Entertainment | YouTuber
Hello fellow potterhead! Welcome to a YouTube Discord server! This server is based on Harry Potter! There are many things you could do in this server, for example, pick your Hogwarts houses and go to your own houses common room, chat and interact with other people, talk about Harry Potter with new people! We are always looking for new people! Here is what we offer: ➜ Hogwarts Houses! React to a reaction and get your house, and this will lead you to your common room! ➜ Self Promotion! You can self promote when you reach level 5! You can level up by talking and interacting with people! ➜ Different Bots! We have many different game bots, for example, Dank Memer, Mimu, and PokeMeow! (Note: Robbing is off in Dank Memer!) ➜ YouTube Channel! If you know my Youtube Channel (acciovfx) this server is also mainly about my Youtube Channel! You can see every upload, previews, my picks, and more! We are always looking for new people! Feel free to join!
Role-Playing | Education
Discord's most robust and interactive Harry Potter roleplay server! Join us!
Gaming | Social
Harry Potter Wizards Unite community based in Northwest Indiana.
Social | Community
A place for Harry Potter fans to chat. Enjoy!
Community | Streaming
Para gamers, streamers, youtubers, fãs de harry potter e todos que quiserem se divertir! Entre e tenha um lugar perfeito para se comunicar com seus amigos.
Gaming | Community
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in the Bay Area, California
Gaming | Hobbies
Just a small server (at this point) I started to create a community for geeks of all kinds! Feel free to join if you wanna geek out with someone and make some more friends!
Role-Playing | Community
Avis au moldus qui n'ont jamais pu entrer à Poudlard ! Votre rêve est enfin exaucé. Vous pouvez dès maintenant tenter l'aventure dans ce serveur où vous incarnez un élève. Rapportez des points pour votre maison lors d'évents divers et prouver que vous êtes le meilleur élève de Poudlard !
Gaming | Community
Harry Potter server for the Harry Potter games, Books, and the movies. This server was originally for the harry potter PC games. but soon grew to be a bit more extensive and inclusive of other platforms and types of media.
Social | Community
We are a fun community of Harry Potter fanatics. We enjoy discussing Harry Potter, but we also enjoy talking about other stuff, such as: One direction, Panic! at the Disco, 5 Seconds of Summer, etc. We are very welcoming to new members!
Social | Community
A cross between fantasy worlds including Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Rick and Morty, The Hunger Games and more. Fun, interactive server with great and welcoming community. Come hang out in another world! (Run by a Twitch DJ streamer, with a lot of Twitch.TV members).
Community | Role-Playing
Safe for work server, friendly, accepting of all and welcoming of new members!
Role-Playing | Entertainment
Hi, this is a Harry Potter Roleplaying server. You are matched up with someone in the same country as you so your time zones aren't that different. There's no racism, homophobia, transphobia or biphobia in this server.
Writing | Community
Just a bunch of lonely people giving out fanfic/book recommendations. We're a safe space for everyone no matter your preferences, sexual orientation, gender, religion, etc. Join and stay awhile :)
Role-Playing | Entertainment
°°~♡Welcome to Hogwarts!♡~°° °•To start out here go to #rules for more information! If you need help don't hesitate to ask one of the mods or the owner•° Pow
Art | Entertainment
'My Immortal' appreciation server. I couldn't find any, so I decided to make one. There, now it exists.
Role-Playing | Community
***WELCOME TO OUR MAGICAL SCHOOL*** **WE ARE HOGWART- THE MAGICAL SCHOOL EDUCATE WIDARDS AROUND THE WORLD** *THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING OUR SCHOOL* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **SCHOOL'S RULE** *1. Don't spam in any place inside the school* *2. Pay respect to everyone else* *3. Don't insult or being a bad student* *4. Being fair, not racist* *5. Don't hack or raid the school because you will get ban* *6. Don't NSFW or join for politic purposes* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ __*ENJOY OUR MAGICAL SCHOOL*__ ___***Link to join the school: https://discord.gg/2Awq4v83zJ***___ https://discord.gg/2Awq4v83zJ