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Hi! Welcome to The Night's Grove! We are practicing pagans who wish to make a safe place for like-minded people! If you love all things magick, or just curious about what it is about then you're welcome in our grove! We do not discriminate on spiritual or religious beliefs, we just care about the path of exploration and learning. Don't be afraid! Step into The Night's Grove! You won't regret it.
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We are a SFW Multi-series ROLEPLAY community, with the story based in the world of DEVIL MAY CRY
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An inclusive space for Heathens and all practitioners of Germanic Paganism to discuss polytheism, history, mythology, UPG, seiðr, reconstruction, and contemporary innovation.
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We are a community of people from every branch of paganism, witchcraft and spirituality! Come join, learn about what we do or expand the knowledge you already have, make friends and more! X LGBTQ+ Friendly X X Any-religions or lack thereof X X Any branches X X 13+ X
server dedicated to The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Legacies shows, We want to provide a place where anyone can come hangout and talk about the shows
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We are a fun community of Harry Potter fanatics. We enjoy discussing Harry Potter, but we also enjoy talking about other stuff, such as: One direction, Panic! at the Disco, 5 Seconds of Summer, etc. We are very welcoming to new members!
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On an island in the Bermuda Triangle, nicknamed the Phantom Island by tourists, strange things lurk in the forest. With vast forests unexplored by regular humans except for a single small tourism town on the shores. No one dares to wander the forests due to deep superstition, folklore and myths which are far from fantasy. For years wizards and witches hated each-other but now after an unforgiving war most of them are trying to get along in a camp deep in the unexplored woods along with other fae and mythical creatures safe from the humans they are outcasted from. But it's not as easy as it seems when the two groups have been full of hatred for each other for hundreds of years.
Bat woods is a OC based roleplay server! We’re very casual and laid back so feel free to pop in Lore: The setting takes place in Medieval times in a small town called Prostasia. Living in the town are humans and within that population of humans there’s a large group of Vampire Hunters. In the eyes of Vampires, Vampire Hunters are ruthless murderers who don’t care about anything. In the eyes of most town people, they are saviors. Beyond the walls of Prostasia, to the east, lies a large forest unknown to man, its is know as Bat Forest where Vampires and other mythical beings lurk. Little do the humans know, deep into is a town full of Witches, Vampires and so much more!
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A roleplay where you play as a student at a school for wizards, warlocks, witches, etc.
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♧ The Untold Stories ... ♧ In modern day New Orleans, there is a supernatural power struggle among the creatures of night and terror. The Immortal Vampires, The Brutish Werewolves, The Mystical Witches and the humans caught in-between it all. What faction will rule the city? It's only a matter of time, but you can pick a side in this fight and help your faction come on the top! The server has: ♧ A fair and fun staff team. ♧ Powers and abilities for reach race. ♧ Tons of OOC (out of character) channels for casual conversation and humor. ♧ Even more RP (roleplay) channels for you to build your own story. ♧ Events to constantly progress the plotlines of the server. ♤ Fun bots that allow gambling, music and character profile creation for seamless RP. ♧ Plenty of roleplayers to interact with. So, join us ... if you dare! And see where you stand!
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Hello everybody! This is the ☾Magick Hangout☽ server! A server based around magick and diverse community! Here you will find: ☾ Plenty of channels to talk and learn more about magick ☽ Help with any struggles you're going through with positivity and venting channels/roles ☾ Laid-back and understanding staff team ☽ Suggestions are always open and we listen to all that are given ☾ Fun events and additions to the server (QOTD, Among Us, and Art Contests!) ☽ Lots of resources and channels for beginning magick workers ☾ Self assignable color roles ☽ Useful bots like TupperBox and Pluralkit for all types of systems! ═════════════════════════════════════════ ☾ This server was made for you to not be judged for whatever practice and beliefs you follow, so don't be afraid to join! It is a safe space for all types of systems and LGBTQ+ members and allies! We love to answer questions and help baby witches and curious people! Blessed be!