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Hi! Welcome to The Night's Grove! We are practicing pagans who wish to make a safe place for like-minded people! If you love all things magick, or just curious about what it is about then you're welcome in our grove! We do not discriminate on spiritual or religious beliefs, we just care about the path of exploration and learning. Don't be afraid! Step into The Night's Grove! You won't regret it.
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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in the Bay Area, California
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Harry Potter Wizards Unite is gaming...just lightly.
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Friendly Harry Potter Server!
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A roleplay where you play as a student at a school for wizards, warlocks, witches, etc.
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Deltaflight is a magic-fantasy themed roleplay server that's based around elemental abilities used by wizards around the world!
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Welcome to the Wizard World, A modern adaptation of Harry potter. oh, is this an rp server you might be wondering. Well you would be surprised that it isn't really an RP server. It's more of an in-built discord RPG. You will basically be transported to Hogwartz. Where you can be yourself! I'll see you there. Disclaimer: Harry Potter is written by J.K Rowling, we by no way shape or form take any credit.
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On an island in the Bermuda Triangle, nicknamed the Phantom Island by tourists, strange things lurk in the forest. With vast forests unexplored by regular humans except for a single small tourism town on the shores. No one dares to wander the forests due to deep superstition, folklore and myths which are far from fantasy. For years wizards and witches hated each-other but now after an unforgiving war most of them are trying to get along in a camp deep in the unexplored woods along with other fae and mythical creatures safe from the humans they are outcasted from. But it's not as easy as it seems when the two groups have been full of hatred for each other for hundreds of years.