Role-Playing | Community
A fantasy roleplay server, created for the intent of character development/character interactions.
Art | Hobbies
A place to develop and share ocs. All ocs are welcome, including fan ocs. All types of artists who work on characters are welcome too, including writers!
Role-Playing | Writing
Welcome to Galaxy's Strife! [Star Wars Roleplaying Discord Server] __ Set in the pre-Galactic Civil War era, the year is currently 12BBY. Through longform/paragraph roleplay, your characters (OC and Canon alike) develop the story and with enough action occuring in the galaxy, the year progresses which allows new threats and opportunities. With detailed, lore-accurate and varied characters, you can be involved in story arcs that you will read back more than once. An active mod team and membership, you can receive advice and critique to improve your roleplay and writing skills. [Roleplay lore is a mix of Canon and Legends material, making sure to use as much of either source as possible. Lore compilation documents (Google Docs) are available to make any further reading significantl
Role-Playing | Art
The Character Vault is a place to share your characters with people, wether it be Ocs, Dungeons and Dragons pcs, literally anything. As well as sharing, this is also a place to find people to rp with as well if so desired, though this is between you and your partner, not the whole server. We may in the future introduce some rp channels if so requested. Besides for that, when we gain more members, we plan on hosting a bi weekly art prompt (frequency can increase if so desired via vote) and an oc hunger games. We'd love if you could visit us! ^^
Role-Playing | Writing
Limerence of Life is a server for roleplays! But this server isn’t just a roleplay server, it also includes a loving community, bot games, game nights, and much, much more!
Art | Community
Peechikeen is a small server dedicated to art, world building, characters and games. We have in-server currency, which can be used to purchase free art and designs like icons and sketch pages.
Role-Playing | Mature
A world of nation building and character creation with varying genres and settings from high fantasy to space based sci-fi. The Arcadius Roleplay is a server that allows people to participate in world building and exploration whilst also providing a relaxed and welcoming community. ------- What can this server offer you? ------- An active and responsive moderator and admin team! Custom maps and universe lore! Rotations on setting to keep the RP Fresh! A great community! The chance to become part of the server community outside of RP! ------- What are some things you can do? ------- Act as the head of your nation, guiding it to greatness or perhaps turmoil and war Not feeling like the pressure of an entire nation? Why not make a character and travel between other players nations exploring and interacting with them in different ways? Or fight other nations leading your people to victory over others and rising to power on the international Stage