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ArsenalNFT is Crypto/DeFi's FIRST and ONLY NFT CREATION DAO and Passive Income Ecosystem that pays out in USDC.e
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ArsenalNFT is Crypto/DeFi's FIRST and ONLY NFT CREATION DAO and Passive Income Ecosystem that pays out in USDC.e
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Education | Military
Hello fellow sailor! We are all about aircraft carriers from any era and any country! Share your knowledge with others or gain knowledge! Share pictures of carriers or share artwork or models of aircraft carriers. We also have a counting channel and post events everyday! (depending on the situation.)
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Education | Military
Servidor focado em estudos e debates da história do mundo, como estudo da história militar, primeira guerra mundial, segunda guerra mundial, revoluções, revoltas, personagens históricos, curiosidades e ajuda nos deveres de casa.
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Gaming | Community
¡¡¡BIENVENIDOS!!! Punto de encuentro para jugadores latinoamericanos de habla hispana amantes de la Primera y Segunda Guerra Mundial. Si buscas gente que hable español y juegue a juegos ambientados en la Primera y Segunda Guerra Mundial, ¡este es tu lugar! Uno de los objetivos de esta comunidad será tener servidores en América del sur para que podamos jugar con poco ping. Pero necesitamos que se unan mas jugadores al grupo, asi que por favor ¡INVITEN A SUS AMIGOS! 🔴 Te esperamos en nuestro GRUPO DE STEAM 🔴
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Political | Role-Playing
A Geo-Political Roleplay server based on past, modern, and sometimes future day events.
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Role-Playing | Community
The Forgotten A French Based WW2 Server,Tensions are buliding up as Germany attacks czechslovakia,and soon enough poland. The Forgotten is mostly french based,but you can be other factions such as Polish Resistance,French Resistance,Americans,British,Etc. The RP usually starts off in random timelines,as this server has no specfic timeline setted up. We'll slowly uncover each and every story of every armies,one by one.
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Hearts of Iron IV ┃ HOI4 ┃WW2 ┃ International ┃ UK ┃ US ┃ Europe ┃ Russia ┃ Poland ┃ Germany ┃ South Korea ┃ Casual Games ┃ Scheduled Games ┃ Competitive Games ┃ Lead Developers ┃ Streamers ┃ Many Modification ┃ Road to 56 ┃ Tommy Kay ┃ Horstorical ┃ Vanilla ┃ Historical ┃ Non-historical
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Military | Entertainment
hello everyone and welcome we are really happy to have you,for our small server we are trying to make it a friendly place to learn about military history especially World War II.and on the site we do play War Thunder which is a really cool game about historical vehicle.
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Gaming | Community
Yeeter's domain! A hangout-ish server initially focused on War Thunder, tho everyone kind of stopped playing it. If you're into WW2 stuff and want to meet some really cool people, join the server! We'd love to see you there :D
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Gaming | Role-Playing
Masher WW2, bir Unturned 2. Dünya savaşı rol sunucusudur. Masher WW2’nin Discord topluluğuna sizleri bekliyor olacağız! Kaliteli zaman geçirmeniz için birkaç kuralımız mevcut, okuyup kabul etmeniz gerekilidir. Şimdiden iyi eğlenceler!
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YouTuber | Entertainment
Never seen before A ww2 Themed Community, Righty oh Before you Brew up this is what we offer! -Project "Joyce" - Full-Size Spitfire MKIX Cockpit for MSFS2020 -Would you like to speak like an RAF Spitfire Pilot From the 1940s -Exclusive Pilot Handbooks for the Spitfire For Free! -WW2 Themed -All Related to history and of course my baby the Spitfire! -"Multiplayer setup" Support -Introducing "Dicey-do" Into aerobatics or formation flying? - "Find A Wingman" Want to fly but not alone? -"Real world" share all your Real world flights , pictures, photos -"Home cockpit" - Do you want to show of your cockpit? -"History"- Have you got some history to share! -"Models"- Are you a model maker and willing to show it off. -Introducing "Operational Training Unit "dedicated Category to learn about the spitfire -"Featured Plans" are you looking for amazing flights or would like to share a flight. - We can never forget about our "Dcs World" Pilots we have got a dedicated channel for you.