This is a server made to help educate people about the care of reptiles, and to connect with other people who own and appreciate reptiles. With an assortment of veteran reptile keepers most of your questions you may have about the owning or keeping of reptiles can be answered here. We also have keepers for many other animals such as inverts like tarantulas and scorpions or the normal fluffy animals such as dogs,cats,guinea pigs,rats, you name it there is a good chance someone here has it.
General pet discord for all types of pet owners.
A place for reptile owners to hang out! Trying to make a small community into a big one!
A place for reptile owners and lovers alike to talk and make friends!
Cute little place for friendly people! This little community is looking forward to allowing people to make new friends and find a safe haven where they can express themselves and be safe!
A friendly discord full of lizard owners
Care progressive exotic pets server. All are welcome even if you don't currently have exotic pets.
For people who love nature and the outdoors - share your photos, videos, and animal sightings, discuss outdoors activities, talk with like-minded people, and learn about the natural world.