October 1: TSG game night (8 | 7c) October 8: TSG game night (8 | 7c) October 15: TSG game night (8 | 7c) October 16: Halloween themed trivia (8 | 7c) 🎃 October 22:TSG game night (8 | 7c) October 25-31: PFP/nickname “costume” week 🎃 October 29: TSG game night (8 | 7c) October 30: Rocky Horror Picture Show stream (12 | 11c) 🎃 October 31: Show off your Halloween Costume 🎃

Month long events:

Inktober - A single word prompt for each day of the month. Write a few words or draw a picture and submit it to our inktober channel!. Use each others submissions to inspire you to write or draw! TSG members who complete ALL 31 days will receive the @🖋️ Inktober 2021 role. You don’t have to post every day, feel free to post early or catch up with several on one day!

TSG Fright Fest - Participate in 3 or more qualifying events/activities listed below and receive the @🎃 Ghoul role to change the colour of your name!

🎃 Answer one of the creepy character questions 🎃 Join in the haunted drop-in RP Details coming soon! 🎃 Test your knowledge with some terrifying trivia (Oct 16, 8 | 7c) 🎃 Dress up your PFP/Nickname with a Halloween theme (Oct. 25-31) 🎃 Do the Time Warp and join us for a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show! (Oct 30, 12 | 11c) 🎃 Show off your Halloween costume (Oct. 31) 🎃 Complete a spooky writing or art prompt:

  • The Halloween party was a blast until everyone turned into their costume...

  • "Nobody else is supposed to be in this house."

  • The night when the veil between worlds is at its thinness, your character must face their greatest fear...

  • Draw your character in their Halloween costume!