A green pixel faction server, on the pixelplanet.io
Fan Server for Minecraft's Little Maids Mod.
Allgemeiner Server und Support für unseren Miscreated Server GERMAN Only - PVE - MODS - Infos: www.discord.me/retromania - Whitelisted Only
This is a server for our webcomic development however, we want to keep it light and breezy in our discord server. Please join and just have a good time overall :)
Our World Of Pixels UNOFFICIAL discord server. We love sharing scripts, codes, hacks here. We often discuss about programming OWOP scripts, talk about our creations and have fun! I highly recommend YOU joining UWUP now!
Swans Pond is a art and gaming server for Discord. We have many events, giveaways, and a constant art topic of the day. We have custom pixel art emotes that are hilarious! It’s a great place to chat about pretty much anything. We have wonderful bots such as Avalre (for autorole features https://avairebot.com/), Whiskers (for moderation. This bot was made by my good friend Uhtred#9007 https://discordbots.org/bot/528809041032511498) and Unbelieveaboat (for currency and shopping.)
This is the official server for REZPLZ, a pixel art puzzle-platformer where 1to 2 players control two wizard brothers who possess the power of resurrection. The game features traditional platforming elements, dangerous enemies and puzzle elements that require the player to sacrifice one of the wizard brothers to advance. In the direst time in history, the fate of the world is in the unlikely hands of two apprentice wizards, Arcan and Zeph. They are not grade A students, in fact, they don't know any spells really. The only magic they have is a scroll allowing them to resurrect each other if they are accidentally killed bumbling up a spell during their studies. They are not necessarily made up of the” stuff of heroes”, but they are the only hope humanity has. After a thousand year pact, an order of wizards has decided to upset the balance and destroy all other magic in the world in an ascent to absolute control and power. JOIN NOW TO GET ACCESS TO OUR DISCORD EXCLUSIVE DEMO
Une nouvelle communauté ouverte au grand publique! Rejoignez nous vite! Des bots faciles à utiliser + Système d'EXP. Une communauté grandissante. Des meme en tout genre. Du gaming, et des boissons chaudes.
Trap related pixel game faction.
Bones Underground is a 2d MMORPG. It is absolutely free to play. We offer a great community, a place where you can become rich and famous, or just hang out with a few friends. A massive world to explore, hundreds of NPCs to interact with and items to collect, and so much more. Join us today!
We're an art-focused server dedicated to sharing, critique, and conversation. Come join! You know you want to.
Redpixel is the faction that is dedicated to drawing leftist pixel art and flags on Pixelcanvas, and is built on the principle of left unity within the game.
Server dedicado a comunidade Vascaína de gamers.
Pixel Petz Discord server.