Role-Playing | Writing
A winged wolf role-play surrounded by conflict. War has ravaged the lands for generations. The Northern Solar Pack known to be aggressive and territorial. Their view is "Everything the light touches is ours!!" The Southern, smaller, Lunar Pack, known for its kindness and compassion.
Role-Playing | Social
Welcome to Celestial Forest! Come on in and relax. Make some new friends.
Writing | Role-Playing
Running Wild is a wolf roleplay server, there are many things in this world taht hasn’t been found. As more and more things are discovered, there is something underneath it all, but something is causing these magical things to slowly drain their power. What will it take in order to save this world, before it’s destroyed?
Entertainment | Anime
Hello and welcome to Night Walker Club. A hangout for all people! Hope you join our server :3
Furry | Social
This is a furry server dedicated to canines (that also includes foxes too). However, we accept all species of furries. We're also pretty chill and have channel categories based on different levels of comfortable topics, including NSFW for any of the dirty ones out there.
Gaming | Community
Join The Pack's Discord Server and become a part of a international family that loves to talk and play games!
Role-Playing | Social
This is a supernatural medieval roleplay group focused on a pack of Lycanthropes which hope to build a new home and fight for their people. Hidden from the world outside the secrets are many, but the idea is pretty linear: To survive. Here you can choose from many ranks: Omega, Delta and Beta (Though later on you may become Alpha as well.) Each one of them has their own role within the pack. Be a family! Be a pack member! Find your mate! Join us in events and build your reputation within the clan. Help us to build the story of this pack. Don't be afraid to bare your fangs for you are a Lycanthrope of our own.
Role-Playing | Anime
You can search ‘Cosmicrp’ to see all of or servers!
Community | Role-Playing
Welcome to Wolves Den, where we just can't stop rapidly growing and recruiting members to the pack. We can't help we offer so much more and a lot more to do here. We always are active and welcomeing newcomers. We had over 150 users but one of my admins went on a rampage and kicked out everyone except 36 of us. Plz help us recover. Here are something we have to offer: 1. :giphy: We allow you to have your own family your own mate and pups 2. We allow multiple locations to roleplay 3. We have Give aways 4. We have events 5. We are debating whether were staying all wolves or adding different animals 6. We allow no Godmodding 7. and we have FUN Come and join us on our hunt for success to a better life for us and our futures. Thank you for taking your time and reading this description, and Everyone have a great day.
Gaming | Community
Der Offiziele Discord server des minecraft server! Viel spaß!
Gaming | Community
A very friendly server focused on the champion Kindred from League of Legends, since 2016 we have focused on being a tight-knit community who cares about and respects one another, there are channels for just about anything you could want!
Role-Playing | Anime
Welcome to Sirius Academy! The Sirius Academy is a private school where wolves and humans collaborate, for now, you’ll need to know your classmates and your Wolf. Wolves are magical beings and may have power. The co-owner of the school is Alexander Sirius, nonetheless but the son of the founder, roleplayed by @꧁☆☬SkyLegend_Alphalex☬☆꧂#5545 (The Owner of the server). The school first goal was to get humans and wolves together, in harmony. However, there is people in school that doesn't deserve to be there... Will you be one of them? That's your choice... ————————————— What we offer! -Cool staff! -A lot of bots! -Roleplay environment safe and healthy. ——————————— Other stuff: -New server so open to ideas and suggestions -Admin application closed (But may open again soon!) -One teacher, and Teacher form closed ( Ratio Students/Teachers) ====+++====+++====
Gaming | Community
・。👾 League of Legends 👾・。 Wolf Clan is a league of legends chill server ready to meet new people to play with! ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ What the server offers: ・Ranked Role Based off your League Rank, plus more! ・A Non-Toxic NSFW community. ・Gifts to be given starting 2020! ・A bunch of mixed emojis! ・Patch notes and skin updates. ・A small community who plays other games other than League itself! Notes: ❗️Preferably NA Players
Role-Playing | Community
The wolves were relocated to this new national park. They struggle to survive and start a pack. More plots to come and smaller side plots.
Role-Playing | Writing
(18+ SFW) The Sanctuary is a Semi-Realistic Wolf Pack Roleplaying server. We are looking for experienced role-players only.
Role-Playing | Community
Redemption: AfterShock semi-realistic wolf roleplay that takes place in New Earth. Millions of years ago humans destroyed the world, nature has reclaimed what was once hers. There are many new species, evolved species, and even some that have come back from extinction. Although New Earth may seem like a haven filled with life, there are many dangers from natural disasters to terrifying monsters. The main focus of R.A.S, a pack of wolves known as the Velnias, homeless they wonder new earth in search of their own safe haven. Many adventures await the pack as they make their way through a new world. The main focus of this roleplay is survival and adventure. Currently, the server is still growing and expanding. We offer - Multiple characters - Unique Character Creations - advancement opportunities - Pack and Server Events and Rewards - Fun with Bots - And much More Come check us out!
Gaming | Social
An open Discord community mainly focused on gaming! Includes fun bots, opportunity for promotion, a casino and much more!
Role-Playing | Entertainment
Do you like WolfQuest? Do you live wolves an rp? Well then this is the place for you, we are still starting out but I guarantee it will be fun. There are a few rules so I recommend reading those but otherwise have fun!
Role-Playing | Art
▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Sanctum Of Wolves █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁ "Three main packs rule the lands, the relationship between the three main packs is constantly being pulled in many directions. Will you choose to ally yourself with the mighty but reserved Ferai? The violent and wild natured Wraith? Or the vain yet well known Matari? Or will you choose a path to create your own destiny?" Our server is -LGBTQ Friendly -Open and Welcoming, if you find yourself struggling to get involved the community enjoys helping! -Exclusive linearts commissioned to be used as bases for your characters you have the option to use -Giveaways involving art and games -Events -A unique DnD based battle system to make role playing more interesting
Furry | Gaming
We are a furry server, but we accept supporters/allies aswell!
Community | Mature
The Wolf Pack is a Wolf based server with a true pack-like structure. When you join our server you are joining our pack. Anyone is welcome as long as you obey the rules and respect the pack.
Role-Playing | LGBT
Hey, are you looking for a server to roleplay in? Well, if you like wolves, this is the server for you! Join now! We would love to have you here! Here’s some of the things we offer in the server: There are many wolf roles to get, organised channels, and more! Join now to experience the wolf life.
Role-Playing | Furry
☠ D E M E N T I O ☠ - A twisted place to live out your bloodiest fantasies! Dementio is a unique fantasy, survival-horror world infested with rogue, demonic canines who's only goal is to consume... other dogs that is. Will you join the hunt or struggle to survive as their meek prey? The choice is yours. 🐺 All Canines to Play as including Grim, Foxes, Hyenas, etc! 🌟 Fantasy Species such as Kitsune, Winged Wolves, Werewolves, etc! 👿 The Option to RP Gore and Torture to your Heart's Content! 🍰 Unnatural Colors, Accessories, and More Allowed! ❤️ Come and join us! If you dare...
Community | Furry
A social community server for werewolf enthusiasts. Welcome to all humans, furs, terato's, and anything else with an appreciation for werewolves. (Ages 21+)