What Remains is a Zombie roleplay with a twist! 4.5 Years ago a virus ripped threw the world, changing people not just into the undead... But werewolfs, vampires and more... ★Store and economy ★A bunch of fun place to rp and bots to pass the time. ★130 members and growing all the time! ★Giveaways ★Awesome owner-...wait dose this make me lame for saying this? I mean it's what others say? Na.... I'm say it anyway.
Official community server of Werewolf Transylvania Warcraft III custom map
💜🎉 Hello and welcome to Werewolf & Sandbox Events. Our server is mainly focused on events/giveaways for Werewolf Online, I'm no Demon, Drawmania and other games. By inviting your friends you can earn free roses and other rewards! We are unofficial server created by community who loves Werewolf Online and Sandbox Games (I'm no Demon, The Cult, Drawmania, SpyFall). Thank you for your time and have a nice day! 🎉💜
A Town of Salem Discord server to chat in and to see your stats/reports.
Can vampires and werewolves live together in peace? Pick your side!
Dracula the bloodthirsty vampire is presumed dead but tensions between the monster and humans are rising and are on the brink of another war. Will you side with the religious humans to fight the creatures of the night or will you become a monster and put fear into the heart of man throughout the world. This server is a Dark fantasy world set with unique lore, filled with humans in fear of monsters and beasts, while monsters and beasts are trying their best to survive. In this server we offer: -many races to choose from for example: Vampire's, werewolves, Witches and more. -Dedicated staff members who are willing to help in anyway possible -Many roleplay channels to roleplay at your hearts content. -we have different groups in store! You could be in a pack or a lone wolf, Be a vampire and you can be in a group with them or a rogue one at that -We accept all kinds of people from experienced role players to beginners We are a small but growing server and we can
EscapeRestart is a gaming community founded in 2009, formerly known as TheOnes and Blocktopia. Our discord caters to many players, and features giveaways, events, gameservers, fun bot games, and levelling! We host gameservers that include: -- Minecraft -- •Blocktopia - Creative Server, Plots, Worlds, Free World-edit, & More! •RoF - Classic Lava Survival + Deathrun. •AoD - Zombie, Infection, CtF, TnT, FFA, TDM, & More! •SMP - Custom SMP with RPG elements. -- GMOD -- •TTT - Play against others in this mafia inspired gamemode. Feel free to join us, listen to music in our music channel, enjoy our premium bots, discuss the latest games, or even play on our own gameservers!
Welcome to Seattle! Under new Management!! We are a Growing White Wolf Play by Post TTRPG Server Using the Classic World of Darkness settings We are a Player Driven game with Occasional ST ran Plot line's We want to include new players into this amazing universe! We are also looking for new staff members on our ST team and accepting applications right now! We would love to have you join us in the most Dark adventure Right now we Have Vampire the Masquerade and Werewolf 20th anniversary edition. We : Are LGBT friendly Are Meme friendly Hold workshops new player friendly
2019. London. A hub of supernatural and paranormal activity. Join in their saga and find out what secrets you can discover Beyond the Veil. Beyond the Veil Saga is an Urban Fantasy RP set in London. Craft your own stories and have them play out the way you want them to within this world.
Real time game of social deception and deduction we play over discord.
A Classic World of Darkness online game set in Las Vegas, Nevada.. utilizing C:tD, V:tM & W:tA 20th Anniversary Edition rules.
Enter Dementio, a demonic, open world survival horror where blood is the only thing that matters. The Grim are fearsome, malevolent canines that have a craving for flesh: dog flesh. The survivors of this world must find a way to escape the wretched beasts, or become the next item on their menu. Meanwhile the Grim can think of nothing but to cull their unending appetite and sadism. Will you fight for survival, or choose to become a Grim and ruthlessly hunt and torment your prey instead? The choice is yours.
LM is a place where you can play Mafia in real time, rather than in a forum. This is a little like Town of Salem, but less fast paced and more focused upon building a community of people that you know and are able to play in a variety of scenarios and thus anticipate their reactions.
Play games of Werewolves/Mafia with us!
Odexus. Home of Mortal and Supernatural alike. This is the history of our land. The year is currently 2020, and Mortals know of the existence of the supernatural but have come to let them live their lives. Although unbeknownst to both mortal and supernatural alike; A third pack comes to join the ranks. SilverHarbor is run by Lex Carter, while AubornBlood’s Alpha is Hayley Mitchell. Both Coven’s leaders are currently unknown. Realm of Odexus is a brand new fantasy-based werewolf and vampire roleplay server. Please come on in and take a seat and enjoy the ride!
Cottonwood: Lightless Dawn takes place in the town of Cottonwood, in Colorado. In this world, monsters such as werewolves, vampires, demons, and other creatures are real, and have been unknown to most, until recently. Now, creatures are seen as enemies of the people, and are hunted down and killed, both as a sport, and to set an example. Monsters are not hunted down regularly by authorities, but mass crowd lynchings targeting monsters do happen. It is only when the authorities are contacted when one is discovered to be one, that they are hunted down, so monsters must keep a low profile in order to survive.
Using the basic lore from Anita Blake, New Orleans explodes into a frenzy of the supernatural. Six playable races, including vampire, witch and werewolf. We host events, dice and non dice. Gather for community and role play.
server dedicated to The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Legacies shows, We want to provide a place where anyone can come hangout and talk about the shows
Welcome to our 18+ Roleplaying server! We are based around Supernatural beings living in New Orleans in modern day! We are a small server looking for more members to roleplay with us!
https://discord.gg/xpjDDG6 After the vampires attacked and took over the humans, they took the humans as slaves to use as sex toys and blood bags. The few lucky humans to escape would become the Rebels, aiming to over throw the vampires. The vampires and werewolves set up Haethon Hall to be their capital. However, trouble arised as the werewolves and vampires fought for dominance and power. Will you join the vampires, werewolves, rebels, or will you be a slave?
The Wolf Pack is a Wolf based server with a true pack-like structure. When you join our server you are joining our pack. Anyone is welcome as long as you obey the rules and respect the pack.
Duskwood is a advanced to novella literate server for people who are eighteen years or older. It is a fictional town based in Rhode Island where supernatural creatures are coming to gain residence. We offer aesthetic character templates, over thirty channels to roleplay.
♧ The Untold Stories ... ♧ In modern day New Orleans, there is a supernatural power struggle among the creatures of night and terror. The Immortal Vampires, The Brutish Werewolves, The Mystical Witches and the humans caught in-between it all. What faction will rule the city? It's only a matter of time, but you can pick a side in this fight and help your faction come on the top! The server has: ♧ A fair and fun staff team. ♧ Powers and abilities for reach race. ♧ Tons of OOC (out of character) channels for casual conversation and humor. ♧ Even more RP (roleplay) channels for you to build your own story. ♧ Events to constantly progress the plotlines of the server. ♤ Fun bots that allow gambling, music and character profile creation for seamless RP. ♧ Plenty of roleplayers to interact with. So, join us ... if you dare! And see where you stand!
A roleplay set in a secretive town full of paranormal cryptids, vampires, witches, and more! Literate, unlimited OC's, and LGBTQ+ friendly!
The Official server for r/TheVampireDiaries