😺 Colorful, custom roles for the good bois and grills! 😺 The best owner! No exceptions here. 😺 We also allow partnerships! So please hit up the owner when you first join the server! 😺 I forgot the most important thing, but CATS are awesome. And we have a lot em'! We hope that you can join the gang and have fun!
Furry | Gaming
FurrEver is a furry discord server run by KawaiiTemDev and Redbear.
Entertainment | Gaming
💜 Fun community server with economy, minigames, topics, nsfw, music and others. 💜
Education | Social
A fun and educational Discord server for bird lovers everywhere.
Hobbies | LGBT
A casual amphibian and reptile server! We are a friendly community who like to show off frogs! People of all experience and interest levels are allowed to join, so long as they’re friendly! We are an LGBT friendly server. We also do a fair amount of talking about other animals, so feel free to join.
Anime | Community
Make friends, discover other interests, share your interests, discuss anime and manga and many other things.
Gaming | Social
A friendly welcoming server! A good place to meet new friends, enjoy some memes, talk about games and listen to music. Everyone is welcome!
Community | Social
Hey everyone, At Million Dollar Toilet, we have a smaller, tight-knit community for talking about anything and everything, maintaining a good environment, and building meaningful connections with each other. To keep things exciting, we have questions of the day, birthday celebrations, movie nights, emojis of each other's pets, and a minecraft ping. We'd love to welcome more people into our efamily so please don't hesitate to swing by :)
Community | Entertainment
Self promotion, daily facts, Weekly up to possibly daily giveaways! Self roles, QOTD, corona updates, VC's with a #no-mic-chat down to food porn, photography, memes and more! Chilling and talking, or talking about your GAMES!
Art | Anime
Art Drawing Anime and Manga + Social
Gaming | Community
We offer: -Text and Voice chats for games (Feel free to offer suggestions for more game channels!) -Lists of anime by the community -Pet showcase -Spicy memes for all to share -An optional NSFW role